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Dollar General: $0.25 Holiday Clearance Sale

11:07 AM MST
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WooHoo, more Holiday clearance! I have heard from readers, Laura and Liz, that Dollar General has currently marked down their Christmas items to only $0.25 with the regular prices ranging from $2 up to $10! They have scored items such as money holders, gingerbread houses, holiday Glade air fresheners, tablecloths and more!

Be sure to come back to let us know what you find! :)

(Thanks, Laura and Liz)

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  • mary says:

    I went this morning and they had their toys marked down to $.25. I bought what would have normally been $50 worth of toys for a whopping $5.25. I am stocked up for birthdays and baby showers for the next year!

  • Daphne Mitchell says:

    Guess I know where I’m going after work today! :)

  • tracy says:

    what happened to the free candle post?

  • LJSJ222 says:

    2 jars of Kraft marshmallow cream and 2 tubes of decorating icing in white and red…perfect for Valentine’s Day treats!

  • Jessica says:

    Yes! I just got back from a DG & all their Christmas stuff is $.25. My store also had all gold star toys for $.25…just be careful-have the cashier scan your toys first. I had many that were considered “bronze” stars and they were full price. I swear they were like one color shade off from their ‘gold’ stars-LOL. I did pick up some good stuff-awesome start for Toys for Tots & my Operation Christmas Child boxes!!

  • April says:

    I scored 8 decorated hard cardboard gift boxes (the size of shoe boxes), 10 packages of gift bags (8 in each pack), 4 packages of white gift boxes (3 in each pack), 4 glade scented oil candle refills, and 2 boxes of Betty Crocker candy sprinkles (each with 4 bottles)….all for a grand total of $6.91!

  • mamabug says:

    I picked up a wreath, a poinsettia (fake, obviously), a card holder decoration, a couple of picture frames and some baking goodies. My store had lots of gift boxes left. I may go back tomorrow and get some if they still have them.

  • gotnvols says:

    I found 12 Sweetart gumball machines that didn’t look like Christmas so I bought 12 for the girls in the office for Valentine’s day. They had been $3 each. I also found 4 containers of gold ornamenents that had been

  • gotnvols says:

    I found 12 Sweetart gumball machines that didn’t look like Christmas so I bought 12 for the girls in the office for Valentine’s day. They had been $3 each. I also found 4 containers of gold ornamenents that had been $10 each, 2 table clothes & 7 Christmas jewelry pins plus 2 boxes of Keebler cookies for around $7.50. Thanks for the tip!

  • Angela says:

    Woo Hoo! I scored Glade Christmas motiff large sprays in cinnamon apple and warm baked apple pie that I use all year long. Just a quarter!

  • Angela says:

    Thank you so much Collin!!! :)

  • Trin says:

    At the two stores in my area there wasn’t much left this morning, but I did score 3 sets of pixos for the birthday closet for a quarter each (reg. $15 each). Score! :) The lady in front of me had the cutest large nutcracker decoration for the front door — so jealous!

  • angel says:

    Can anyone one post exactly what toys to look for? I went in there but didn’t know which to ask to scan.. they had gold circle and gold or bronze starred toys. I was a little confused lol.. thanks for the help!!

  • Ashley57 says:

    I was able to score some stuff, most of it regularly $1-2. I got cookies, a baby’s first christmas hat for my nephew next year, ribbon, and peppermint chocolates. It is worth a look!

  • paula says:

    Our store still had the 70% off sign but everything was .25,cashier said she did not even know so thanks for the heads up,I got a BUNCH of stuff for $10!

  • Vicki says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! Oh my goodness, I got 8 bags of stuff for $21! Keebler cookies, Pillsbury cake mixes, candy, cute gingerbread initial ornaments, big red boys for outdoors, cookie sprinkles, tissue paper, table clothes, placemats, rugs, frosting and to my surprise — Glade and Air Wick candles and sprays too!

    I asked the clerk if he was sure that the candles and sprays were included and he said they looked like holiday to him, so ok, I double checked. Didn’t want to seem greedy or get him in trouble.

    Thanks again – it was a great trip and I didn’t even look at any of the toys! :)

    Lastly, the Chia Pets were on sale for $4 from around $15. I thought they’d make a fun Easter gift… just wanted to share in case anyone interested in those silly things!

  • Angela says:

    I also got 3 pixios, the model wax bendy things, a scholastic baby car key thing, mini hot coco marshmellows, cookies, and more! probably $70 of stuff for some change in my change cup. After work I’ll hit the one in the tiny town next door. Thanks!

  • diane says:


  • angel says:

    I price checked some toys with gold stars but they were regular price. Do all the toys that are 25cent have gold stars?

