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Sears: Winston II Sofa Only $151.87 + Shipping (Reg. $591.99!)

10:13 AM MST
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Update: You can also head on over here to snag this sofa in dark brown! (Thanks, Kristy, Melanie, Jen, and all you other readers who commented!)

If you are looking for a great deal on a new sofa, today is your lucky day! Currently, has this Winston II Sofa on clearance for just $151.87 (reg. $591.99)!  This sofa comes in light taupe and is bonded leather with extra plush cushions. Keep in mind that shipping is around $122, but this still seems like a great deal considering I searched online for a price comparison and found that this same sofa is selling for over $595 on various sites!

Also, check out this tip from Hip2Save reader, Melanie, on a possible shipping discount…

The shipping was pricy so I called Sears and was able to receive a 15% discount on the sofa so my total with shipping was only $248.91 for a sofa shipped to my door! I can’t wait until it comes in!

(Thanks, Melanie!)

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  • stephanie says:

    Wow! I don’t need a sofa, but what a deal! Collin, you are on fire today!

  • Amy says:

    I would be all over that deal and picking it up with my truck if it happened to be dark brown or black!

  • Martha says:

    Totally wish it was darker in color!

  • michellecoupons says:

    So awesome collin! I love love love these deals today lol. Just wanted to let you know is having a 70% off clearance sale today. If you spend $75 you get free shipping if youre a club cali member. Heres the catch that I do ALL the time……..I order at least $75 and then return what I didn’t REALLY want in stores!! Easy peasy! Got a cute dress for $14 originally $40!

  • I Love Shoes says:

    I totally agree. I love wood and leather. If this was in brown or red, I would have taken advantage of this.

  • Debbie says:

    Before buying this check out what bonded leather actually is I found this on several websites after watching the peoples court about a sofa made of this that literely peeled away the “leather” here is what it is “there could be as little as 17 percent leather in the product. Those looking at bonded leather should understand this is an option that does include real leather” I included a video of Bonded leather for everyone so you can be informed before buying this. Of course for the price it might be worth it but It maynot last very long!!

  • Beth says:

    For those of you looking for it in a different color, it looks like they have the Winston I sofa for the same price but dark brown.

  • Jen B. says:

    oh how i wish it were darker! we need a sofa so badly. i would buy this one just to hold us over until we could afford something better. word of warning to everyone: bonded leather is NOT really leather. it is like 11% percent leather and the rest is a vinyl material. and the 11% is actually in the backing of the material, not on the outside of the couch itself (google bonded leather for a better explanation). we paid nearly $1000 for our couch that we loved and it was bonded leather. one year later, we had to have the top of one cushion replaced for $500. then another cushion started to peel and tear. we decided to wait it out to see what the rest of the couch did and sure enough EVERYTHING started peeling and tearing (except the cushion we had fixed)! can’t afford to replace our couch every 2 years so we have to wait it out awhile longer. it’s embarrassing though- haven’t been able to spend the money on a slip cover- so our couch looks like swiss cheese with the cushions completely ripped open and the stuffing coming out. if anyone sees a great deal on slip covers, please post! we need just one for a couch and don’t care whether it’s fitted or it hangs loose. great deal, collin! please post if you happen to see a couch that is all real leather. thank you! you are awesome :)

    • Brandi Brunnengraeber says:

      Hey Jenn. I have some slip covers I just was going to donate because we r getting new couches. Where r u located. Wonder if it would b economical to ship to u? – Brandi

    • KJ says:

      Slipcovers are so expensive! I’ve been wanting some for couch and loveseat. It’s a microfiber set and is soooo dirty looking.

  • d says:

    Wow, I wish I could take advantage of that deal! I won’t be moving into the new house for a while and nowhere to put it until then :(

  • Amy says:

    Wow! Thanks guys! LOL

  • Yazi says:

    Sorry but Not a good deal for fake leather.

  • Gina says:

    $5.00 off with SEARS2012 or SEARS2013 cannot combine.

    • Nina S. says:

      I tested that code and it didn’t work with this deal but
      With this code EARN10 Members Get $10 in Points with your $50 purchase at Sears. Points to use Jan-27 – Feb-13.

  • Jennifer says:

    Matching loveseats and chairs good price too. HOWEVER check the specs, the tan color vs the dark brown have different sizes. They appear to be switched! Called customer service but they were little help.

