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High Value $10/1 Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System Coupon = Only $2.49 Each at Target

3:26 PM MST
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If you’re a cat owner, here’s a nice unadvertised deal you can score at Target! Now through February 9th, you can get a FREE $5 Target Gift Card whenever you buy 2 Litter Genie Systems, Litter Genie Refill 2 packs, or Arm & Hammer Stay Fresh Large Enclosed Litter Pans priced at $14.99 each. Check out this deal you could score:

Buy 2 Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal Systems $14.99
Total = $29.98
Use 2 $10/1 Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System coupons found here
Pay $9.98
Get back a $5 Target Gift Card
Final cost $4.98 – just $2.49 each!

(Thanks, Sandy and Photo credit, Totally Target!)

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  • sara says:

    i went to target today, and i would also like to add that there is 40 lb arm and hammer cat litter ringing up for $7.98 and if you buy 2 you get a $5.00 gift card. While i was there i happen to find 2 coupons for $2.00 off 1 cat litter. my total after 2 coupons and my $5.00 gift card was a little over $7.00 for 2, 40 lb cat litter. so about $3.50 each.

    • Susan says:

      Wow! That’s a great deal. Glad you had some good finds today.

      • sara says:

        i was excited, lol. cause we just used the last of the cat litter last night. i was going to just buy my cat litter to hold me off til there was a deal. but to my surprise i came across one today.

  • gabbylsw says:

    Thank you…both of you! I’m a volunteer at the animal shelter and was going to get one of these for us and one for a raffle basket. Makes it a really good deal. And the cat litter is a great deal too!

  • Cathy M. says:

    Not seeing the coupon for the litter genie, what zip are you using?

    • sara says:

      when i went to look for the genie coupon , i opened the link in a new tab and changed the category to pets then it was on top. i just printed 2. hubby and i might try this genie thing.

      • Cathy M. says:

        I tried changing the category and pet does not come up on the drop down box and I checked for it under products and it’s not there.

        • sara says:

          hmm, i have no idea. the zip code i was using is this 95661. and i could change it to pets. try that zip. if that doesnt work , i dont know. good luck.

          • Cathy M. says:

            Thanks Sara, when I put in zip 95661, nothing, pet category not an option. Oh well, win some lose some. Great find for those who were/are able to find and print it.

            • erika varriale says:

              try it with no zip, but use the BRand search and litter genie is in the drop down. that’s how i found mine

            • sara says:

              im sorry. hopefully you can find it. i kept trying to look for it but doesnt show it to me anymore. not sure if it is because i already printed them.

    • Andrea says:

      It worked!, i used zip code 90210 (and went to page 4) :D

  • Jess says:

    Is this thing like a baby diaper genie? Thanks! Not familiar with it.

    • Lisa W says:

      Yes it is, it’s actually made by the same company. I have one and I LOVE it! It completely eliminates the smell and I actually find myself cleaning the litter more often because it’s so much more convenient than using old trash bags or shopping bags. And it’s less messy, too. I can’t recommend it enough!

      • Jess says:

        Thanks Lisa, might get one! I get it now, I thought you put the whole bag in there LOL!

      • Jennifer says:

        I totally agree with you Lisa! I love mine, and it really does eliminate the smell. My only complaint is the cost of the refills, they are a bit pricey.

        • Holly says:

          If you have the older model Genie (round inserts, not the sqaure-like ones), you can actually use the Diaper Genie refills instead of the Litter ones. They are cheaper!! I LOVE my Litter Genie. Bought one for my mom. May get on this deal for my aunt, who runs a cat charity.

  • calhounscoupons says:

    I thought about doing this deal and donating the items to a local shelter but I was wondering if they really use things like this? or if it would be a good idea? I don’t have cats so I am a little uneducated on these systems. Haha.

  • Monique says:

    Ok maybe it would be odd, but could this be used as a diaper pail? I’m due in just a couple weeks and didn’t know if this might work in place of one??

    • Sharon says:

      It would not hold many diapers, may 2-3. It is smaller than the diaper genie

    • Jessica says:

      It would be a good starter if you dont have the money for a “Diaper” one. Especially since newborn and 1 diapers are smaller.

    • kat says:

      Do not waste your money on any diaper genie. Just use regular trash can that closes tight with foot pedal – so much more convenient and cheaper (no need to buy pricey refills). You will go thorough 10+ diapers per day for first 3 months, then about 8 per day. So, if it holds only 2-3 diapers it won’t work for you for sure.

      • Laura says:

        I agree with Kat. I just had my baby girl on Dec 17 and cannot believe how many diapers we go through each day. It’s crazy!

  • Lore says:

    I have one and it is great! You could use if for diapers. Would work the same. Completely seals out the odors!