  • paula says:

    First of all the toys at my store that were .25 were the yellow stars. I don’t usually hit it big on the clearance deals because I live in the country, but I do have a dollar general 10 minutes away and boy did I hit it big today. Got alot of games, toys, barbie stuff, tons of Air Wire freshamatic refills, gift bags, and so much more. The retails value was $426.65 and I only paid 17.50. Oh My goodness, couldn’t be happier.

    • diane says:

      can you show pic of the toys?

      • paula says:

        I wish I could but I don’t know how. They had their toys all up above on the top shelve above the paper products. Only the ones that had a yellow star under the price and then I found some in the aisle of toys but not many. They had quit afew games, not your name brand ones but others, and some Barbie brand stuff, a needlepoint project, dress up stuff. You just have to look at the prices of everything.

  • Stephanie says:

    Where did you find the toys? I bought $200 worth of Christmas stuff for $14. I didn’t see any toys on clearance :(

    • Liz says:

      DG stores may not have clearance signs for those clearance toys. You need to find yellow/white/red star toys(star sign below price). Those are 25¢ each.

  • Lynn says:

    I also found a ton of toys for 25 cents each. They all had a yellow star on the price tag. They weren’t marked down, I was just looking through all of the regular toys. Thanks for the heads up in this post or I never would have known!

  • Steph says:

    I couldn’t find the yellow stars on the toys… How do you guys store your early buys?

  • Delilah says:

    I wish I had a Dollar General near me, I always see amazing deals there. I’ve been wanting to buy a money jar for soo long!

  • Adam says:

    Dont forget to print off your Dana $2 off coupons for perfumes and take them to Dollar General with you while you are getting these great bargains. They Have All the popular perfumes such as Loves Baby Soft, Tabu, and Chantilly and they are only $2 so after the coupon they are FREE!!!!

  • diane says:

    DO THE TOYS HAVE THE BIG LIKE 5 dollar tag on them in yellow is the star on that?

    • Liz says:

      Below price tag, there is a star sign. If you see the color of that star is yellow, white and red, do a price check. Those toys should be 25¢ each. At my store, most toys have yellow circle and blue/brown star signs below price. You will probably have to go through all the toys to find out those yellow/white/red star toys. Good luck!

  • krisoftwo says:

    That was so worth it. I went to five different stores over the last two days since they were all nearby, and I didn’t find many toys at all until the last store and they had a lot. I got a bunch of toys for six bucks. I thought for 25 cents it might be worth the little extra effort to go to multiple stores, and i’m glad I did. One thing to note, some of the toys may be the same as others but just have a different color star. The cashier told me the ones with the yellow star are from last Christmas, like 2011 I think. So the color is based on when they got the toy in.

  • Camille says:

    I had one of my DGs scan the yellow star toys and they came up regular price. The clerk said he couldn’t understand that and seemed sympathetic. He said they might go down any day.

  • Niki says:

    We have four Dollar General stores in our town and I hit all of them today and bought $250 worth of toys for $11. The Christmas stuff was all pretty picked over but I did get marshmellow creme and turkey gravy!!! Originally I was just looking in the toy section but found that on top of shelves there were lots and lots of toys. Grabbed a footstool and dug through with my son!!! We had a blast and have my toys for tots presents and birthday party closet stocked!!! Tomorrow I am going to another town and really am tempted to stop there too!!!

    • stephanie says:

      What kind of toys did you find?

      • Kathy says:

        Most of the toys that I found were not name brand. Some of the things I found were this toy engine that has removable parts that can be disassembled & reassembled $20, teddy bears $9 (recordable mechanism was broken in one and horrible in the other but the bears are really cute), 4 taylor swift dolls (kind of like barbies) $10 ea, cute stuffed animal piggy bank that’s supposed to dance (but doesn’t) – my dog wanted this thing so bad for some reason, this game where you move the bacon from the frying pan to the plate with a spatula that shakes $10, this other game that had to do w/balls in a pit, table top tennis games, money jars, binoculars, spy kit, stencils, box of 7 wooden brain teaser games, my pet shop, pixos $15 (as others have mentioned), an erect it set, Disney Fairies sparkle clings, Disney Princess fashion designer peel-n-stick, Fairy Kids magic wands that play sounds, connect & build toy sets. Basically I went to 5 different stores. Some stores hardly had anything & I hit the jackpot at 1. But it all seems that they ea had something different.

  • paula says:

    Some of the stores I went to still had tons of gift bags. Does anyone know if they’ll do another mark down next week?

  • Jennifer says:

    Pulled up to DG today and everything is 10 cents now! Mostly ornaments, candy canes, and cards.

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