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Target: Possible 90% Off Seasonal Clearance = Great Deals on Rachael Ray Items + More

11:16 AM MST
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Wow! Check out the email I just received from Hip2Save reader, Jennifer

Just wanted to let you know that Target’s Christmas Clearance went up to 90% off in a lot of areas today!  I scored a TON of great deals including the Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown Set for $4.99!  The clearance is only in stores and is NOT marked.

Be sure to price check, as you might find some great unmarked bargains!

Also, be on the lookout for 90% off Christmas decor and other items. See my posts here, here, here, here, and here for more ideas! And, be sure to come back to share the clearance bargains you score!

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  • Ashley says:

    Suburbs of Chicago?

  • shannon says:

    Our store’s xmas section was 90% off too. Also, I found Cheddar Chex mix on clearance for .98/bag. I had .50 coupon so it was only .48. Good price since it’s regularly $2!

  • kim says:

    Thanks Viv for letting us know about Columbus stores. :)

  • toffeeknows says:

    In Pembroke Pines, Florida, they have clearance (what’s left of it) at 90% and I bought the very last Rachael Ray set for $4.99. It wasn’t marked at that, so it’s a case of scanning things. There was one in blue, but that was marked down to $24.98, so that went back on the shelf! I also used my $2 Shopkick Target gift voucher!! Awesome deal, thanks Collin!!!

  • amy says:

    Off topic kinda.. my CVS is only 50% marked down and I asked cashier when they were gonna up the percentage off. She said she really didn’t know any thinks that they are getting sent back?… Sent where to the trash? There is soo much there

  • Jennifer Davison says:

    Thanks everyone. It is fun reading about your finds. I am trying to wait out a kidney stone, but am hoping that I will still get to hit a Target tomorrow. If not there is always next year.

  • oliveoyl64 says:

    my target had one small endcap of candy at 50%, just this past Wed, there was a full ailse still at 30%, no idea where it all went. Gift wrap and bags were still 50%, but all “gifts” and misc deco was 80%. Stuff I want is in scrapbook section and still only 30%. My store is ALWAYS the last in the area to go 90%. May have to make a run tomorrow and see about the RR stuff.

  • Brianna says:

    Mine in MN wasn’t today :(

  • KELLY says:

    In Michigan the Target in Wixon is still 70% but they have tons of stuff. The one in Livonia on Haggerty was also only 70% but that hardly had anything left.

  • TiffanyWhite says:

    FYI if you look on targets website for the orange bubble and brown, and do astore look up, you might be able to find a store with them in stock…. most say out of stock near me, the others say limited stock but not close enough to drive to :(

  • Destinee says:

    I was really mad with my target…found a few santa pj’s for my kids. They had newborn size at 90%…but 12M was ringing up only 30% ugh!!! Frustrating!!

    • jrcheeky says:

      oooo That is frustrating! They had some great Carter’s pjs in my section (marked 70%, but ringing at 90%) but they were ringing up full price! I am appreciative of what I did find, but I don’t get it!?!

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I stopped by Target today and saved about $300 :D

  • Ali says:

    Vista, CA Target was awesome at 9am this morning-signs said 70 and items rang up at 90. Scored 4 different platters from 19.99-12.99 marked down to 1.99-1.29 and a tablecloth for 1.39, 4 flameless candles for 1.39 each, various gift bags, curling ribbon, bows,and tissue paper for xmas and any other occasion from .20-.30. Used a betty crocker cookie mix coupon on the .20 chocolate mint cookie mix and got them free, ladies’ sleep boxers for .99! The Oceanside, CA one was wiped out by the time I got there about noon: a few broken glass ornaments and some tissue paper was all that was left. It’s such a rush to see “you saved 235.00″ on the bottom of my receipt!!

  • Pat says:

    I got several bags of hersheys kisses (with xmas wrappers) for 89 cents and after the $1.10 coupon off of two they were only 34 cents a bag. They also had Heinz turkey gravy for 50 cents and after the $1.00 off of three they were less than 20 cents a bottle. My brother doesn’t cook much and he loves using it over noodles or rice at lunch.

  • Jenn says:

    I went to my Target and they still had 3 RR sets!!! I scanned it bc it was still marked $49.99 and it was $4.99! Thank you! I bought 2. One for me and my mama. Left the other for someone else. :) Opened it when I got home and what a buy! Gorgeous! :)

  • says:

    My Target in Worcester MA (Lincoln Plaza) was pretty cleared out of Christmas stuff. I can’t complain I was able to get stuff at both 50% and 70% off earlier this week. I did get two of the Rachel Ray sets though. Such a great deal.

  • Megan says:

    Keep your eyes open for gingerbread cookie dunkin donuts coffee (the 11 oz. bags) They were in the regular coffee aisle and not marked but ringing up for .74 cents or 90% off! I STOCKED UP! and I tried this coffee today and its really quite good.

  • Adrry says:

    In Jersey Today I bought lots of goody and hidden item that might not look like Christmas items. Slippers with silver tags $1.29, Rolled pjs flannel shorts $1, iPad covers 2.99, iPhone5 covers 1.49, Oreo holiday cookies .29, certain Christmas woman pj with silver tags 1.79, holiday kids shirt .99 ex hellokitty toy story Charliebrown Dora princess

  • Susan says:

    Torrington CT still has one RR set ringing up for $4.99 (not marked)! I got one and left the other for another lucky bargin hunter!

  • Kate says:

    90% off in MN!,

  • guest says:

    What is the dpci for the RR cook set?

    • Guest says:

      I ended up finding ONE in my area when all other stores withing 50 miles were sold out!!!! I used to be really big into Target deals but it got to the point were they were treating me more and more poorly, so I stopped going. Haven’t been back in 10 1/2 months… but we were in dire need of bakeware and I just couldn’t stay away from this one. I’ll be back to ignoring Target deals, but wanted to thank you for posting this one!!! *HUGS*

  • Samantha says:

    My target cleared out their Christmas section days ago. Really frustrating because they had a lot of items that just disappeared.

  • Mrs.Y says:

    Nothing doing in St Louis except 90% off Christmas. According to staff, each department is responsible for discounting their own products, which explains the disparity between stores, even in the same area. Shopped at CVS for toys instead – thanks for the heads-up :)

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