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Rare $1/1 DeMet’s FLIPZ Chocolate Covered Pretzels Bag Coupon (Facebook)

1:21 PM MST
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Wow! Hurry on over to the DeMet’s FLIPZ Facebook page, “like” them, and click on the “Save $1” tab to print a *HOT* coupon valid for $1/1 any DeMet’s FLIPZ 4oz bag or larger. In the past, these bags have gone on sale 10 for $10 at Kmart, Fred Meyer, and more so possibly FREE after this coupon!

(Thanks, Fran!)

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  • kim says:

    not printing for me for some reason.

  • mtluvcoupons says:

    Me either :-(

  • Tammy says:

    same here — telling me there is a problem with my Java and it is enabled — I print coupons all the time

    • CW says:

      Yesterday, 1/15, Oracle released MUST do. We had to do it on all our computers to print coupons last night. US Homeland Security was actually telling people to UNinstall Java in their home computers due to serious security threats last week, which FORCED Oracle to fix some of the problems in an update. You must update.

  • trish says:

    These are on sale for $1 at Kroger and affliates this week!

  • Cindy says:

    Yummm, these things are so darned addictive!

  • Bob says:

    Printed two, expires 06/30/13. Good deal, thanks so much for posting this! :)

  • felicia says:

    Mine Printed!!

  • Beth says:

    I couldn’t see a coupon or anything to fill out on Chrome. So, I got on IE and was able to print the coupon! I did have to allow all content to load and allow the webpage to update java script though.

    • Shayla says:

      I was the opposite…IE would not work but Chrome did. So weird, Java is driving me nuts!!! I do the uploads and still have issues…hoping the work themselves out!

  • Kristi says:

    Ugh I hate that many coupons are requiring installing Java. If you haven’t installed Java on your computer, you should first do a quick Google search and take a serious look at the security threats it poses before doing so. I had Java on my last computer and it caused a virus which destroyed my whole computer. Dang no coupon for me!

    • Shayla says:

      Kristi, I understand your fear. I too am right there with you. Thankfully I have an IT hubby that calms my fears (to the extent that he can). Make sure you run systematic test and have some form of anti-virus on your computer, plus run any updates that are available, as this is when you become most susceptible without them. Yes, Java does pose security threats like all other sites (ie: Adobe, etc), but unfortunately, a lot of websites require it so you are limited on what you can do without it.

    • Beth says:

      I’m using Java6 because Java7 isn’t compatible with my computer and printing coupons. It’s Java7 that’s having the issues. Also, java script is different than Java.

  • Dealgirl says:

    If you are on a Mac try printing from Safari. It worked for me there but not on Firefox.

  • Cassi says:

    I keep finding these at Dollar Tree.

  • Lynda says:

    I was at Smith’s Market Place today and Flipz were on sale for $1.00 making them free with the coupon.

  • Valerie says:

    I believe these are the ones on sale at CVS this week

  • Tarri says:

    I found these at Dollar Tree and Target in the $1 section at the front by the registers.

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