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Disney Movie Rewards: $10 Hollywood Movie Money Certificate Only 425 Points

5:59 PM MST
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If you are planning to head to the movies sometime soon and have quite a few points saved up in your Disney Movie Rewards account, you may want to jump on this deal! Head on over here to snag a $10 Hollywood Movie Money certificate valid towards one admission to see any Disney movie for just 425 points. Plus, if you have a lot of points saved up, you can snag up to 4 certificates per member. Sounds good to me!

* The Hollywood Movie Money certificate is valid for $10.00 toward one admission to see any Disney movie, at any showing including those designated as “no coupons, no passes” in local theater listing guides. Your reward code is valid through 7/31/13. Certificate expires within 6 months from online code activation. If lost, cannot be replaced. Void if resold. No reproductions will be accepted. No change will be provided. Not valid with any other offer. Offer valid in United States or Canada only, depending on country selection during the activation process. Hollywood Movie Money® is marketed by Quantum Loyalty Solutions, Inc. Issued by MetaBank™.

Act fast if you are interested, as this sold out really quickly last time it was available.

(Thanks, Clip & Follow!)

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  • Amy says:

    I also just got an email from the sour jacks sweeps for a free $12 movie money certificate. Now I can go to the movies for free!! Thanks Collin!

  • Ashley57 says:

    Anyone know what Disney movies are coming out soon?

  • monica says:

    Thank you! Ive been saving for awhile and had enough for me and the kids :) Im not sure how this works but I jumped on it . Money is tight so this will be a nice treat for them. Thanks again for all your awesome posts!

    • monica says:

      Oh man I really need to buy a printer ;) haha

    • Bianca says:

      You just pick your theater and when you take the vouchers to pay, they will enter the numbers on the voucher like a credit card. We go to first showings (which are usually $5.50) so sometimes they only have to use 3 of the vouchers to cover the cost. I also always have a concession coupon with me! We usually spend about $12 for 5 of us!

  • Linda says:

    Fyi, you can’t redeem your points for this reward if you did it the max last time :(

  • Cassidy says:

    oz teh great and powerful will be out in March I think, Monster University in June and teh Lone Ranger in July

  • mamasweetpea says:

    wow, i actually have enough points for this one… thanks… since it says “Your reward code is valid through 7/31/13. Certificate expires within 6 months from online code activation” then, i am assuming that the certificate pretty much can be valid til the end of the year depending on when you activate it. Just need to activate by 7/31 correct? Btw, here is a disney link on movies that will be released this year

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ok the math is confusing…. Do we get a code that expires on 7/31 and once we redeem the code we have six months to use the ticket? That way youd potentially be able to use the tix for a year… Because six months from now does not equate to July 31….

  • nicole says:

    Thanks Collin.Thanks hipsters.

  • Kelly N. says:

    Thanks great way to use points!

  • tori nelson says:

    does anyone know if once you select your theater if you can still use it somewhere else???? i know they just run the ticket like a prepaid visa type card…has anyone ever tired to use them at different theaters than what was originally selected?

    • tori nelson says:

      never mind…just answered my question..”Click to select a theater from the list below.
      For informational purposes only. Your certificate will be valid at any participating theater, regardless of which theater you select.”

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for all you do! It’s been a while since the whole family could go to a movie together.

  • Emily says:

    does this work for 3D movies, does anyone know? thanks

    • Shayla says:

      I guessing since it says up to $10…3D movies are usually over that so probably will have to pay the difference. That’s my experience with free movie tix vouchers but don’t quote me since I have never done one with disneymovierewards. Keep the deals coming…I’m saving for something special to lessen in points (ie: the umbrella, too cute!)

  • Emily says:

    thanks Shayla!

  • couponmom228 says:

    Thank you! Collin, So happy I got 4 vouchers to go to the movie. sadly that I now have 7 reward point left.

  • Bobbi says:

    My husband worked for movie theatres for almost 20 years, so we’ve gotten free movies since college. He lost his job last summer and our free movie card just expired, so this will come in handy. I’ve been saving my points, so I got four certificates. Thanks!

  • Diana says:

    still avail as of 6:35am Eastern on the 10th :) Thanks for the heads up Collin! One of our New Years Resolutions is to go on a date each month (we have 3 kids 3 and under) and I totally want to see Iron Man 3 so this will be an awesome free date to take advantage of!!! I redeemed for 2 tix (and not the max 4) so i wouldn’t be tempted to use it on one of the animated movies to take my 3 y/o to. Ha Ha!!

  • Crystal says:

    Thanks – still working as of 8:45 EST on Thursday! Super excited – I’ve been saving for awhile and waiting for something good to come along. THanks!

  • shally says:

    Hi Ladies, please help me here….so I redeem the certificate, it shows me the screen with ” YOUE REWARD” & code no. etc. so do I click on the code now or when i want to activate then only(as I don’t want toactivate it right now)

  • tracy says:

    cool! thanks! i was able to get 2 tickets on my account,was saving up toward the starbucks gift card but i thought this is nicer. then i checked on the account i had for my bf and he just had 425 points!! so 2 movies for the price of 1 ticket isnt bad at all! i wanted to see the oz and monsters movie anyway so good timing!

  • Carrie says:

    Thanks Colin! I was saving up my points & this is a perfect way to redeem them!

  • tracy says:

    has anyone entered in cd’s how do you do them,it says put them in and click on your cd,but does it count if somebody has already used it,you know how does it read and if it was put in already?

  • amy says:

    YEAH!!!! Thank so much for posting this! Money has been streeettcched as far as it can be lately…so this is a nice treat!!!

  • Mindy says:

    Does anyone know if these will work for Marvel movies as well now that they’re owned by Disney? My hubby would love to see Iron Man 3.

  • Amber says:

    Aw man they are all sold out have ton of point and was going to take the family to go see Oz this weeken! :o(

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