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Target: Purina Tidy Cats Litter Possibly Only $1.08 (+ 2 FREE Cans of Fancy Feast!)

9:04 AM MST
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Here’s yet another Target clearance deal to keep your eyes peeled for! Reader Lisa emailed to let me know that she found the 20lb containers of Purina Tidy Cats Premium Scoop Winter Pine Blend Cat Litter marked down to only $2.08 (regularly $6.99)! Even sweeter, there are peelie coupons found on the container for 2 FREE Fancy Feast cat food cans with purchase (up to $1.18). Awesome!

To sweeten this deal further, there’s a new $1/1 Purina Tidy Cats coupon found on (Thanks, Christina & Stephen!)! Here’s the deal…

Purina Tidy Cats Premium Scoop for Multiple Cats Winter Pine Blend $2.08
Plus, buy 2 Fancy Feast cat food cans
Use the $1/1 Tidy Cats 7.5lb or larger coupon found on
Plus, use the 2 FREE Fancy Feast peelie coupon found on container
Final cost as low as $1.08 for all 3 items! Wow!

Come back and let us know if you’re also able to find these same containers on clearance at your store! To see all of the recent Target deals I’ve posted (there are a lot!), make sure to head here and scroll down below this post.

(Thanks for the deal and photos, Lisa!)

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  • Annie says:

    this is perfect, i need cat litter. Tidy cats is my favorite brand, and I already have to go out in a few. I will definantly stop and see if my Target has this and report back!

  • Alison says:

    I spotted some on clearance last week and was going to stock up until I smelled it! SO glad I did cause it smells awful!!!

  • Christina says:

    There is a $1 of any 7.5oz or more Tidy Cats coupon on

  • Stephen A says:

    Isn’t there a coupon available for $1/1 7.5lb or larger tidy cats litter? I think that would work with this as well to make it better no?

  • Emily says:

    With the coupon, this would be a great thing to pick up and donate to a shelter! I’m going to print the coupon twice and look for it tonight on my way home from work. I’m allergic to cats so we obviously don’t have any, but being able to donate 2 20lb tubs of litter and 4 cans of cat food for a little over $2 oop is awesome!

  • Jennifer says:

    There is a $2/1 target coupon for this litter also.

  • Ashley says:

    Regardless of it maybe not smelling great,I will have to look for this. There is a stray cat that lives where my husband works, and we always seem to be the ones buying its litter and food. This is perfect!

  • Jeanette says:

    If anyone is tired of using Tidy Cats, we switched to using pine pellets from our hardware store (40 pound bag) that only costs $4.50. it works really well. I don’t smell the potty at all and just have to toss the solid waste every other day. I used to have to have a febreeze unit in my laundry room, because the tidy cats couldn’t keep the smell away. no longer! I understand that small animals also use pine for their pellets?? Must be a thing with pine and doing a good job with potty!! :-) Anyway, we put about 1-2 inch layer in the litter box, and then let it do its thing. After the whole box turns into sawdust, we toss it all and start again! (you will need to toss the solid waste every couple of days.) The 40 pound bag probably lasts us about 3-4 months, at least.

    • Dawn says:

      I think I might try this. I have 2 cats, and I typically buy the cheap Wal-Mart brand of litter for $.98 cents. I’ve tried the scoopable litter and I don’t like it, and it’s way more expensive than the cheap stuff. I don’t let mine smell though, as soon as it does start to, I just change it. I can’t stand to smell it even a little, and air fresheners do not cover the smell enough. I just figure $1 for a bag of litter is not much, and I usually change it every 3 days, so twice a week, only $2, not bad. But if I could use these pellets and make it even longer, I will give it a try.

    • Laurie says:

      What is the brand of pine pellets from your hardware store? i would like to try these but I am in Michigan and not sure where to find this. Thanks

  • Tracy says:

    We tried the pine pellets, we have 2 cats, they would not even go in it, I found them going on the rug. That was the end of the pellets, back to the litter. If your cats are picky about their litter, be forwarned, it doesn’t resemble normal cat litter, and they wouldn’t even step in it. Otherwise, that would be great.

  • Rachel says:

    Please report back if found in Utah! I can’t step in target without spending fifty by kid all go for my bro if this is the price

  • Kimmy says:

    None in the Memphis area….. dang!

    • lisadesigner1 says:

      I live in Memphis, and I am the one that found it! Take a look at the newer Target by Riverdale :)

      • Kimmy says:

        One off Riverdale? Do tell! I’m not familiar with that one. I checked G’town, Winchester near Hacks, and Southaven/Horn Lake locations. Was finally told by last store that none where sent to our area…. so not cool to mislead a shopper who NEEDS cat litter. We have 2 cats, and 3 fosters right now. I will check other stores closer. Thanks!

        • lisadesigner1 says:

          It’s the newest Target in our area. They demolished some old apartments. It is off 240 at the Poplar/Germantown exit. Add it to your list of Targets! Also there’s one near U of M on Spotswood!

  • Nick says:

    Loved this deal!!! Glad I stocked up before it hit the blogs. I had 12 of the $2/1 today cats plus used overage and got all 12 for free.

  • Samantha says:

    Kimmy: What Target did you not find it at? I don’t want to waste my time stopping by that one!

  • The Sugar-Free Couponer says:

    Anyone found this in the Raleigh area? I checked Knightdale over the weekend and they did not have it.

  • Jennifer Pitts says:

    None in the Greenville SC Woodruff Road store or the Wade Hampton one.

  • mar says:

    Anyone found this in south Texas?

  • Verna says:

    Be careful with the pine pellets and the shaving thing for the cat box. My mother was allergic to pine, I didnt EVEN think about it. I had changed to the pellets had to leave town for a few days and she just went to my house to feed the kitties and got deathly ill from the pine.

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