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Sam’s Club: Request 5 FREE Samples (Air Wick, Finish Powerball, Lysol and More!)

11:11 AM MST
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UPDATE – Looks like their site is getting slammed so you may want to try back in a bit!

If you have a Sam’s Club membership, hurry on over here where you’ll be able to request 5 FREE samples! You’ll be able to request the following: AIR WICK FRESHMATIC Ultra, AIR WICK Scented Oil Refill, AIR WICK Scented Oil Warmer, JET-DRY and FINISH POWERBALL Tabs, and Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser.

(Thanks, FreebiesfoU and Coupon Pro!)

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  • D says:

    so sad I couldn’t submit my info. I hope this will last for this week. My new membership is coming in.

  • Paley says:

    The system seem to work better at night when the traffic is lower. I was able to load the pages and claimed the samples after few tries. Good luck everyone.

  • lacie says:

    i want them but dont have an account. not going to spend the 40- 50 to get it either. oh well thanks for what you do tho. very cool..

  • Nichole says:

    It’s like a sample jackpot. Thanks just got mine :)

  • lynn says:

    i just tried to submit for the no touch hand thing and it says they don’t have anymore becase of high damand

  • says:

    Working like lightning speed now… 3:13 am est :) lol!

  • Maria H says:

    Wow! Great samples. I was able to get all of them. Thanks!

  • Nolee says:

    I was able to request all of the samples except for the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser, which was unavailable due to high demand. Thank you!

  • Lindsey says:

    It’s not taking my sam’s number – people who got it to work, did you use spaces in your number squish them all together? with the page not loading well and it not taking my number its a bit frustrating, and they are great samples!

    • MalibuBeachBum says:

      Try again without spaces. That’s how I did it and I was able to get them all really late last night.

    • Jennifer says:

      Also, you might want to try switching browsers. When I tried yesterday it kept saying my card number was invalid when I was in Firefox. Today I decided to try again & switched to Safari & it went through no problems. I hope this helps.

  • khloud says:

    Thank you. Awesome samples and yes they are out of the Lysol No-Touch but got the rest and that is awesome. Thanks.

  • MalibuBeachBum says:

    Thanks Collin! I was able to get the Lysol No-Touch system yesterday afternoon and then I had to leave the house. I was able to come back really late last night and get the other four at that time without any problems! :)

  • luz says:

    can we use a generic number like Costco?

  • Jo says:

    Irritates me when they take all my info and THEN tell me sorry…

  • Anna says:

    I requesetd all of the samples yesterday and then today I went to Sam’s club. They had a 3 pack of the refills for $8.88 and with an evalue for buying that I got a 4 pack of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner FREE!! I probably wouldn’t normally be interested in this since I can get pump soaps for cheap but since I didn’t have to pay for the holder and I got the toilet cleaner too, I am happy! They also have some other great evalues through January 27th that ALL members can take advantage of. (I think they are promoting the PLUS membership)

  • tameka says:

    I got all of my sample request submitted. Thanks, Colin

  • MalibuBeachBum says:

    Got two of my “samples” today! The Lysol no-touch hand soap dispenser and the Freshmatic Ultra. They are actually regular full sized items! The no-touch didn’t come with a soap. Maybe it will be delivered with the other items I’m waiting for. If not, I’ll just buy one.

  • alissa says:

    I dont think the no touch comes with soap

  • Denise Brown says:

    Do not post my address or apartment for everyone to see denise Brown

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