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Buy 2 Get 1 FREE DiGiorno Pizza Coupons + Lots of Store Deals (Perfect for Super Bowl!)

12:51 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! The great deals you can snag with the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE DiGiorno Pizza coupons found  herehere, or here or in the 1/27 RP just keep coming – perfect timing if you’re gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday! Here are a few new deals you can snag, plus a reminder on a few deals that I posted previously that are still available…


Buy 3 Digiorno Pizzas 2/$10, or $5 each
Buy 2 Coca-Cola 2 Liter Soft Drinks $0.99 each
Total = $16.98
Use the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE coupon found here or here or here or in the 1/27 RP
Save $2 Instantly
Final cost only $9.98 for 3 pizzas and (2) 2-Liter Bottles or Coca-Cola!


Buy 3 DiGiorno Pizzas $3.99 each
Buy 1 Nestle Pure Life Water 0.5 L 24 pk. (will be free)
Total = $11.97
Use the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE coupon found here or here or here or in the 1/27 RP
Final cost only $7.98 for all 4 items – just $2 each!

(Thanks, Short Cut Saver!)


Buy 3 DiGiorno Pizzas $3.88 each
Total = $11.64
Use the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE coupon found here or here or here or in the 1/27 RP
Final cost only $7.76 total – just $2.59 each!

Rite Aid:

Buy 3 Digiorno Pizzas 2/$10
Total = $15.49 (note that one pizza will ring up at single price of $5.49)
Use the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE coupon found here or here or here or from the 1/27 RP
Pay $10
Get a $5 +Up Reward when you buy $15 worth of participating items (limit 2 offers)
Final cost only $5 for all 3 – just $1.67 Per Pizza!! WOW!


Buy 2 DiGiorno Multi Serve Pizzas 2/$9 = FREE 2 Liter Soda
Buy 3 DiGiorno Pizzas $4.50 each
Buy 1 2 Liter Bottle of Soda $1.79
Total = $13.50 (Soda will be FREE)
Use the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE coupon found here or here or here or in the 1/27 RP
Final cost only $9 for all 4 items!


Buy 3 DiGiorno Pizzas around $4.50 each
Total = $13.50
Use the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE coupon found here or here or here or in the 1/27 RP
Final cost only $9 total – $3 per pizza!

It’s not delivery…it’s DiGiorno ;-)

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  • shelaghc says:

    Bottom Dollar stores have DiGiorno pizza at $3.98 apiece (although they have a four pizza limit) and they take coupons.

    Also, Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh has DiGiorno on sale 2 for $10. (No limit on number of pizzas purchased.)

  • KK says:

    Regarding the DiGiorno deal at Rite Aid, the limit is actually two offers & not the four indicated in the post. I did the deal twice & received a “limit reached” notation on my receipt. Then I double-checked the ad & it did indeed say “limit 2”.

  • Chione says:

    Brookshires also has some of the DiGiorno pizzas on sale for $4.47 each, so $3 a piece with the B2G1 coupon. =)

  • Sarah says:

    anyone else finding that Target actually deducts the full $7.01 rather than $4.50? Mine does.

  • allison a says:

    Does more than one 2 liter come off free if you buy 6 pizzas at Target?Like say, can I buy 6 pizzas and get 3 free 2 liters? Anyone know?

  • Chrissy says:

    I did the deal twice in separate transactions at Rite Aid and I didn’t get a limit reached. I was wondering if that meant I could do it again?? Anyone tried it a third time and still got the Ups?

  • Jason says:

    Not seeing the Meijers MPerks for the free water when purchasing 3 Pizzas

  • stacey baldasare says:

    Krogers- Pizzas are part of the buy 10 items get 5.00 off.
    Sale price 4.99 – .50 = 4.49 each. So 8.98 for 3 pizzas after coupons and purchasing a total of 10 items. 3.00 each.
    Plan on getting 3 more tonight. Combining it with the Balance Bars deal (.99 – .50 = .49 each and on Facebook you can print a 1.00 off of 3.)

  • Kathryn says:

    Regarding the Mperks deal at Meijer, the coupon is listed as a manufacturer’s coupon on the mperks page. Last I checked, you couldn’t combine two manufacturer
    s coupons?