  • Ame says:

    Do not waste your money. Check ikea or Jennifer convertibles. Bonded leather will look like something you picked up off the side of the road in six months.

  • darla says:

    god what a deal! I need a couch so bad but i dont even have the money for that deal…bummer!!

  • Suzanne says:

    Thank you so much for posting this…! We have never had a new couch since we’ve been married.

  • CR says:

    Click here to see all the options: both sofas, and their matching love seats and chairs:

    What a good deal! I would snatch this up if I needed new furniture right now, but I don’t…

  • Gloria Ginger says:

    Is anyway that I can pay the price and pick up at my local Sears?

  • stacy says:

    Anybody try signing up for that 90-day trial advertised in the shipping box to see if this qualifies for free shipping that way?

  • Jeya says:

    90-day trial is not included in SYWR Free shipping trial:
    In this case, bigger is not always better. Larger items such as furniture and appliances are not available for the SHOP YOUR WAY MAX program.

  • Sherry says:

    So I took a chance and bought all three pieces in the lighter color. $693 after tax for all three pieces — then $28 back from shopathome. Or $665 for all three pieces shipped to my door.

  • kelly says:

    When I put it in my cart it is showing regular price. My online chat rep is saying the lower price is an error and will not allow me to purchase at lower price even though it clearly shows it advertised.

  • erin012 says:

    it’s a different price in my shopping cart.. any sugesstions?

  • Lisa René Dunlap says:

    Mine is doing the same thing shows 151 till you try to check out. I only hesitated earlier because I don’t have 250 thats what it would cost with shipping I can charge 150. plus tax. I am just a little broke right now and I need a couch lost mine in the flood have not been able to replace it yet. My fear of charging 250 on my credit card held me back lol.

  • Franny says:

    Darn! Says item is no longer available:-)

  • Gina says:

    has anyone recieved there couch yet??

    • sears says:

      anyone received ?

      • Sherry says:

        I called Thursday and was told it was shipped and would be here Tuesday and that a tracking number would be sent to me in 24 hours. Called again on Saturday and we told it shipped and would be delivered on Monday and a tracking number would be loaded within 24 hours. Called again on Sunday night around 5pm and was told it would be delivered on Monday. I got angry and asked for a supervisor — got the same run around from him — told him it was unacceptable and that I wanted to talk to his boss. He said he reported directly to corporate — asked for their number number — he would only give me a email address — they I got really mad — finally he told me that my order wasn’t shipped yet and it would take 3 – 5 days to research it. I’m very upset over the whole deal. At this point I don’t want the three pieces. I’m going to call them today and demand my $693 be credited back to me visa. What a PITA. :)

        • Sherry says:

          Called sears earlier to canal my order. Finally talked to someone helpful and that didn’t lie to me. I explained the whole start to the girl on the phone and that now I just wanted to canal my order. She put me on hold a couple of times and actual called the vendor and spoke to Tom at the vendor. Se even gave me his phone number. The sofas are on back order. Over 75 of then were ordered through sears in one day. They are trying to get more in stock. However it could take up to 25 days to get then in. Tom and the sears rep said they understood me not wanting to wait. (It is already on my visa since the day I ordered it). Tom was canceling my order on his end and sears is doing the same. I’m suppose to have the credit back to my visa in 3 – 5 business day. Good luck to every else still waiting. I can’t wait that long with having the charge on my credit card. I’ll just wait for the next great deal.

          • Sherry says:

            New development — my order still shows processing on the site, no credit to my visa yet, and then 10 minutes ago a phone call from a delivery service wanting deliver my sears order tomorrow between 10-5pm. I said tomorrow wasn’t good so it’s being delivered on Tuesday. This is all just too weird. So I guess it’s really coming — all three pieces. Let me know if anyone else got the same call.

      • frustrated says:

        I have called several times and was told something different from each customer service rep. I am assuming the vendor doesn’t want to honor the price of the furniture because the couch is now selling for over $500. I’m beyond frustrated and everyone I call they have no answers. If there was a price mistake they need to let their customers know and cancel the orders. I could have bought furniture locally and had it delivered in half the time its taking Sears to figure out what’s going on.

