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Amazon: Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (Size 1 & 2) as Low as $0.13 Each Shipped

5:17 PM MST
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Calling all you Amazon Mom members (it’s free to sign up – just go here)! Check out this great deal on Pampers Baby Dry Diapers you can score from the comfort of your own home! Currently, Amazon has Pampers Baby Dry Size 1 Diapers 276 ct. priced at just $37.75 shipped when you choose Subscribe & Save, which will save you an extra 20% with your Amazon Mom Membership! Even better, you can also scroll down to clip a $2/1 coupon, bringing the final cost down to only $35.75 shipped – just $0.13 per diaper!

You can also score Pampers Baby Dry Size 2 Diapers 246 ct. for just $35.75, making your final cost only $0.15 per diaper!

**Remember, when you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you are under NO obligation whatsoever and can cancel at anytime. To cancel or modify your Subscribe and Save items, just click on “my account” and then “subscriptions” and with the click of a button you can cancel and/or modify anything you want.

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  • Valerie says:

    OK, so I just found out I’m going to be a grandma for the first time! :) It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased diapers, so I have no idea what’s a fantastic price, what’s a good price, and what’s average. Can someone clue me in? Thanks!

  • Heather says:

    Is this deal still available? Seems like $44

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      It is! If you are an Amazon Mom member (if not, follow the link in the post to sign up!), look to the right and you will see a Subscribe & Save option. Click there, then clip the $2 coupon toward the bottom of the page. That will give you the $35.75 price. I hope that helps!

      • Andrea says:

        Hey Collin. Thanks for the deal. I’m having a hard time with it – how does the amazon mom discount get tacked on? When I click subscribe & save with the clipped coupon, it’s not giving me the extra 20% to get to the $35.75 like it says it will. I double checked and I have been an amazon mom member since 2011. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks so much! You’re great!

        • Andrea says:

          Subscription summary

          Items: $47.19

          Shipping & Handling: $0.00

          Your Coupon Savings: -$2.00

          Subscription Discount: -$2.36
          Total before tax: $42.83

          This is what the end screen looks like following what I said I did above. :)

        • Liz says:

          Wow! I just realized that I’m having the same problem. I’m piggybacked on my husband’s prime, but I’ve always carried the Amazon Mom. Since I’m not the “actual” paying prime member, I’m not able to get the 20% discount! I think this must be new, because it’s never been an issue before.

  • Brandi says:

    I Am only getting the 5% I always get…

  • amanda says:

    Unfortunately, Amazon Mom isn’t free to sign up, at least not for me. Says it’s $79/year.

    • Karen says:

      You must have Amazon Prime (for $79/year) and the free Amazon Mom to get the 20% off. Otherwise if you are just an Amazon Mom (without prime) you get a 5% discount. It is very confusing!

  • Karen says:

    The size 4’s are .20 a diaper. Is this a good deal? I am used to buying huggies (but just out of habit) and I’m not sure what a good deal for pampers is. Also, I can’t get the coupon to work for the size 4’s or 3’s. I see it for the size 1 and 2. Weird. Thanks!

  • Joyce says:

    i believe my husband stopped his prime subscription. ANd i used his existing amazon account for amazon mom subscription and still was able to get the diapers at 35.75. I really hope they won’t charge us for PRIME membership because that is not gonna be worth it for me.

  • Carrie says:

    Amazon had changed so much recently, I am not seeing how amazon mom is free! It says to sign up for prime for $79 and then get free amazon mom. Anyone know if this is true?

    • Jenny W says:

      You get some discounts for Amazon mom without prime, but to get the 20% off diapers and wipes, you have to be a prime member. Used to get the free discounts back in the day, but unfortunately mine is long expired!!

  • Jamie says:

    I am already a Prime member, but not currently signed up for Amazon Mom. When I tried to upgrade to Mom it seems that it will charge me another $79?? I’m already subscribed and paying for Prime so I don’t know how to get signed up for Mom without paying again. Is it possible without paying the $79 fee again?

    • Jamie says:

      Ok I just figured it out. Only the primary account holder can sign up for Amazon Mom. If you’re sharing a Prime account they force you to pay $79 for your own Prime account in order to receive the Amazon Mom benefits.

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