  • Sue says:

    For our “Farm Fresh” deal (looks like the same as Albertsons except our Colas were 4 for $5.00) there were $2.00 off when you buy over $4.98 in the frozen dept. coupons attached to the cokes. Also, they subtracted $2.00 instantly when you buy 2 pizzas and 2 cokes. Note: You want to buy the 4 colas or else they are $1.69 each.

    So: Three pizzas plus four 2 liter colas for $9.00 + tax.
    Three pizza: $15.00
    Four sodas: $5.00
    minus: $5.00 for 3rd pizza
    $2.00 X 2= $4.00 for the cola
    $2.00 off at the register

  • betsy says:

    This week a $3 or $2 off your $15 frozen food purchase catalina is printing at Target making it even a better deal if you buy 6 pizzas

  • katie says:

    Our Meijer will not let you use a coupon and a deal at the same time. The computer won’t do it, I’ve tried MANY times and have had the cashiers try to push it through as well. I’m in Mid Ohio :/

  • Renee says:

    Wish these were Freschetta Pizza coupons and deals instead of DiGiorno :-(

  • Adrian says:

    If you have a Hy-Vee near you, they are on sale this week – 2 for $9.00. So $3.00 each with the coupon! This is perfect, because I never buy this brand (don’t care for the taste of their sauce), but my husband loves it, so these will be perfect to keep on hand for him when I am not home at night! :)

  • Bo says:

    I have a hard time buying frozen pizzas these days. Even with deals they turn out to be the same price (or close) as getting one from a pizza place. I’m all for the $5 hot and ready at Little Caesers! :) It is nice to have a frozen pizza on hand for days when you don’t feel like going out and need something though.

  • Tina says:

    Safeway/Vons Just for U program has the e-coupon that automatically deducts $6.99 off 3 pizzas ( limit one). The pizza’s are 3.88 each. So last nite I bought 6 pizza’s (chicken parmesan and other varieties) for $23.28 minus 6.99 E-coupon + 6.99 printable coupon = Paid $9.30 making each pizza 1.55 !!!! Don’t forget when U spend $75.00 after coupons and excluding dairy..u get a $10 Q to spend on your next purchase….I had to purchase more items because I was getting good deals last nite and barely made it to $80 plus $2tax… They exclude tax from the $75.00……

    • amy says:

      i dont see the 6.99 U coupon… I have the buy 2 get 1 free U coupon… did u do self check out?

      • Julia says:

        I have a Just For U coupon for buy 2 get 1 free
        I wonder what would happen if I paired it with the manufacturer’s coupon of buy 2 get 1 free…

        Does anyone know?

      • Tina says:

        Its the buy 2 get 1 free coupon on the Just for U…It takes off 6.99 not 3.88 the price of one pizza…I did not use self check out and I also used one printable buy 2 get 1 free also and the cashier scanned it and it took off $6.99..HTH

  • Becky says:

    I just did the Target deal and my hubby and daughter were super excited to have pizza and coke for dinner…my wallet liked it too.

  • Cwcouponer says:

    Today at Target my cashier told me that I was limited to one Digiorno/Pepsi deal per transaction. I had to do two separate orders, she wanted me to do three- but I rather get 7.01 deducted from my order, than get a $1 Pepsi for free.

  • Judy says:

    I did this deal at Target and the cashier put the coupon through for $7.01. So I paid $6.49 for 3 pizzas and a 2 ltr. diet coke.

  • Rainy says:

    If anyone has this coupon saved as a PDF could you email it to me please?
    Thank you!! :)

  • Tina Light says:

    The Rite-Aides in Waterbury,CT were all out of pizzas by wenesday. I had to go to Target. I love the fact you don’t have to get the soda you can get ginger ale or seltzer water

  • Kco says:

    I did the deal at Target and I got the free 2 Liter. They took off a full $6.01 with the buy 2 get one free coupon. Also, they were having a sale on beer. They had a 24 pack of Coors on sale for $14.21 with a rebate sticker of $10 when you buy over $10 of frozen pizza!

  • Kayla says:

    I wasn’t able to use this coupon for NYE like I wanted but I just used the coupon at Target and got the free 2-liter of Coke!! ( $7.01 [the max discount with the coupon] inially came off my total but the cashier changed it to $4.50 – the sale price ) Great deal! Thanks.

  • Sherri says:

    Do not waste your time going to Meijer for this deal. I tried today and did not work.

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