      • nkvamme says:

        my couch was delivered 2/12

  • rebecca kelly says:

    I ordered two couches, they took my money out. They were suppose to be here the 9th. I am in the Northeast so we had a huge storm but gave it a few days, still not here. I got a “partial” tracking number that no one can seem to track. I have called them 3 times and they are looking for it and will contact me in 5-7 business days……

    It said processing at one point and now for the past few days it says DELIVERED! I have not gotten the couches yet. Just not sure what to do at this point…..

    • frustrated says:

      I would call and have them canceled. I just spoke to a customer service rep that told me most of the furniture orders are backordered. They are holding on to our money in case they get more in stock. Basically they fulfilled the orders of people who bought furniture before it was sold out and the rest of us are playing a waiting game. The thing is when we all placed our orders there was no indication that it was backordered, their site never said anything about it. I threw away my old furniture because they lied and told me I would get it on the ninth. I have to use a credit card to purchase new furniture while I wait for this order to cancel. I will never use Sears online again, they have lied to me about the situation since I started inquiring about my order.

  • patti says:

    I received mine here in Florida a couple weeks ago. They’re small scale and not the most comfortable thing you’ll ever sit on but you get what you pay for. They are fine for us for now, with kids and dogs, furniture doesn’t last long around here.

  • Gina says:

    Just canceled my order almost a month of waiting I will just go buy a full priced couch that will be delivered the next day.

    • frustrated says:

      I have been waiting for my refund for 2 weeks. Sears will hang onto your money as long as they can depending on how you payed. If you used a credit card you may want to try to have them reverse the charges. I made the mistake of using PayPal and I am having a hard time getting my money back. After calling Sears over a dozen times ad getting the same response I had to open a dispute with my bank and PayPal. I will never give Sears my business again, this has been a complete nightmare.

      • Gina says:

        i’m still waiting for my refund i will be calling up tomorrow or i will dispute the charges this seemed to good to be true.

        • Gina says:

          i’m on the phone now they are saying my order was never canceled…i’ve never seen a company do so many run arounds

          • frustrated says:

            They will continue to do it to. You can speak to the claims department but they will just give you the corporate email. You will still get a generic email from them telling you, uou will have to wait 5-7 business days for a response. Your best bet is to try to get your bank or credit card company to reverse charges. I have a Paypal Chaim that’s been open for 10 days and they haven’t responded yet. I’m assuming they want to hang on to your money for as long as they can to make interest from it. They will just keep giving you the run around and the cs reps will never issue your refund.

            • Heidi says:

              Oh boy, I don’t even know where to begin. Everyone’s problems sound exactly like what I am dealing with. First off..I will NEVER do business with Sears again. I was also promised delivery by Feb 9..and also gave benefit of doubt due to snow storm with delayed delivery. BUT..days and days of no sofa, I called Sears customer service. I cannot believe they can do business like this. I have been put on hold for up to 18 mins at a time, been given a different excuse every time I call, and even a different excuse with their emails. They have lied to me over and over. Every time I call (no matter the time of day)..I am told they’re unable to verify where the sofa actually is because “their computer system is down” and “technical support is working on the issue”. This has been going on and on for over a month. I am so frustrated Sears still has my sofa AND my money (my credit card was also charged within 24hrs of placing order). I feel like I’m at a loss, like I’ve been cheated. How can Sears possibly get away with this? I did get a tracking #, but its pretty much useless. Just this past week I requested a refund. They told me a refund couldn’t be issued until I refuse delivery and they receive the item back to their warehouse. WHAT?? How can I possibly return the item when it’s never been shipped? Sears finally agreed to refund me my money (as of March 1), but say it will take 7-10 business days to receive my money. I am so sick of hearing 7-10 business days..every time I call them, it’s 7-10 business days. Does anyone know what the next step would be if I don’t receive my refund?

  • rebecca kelly says:

    I ordered the couch with the same runaround for a month! I finally got to the bottom of it. The vendor cancelled the item because they sold too many and SEARS ARE IDIOTS and cannot figure out what’s going on. I cancelled and received my refund quickly! Call 1-800-349-4385- online solutions! I believe it it the corporate level customer service. The lady I spoke too was very apologetic and she had to make a few phone calls, one to the vendor to actually find out what was going on.

    • HEIDI says:

      Thanks Rebecca for the corporate number. I am giving them the 7-10 business days to refund me my money, but WILL BE calling on day 10 if I haven’t received it. If Sears knows they sold more sofas than what they had in stock, then refunding peoples money shouldn’t be such a hassle. Terrible business like.

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