  • Kim says:

    Hey anyone watch Dr OZ yesterday he said cat litter was good for a facial mask LOL I might just give it a try. :-)

  • Missie B. says:

    South Huntsville is sold out. :-(

  • Sandy says:

    I have 2 coupons I won’t be using. If someone wants them, leave me your email address.

  • Carla says:

    Worked for me at zip 77477

  • Nadia(: says:

    I have (2) of this printable coupon. If anybody wants it I can sell it for $1.50. Email me at Nadia472Kabir@yahoo (DOT) com. Thanks.

  • Marion says:

    the coupon works with the refills too. great deal

    • Mandy says:

      My Target would not accept 2 coupons, the same manager keeps telling me it’s per purchase, plus the register declined 2cd coupon. It’s bumming me out when I go to use coupons at Target.

      • Betsy says:

        I thought a “purchase” meant each item. One coupon “per transaction” is what she’s thinking. I’ve had some similar problems at Target. Depends on the day! :)

    • T says:

      are you sure this works with the refills too? it says save $10 on the disposal system…I dont think it’ll work for the refills will it?

  • Kate says:

    I have this litter genie and love it. There is a $5 off coupon on for the refills (must share wih 3 people). Buying 2 of the 2 pack refills get the git card, so $3.75 each per refill for 4 – should last a while!

  • Betsy says:

    I read that you can use tall kitchen bags instead of having to buy the expensive refills. If that’s true, that would make this an even better deal!

  • Melanie says:

    I did this deal the last time they had the gift card offer and I’m so glad I did! This is a great product and you can’t beat the price! Make sure you have a salesperson check for more in the back… the shelves only hold a couple since they are so bulky! I kept getting frustrated because I thought they were always sold out! Turns out they had an entire pallet of them in the back!

  • Jennifer says:

    Would someone be willing to print me 2 coupons and mail to me tomorrow morning? I’m having trouble doing so and just saw these the other day and thought with 7 cats, it would be nice to have! I can paypal you a little something for your trouble. Please email me at

  • Lauren says:

    I bought this and one pack of refills last time they did this promotion. I love mine! I hope to be able to get some more refills with the coupon from the website :) Thanks for sharing the unadvertised deal!

  • Caitlen says:

    I went to my Target after seeing this post. There was only 1 left so I just settled with that. I am hoping they will get more in stock before the gift card deal ends and I can show them my receipt and buy another one and present the second coupon I printed out. I saw the refill bags are super expensive and I came across a YouTube video on how you can use odor control kitchen trash bags that are a fraction of the cost. While I was there I got some things that were on clearance and unmarked. Very excited I got this!! Thanks Collin!

  • Karen T. says:

    I can’t seem to locate the coupon. Does anyone know if it’s still available?

  • smellyann says:

    With 6 cats, you don’t know how much I am loving you right now, Collin Morgan! I am buying four! :D

  • Amanda says:

    There are no more coupons left:( Anyone got one they are not going to use?

  • jes says:

    How did anyone print more than one coupon? I printed one and then the coupon disappeared alltogether from the website and I cannot print a second, and our second printer is out of ink :(

  • Suzanna says:

    can anyone put up a link to the coupons for the refills ?

  • Dona says:

    I went to my local Target today because it was showing they were in stock online. I got there and the shelf was empty. I have been looking for these for several months at this Target but haven’t found them. I am getting so frustrated with my Target that I’m about to boycott them.

  • megan says:

    if anyone has any extra coupons they are not using i could really use them, with 7 inside cats and a layed off husband they would come in handy. thanks

  • Pat says:

    I clicked on the click here to learn more link and it I entered no thanks when it asked me to enter a zip code and the coupon was there. I printed off two. Yeah! Tried this with my brothers computer and it didn’t show up. Must be because my computer is older. Just thought you might want to try to print the coupon that way. Good luck.

  • Natalie says:

    I have 2 coupons i wont be using. I cant email them but i can mail them to someone.

  • Becky says:

    I went to my local Target today to buy 2 litter genie systems for $14.98 each with 2 coupons for $10 each and the cashier refused to let me buy both litter genies with both coupons in one “transaction” because the coupon said “one coupon per purchase”. I didn’t argue because I don’t shop Target enough to fight for the $5 gift card, but she did allow me to purchase the 2nd litter genie as a separate transaction with the $10 coupon so I only paid something like $5.29 for each system. I was happy with that. However, I did email Target Corporate and asked them to explain what their company policy is for the “one coupon per purchase” – haven’t heard anything back yet.

  • Monica says:

    I attempted to use the $10 coupons and my local Target refused to accept them, stating that they were having trouble getting paid from the manufacturer and are no longer accepting coupons from that particular coupon site.

  • chelle says:

    If you are authorized to shop at a military commissary, the unit is $8.30 and refills are $4.30. So both $10 and $5 coupons are money makers (commissary allows overage). ~enjoy.

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