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High Value $1/1 Popcorn, Indiana Products Coupon = Only $1 Per Bag at Walgreens (Starting 1/20)

7:19 AM MST
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WooHoo! I am so excited about this new coupon that recently popped up on! Just head on over here to print a rare and high value $1/1 Any Family Size Bag, Any Flavor or Multi-Packs of Popcorn, Indiana Products coupon! As I have said many times before, I am obsessed with their Kettlecorn… but be careful, though, as it is very addicting! ;)

Even better, starting the week of 1/20 at Walgreens, you’ll be able to score the following deal:

Popcorn Indiana 8-9.75 oz 2/$4
Use the $1/1 Popcorn Indiana coupon found here
Final cost only $1! Great price as these are really nice-size bags!
Remember – this deal isn’t valid until 1/20!

* Also, select varieties appear to be priced around $2 per bag at Walmart as well.

(Thanks, I Heart the Mart!)

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  • dwilson says:

    yay!! love this popcorn, i would pay full price for it! Its that good ;-)

  • Daphne Mitchell says:

    Question…on the coupon, it says redeemable at Wal-mart. Will Walgreens accept this coupon? Or do I need to go to Wal-mart and have them price match? Thanks!

  • nonebetter says:

    My locall Dollat Tree (Richmond, VA) also sells this popcorn, so possibly free there.

  • Angela says:

    I love the Chip Ins but they are so hard to find. I used the .55 cent coupons the other day at Wal-Mart and at first the cashier would not take it because the coupon would not scan. I asked her to call a manager and they ended up taking the coupons. It even says Wal-Mart on the coupon.

  • Diana says:

    So is 8-9.75 oz. considered family size?

  • Kristi says:

    I agree, are these 8-9.75 oz bags considered “family size” bags? Will this $1/1 coupon work on those size bags?

  • Kristi says:

    Are the 8-9.75 oz bags considered “family size” bags? Will this $1/1 coupon work on these sized bags?

  • Kristi says:

    I was in Dollar Tree yesterday & I’m almost positive that I saw these bags in there. I’m not sure what the flavor was. I’m thinking it was the “fresh flavor” bags. Will Dollar Tree accept this $1/1 coupon? (since it would make the bags FREE!!!) I’ve never couponed at Dollar Tree before, so I’m not sure what their coupon policy is, if the coupon makes the item free.

    • Shanna says:

      A friend of mine went and she spent .11 cents out of pocket! She said it was like a religious experience….lol!

    • Nikki says:

      At our Dollar Tree in the Atlanta ‘burbs, they limit you to 3 Q’s per visit on the same item.
      Sorry, Hubbs-I’m dragging you along tomorrow :)

  • Kristi says:

    FYI, I just printed 2 of these $1/1 coupons out & at the bottom of these coupons, it says “Family Size Bags range from 4 oz to 10.5 oz”.
    So, according to that, these $1/1 coupons are fine to use on the 8-9.75 oz bags that will be on sale at Walgreen’s (for 2/$4) starting on 1/20!!!
    I’m printing my coupons now & saving them for the 1/20 sale at Walgreen’s!!! :)

  • Heather C. says:

    Mmmmmm ! LOVE this popcorn! The bacon ranch flavor is the BEST!!! :D

  • Norma says:

    I bought their popcorn 2 days ago at Dollar Tree! I wonder if I could use the coupon there to score some FREE popcorn. The bag we bought was gluten free which is crazy exciting for the GF girl. :D Thanks!!!

    • Sarah says:

      I think most (if not all) of their popcorns are GF!! I’m not GF, but my best friend, her mom, and sister are all GF so I try to keep my eyes open for cheap GF products for them. :)

  • Lisa davis says:

    Has anyone tried the cinnamon sugar drizzled with maybe white fudge or something???
    I am not sure what it is but it is a seasonal flavor that is sooooo good.
    I saw it at wal mart and they had one bag only at the time so I bought it.
    A friend came by and ate 90% of it and I was screaming inside at them to stop.
    I am going tomorrow to buy 2 cases and I will hide them from everyone even my children!!!

    • Michelle says:

      I got some kind of white/dark chocolate drizzled kind at Bed Bath and Beyond (of all places) and it was fantastic. I love the classic kettle corn though.

  • Kimberly T. says:

    I saw this sold at my local Dollar Tree today in Virginia Beach, VA. Maybe they have it elsewhere, so it’d be free?

  • Crystal says:

    I bought the kettle corn drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter at Walmart and it was to die for!

  • Pat says:

    Our Walmart might price match but the bags are $4-5 a bag as of Tuesday when I was there (same size as the ones at Walgreens). Our Walgreens will take the coupons if they scan.

  • Patty says:

    Can someone help me? I clicked the link and I can’t find the Q anywhere on the site. Zip code? Thanks!

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