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  View changes → *HOT* SodaStream Fountain Jet Complete Soda Maker Kit as Low as $67.95 Shipped (After Rebate)

9:35 AM MST
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If you missed out on this deal yesterday, it’s surprisingly still available today! One of today’s deal over at is for a SodaStream Fountain Jet Complete Soda Maker Kit + FREE Subscription to SELF magazine for only $79.95 shipped (regularly $155.90!)! This seems like an awesome price for all that you’re getting!

To quickly find this deal, head on over here and look for the banner (like pictured above). Click on the “Shop Now” link where you’ll then be able to add the Kit to your cart. Although it appears that the 1NEW15 promo code is no longer working for new members :( , this still seems like an awesome deal! Even sweeter, if you are not interested in the SELF magazine, you can opt for a $12 rebate, making this Kit as low as $67.95 shipped to your door. Sweet!

What You Get :

*SodaStream Soda Maker
*CO2 carbonating canister
*(3) 1-liter carbonating bottles
*(2) 1/2-liter carbonating bottles
*(3) 16.9 fl. oz. Kool-Aid Mix (Cherry, Grape and Tropical Punch)
*(18) 1.7 fl. oz. SodaStream soda mix taste samplers (including Diet Cola, Diet Cranberry-Raspberry, Diet Dr. Pete, Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Pink Grapefruit, Diet Root Beer, Dr. Pete, Energy, Fountain Mist, Lemon Lime, Orange and Root Beer)
*(3) 1.35 fl. oz. MyWater flavor samples (Lemon Lime, Raspberry and Orange)
*User manual
*1-year Self magazine subscription
*Manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty

(Thanks, Miss beSavin!)

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  • Heather J. says:

    Our family has a Sodastream and we {LOVE} it! If you are thinking of getting one, do! This is a fantastic deal!!

  • Kitty says:

    Why are these machines so popular? Does it taste better? It doesn’t look like its any healthier because you add syrup right? Just wondering :)

  • Shelley says:

    are the carbonating canisters expensive? Is the soda really any cheaper after you buy all the supplies?

    • Mary Jo Thyes Moesch says:

      I don’t believe buying the supplies is cheaper than buying soda on sale.
      I bought a SodaStream last year and hated it. Yes, the machine was great, it was pretty on my countertop and it was awesome to say that you can make your own soda. But… the taste was nasty. With EVERY flavor (even the regular, not diet flavors), you can HEAVILY taste the asparatame or the artificial sweetener that they put in the soda syrup. I like my soda, but this was not a good replacement. Maybe healthier… but the taste? yuck :(

      • Yoko says:

        People said Willam-Sonoma sells tasty soda syrup for soda machine. I prefer to mix a little bit of 100% juice into carbonated water to cure my carving of “soda”. Sometimes, I put a little lemon juice and couple drops of liquid stevia (sweetner) into carbonated water. It’s so refreshing!

  • dealzgurl says:

    It reminds me of a grocery store I once shopped at that offered the option to mix your own soda flavors. I’d love to have one eventually just for the sake of variety. I’m with Shelley, though, in wondering if the carbonation/supplies are reasonably priced.

  • Rachael says:

    What is the cost breakdown for each glass of pop? I tried to figure it out at Staples, and came up with like $3.00 cheaper than buying 12 packs on sale…. Just deciding if its cheaper in the long run to grab this or buy pop on sale. Thanks!

    • sparc says:

      I believe it equates out to about $1.33 per 2L of pop for sodastream syrup and exchanges. That’s the same as regular price for a 2L coke/pepsi at Walmart. At best maybe you could get it down to 89 cents per 2L for sodastream with discounted exchanges and syrup.

      A coke/pepsi couponer shouldn’t be using sodastream to save money. At best maybe when you’re low on coupons.

  • Ashley Grace Wright says:

    I have had one from HSN for less then 30 days and LOVE it. Saving tons of money bc soda is all we drink. Not afraid to give to kids once in a blue moon bc its so much healthier. For instance Cola(tastes like Coke) has 35 calories for 8oz compared to Coke which is 93 calories per 8oz. So when I saw this deal I called HSN and they said I should return mine and they will shipping and buy this one bc its such a bigger better deal! Great customer service if you ask me!

  • Kathie M says:

    You can add consented juice to make sparkling juice. Or regular kool-aid or lemon aid to make it sparkling. I don’t plan on it replacing all the pop DH drinks but I think it will make some nice options for me since I’m not huge soda drinker.

  • b says:

    My husband just came home from work saying that a co-worker said these were awesome! SO glad this deal came up! Happy Valentines to him! :P

  • Theresa says:

    I believe the sodastream uses Splenda in their drinks which is sucralose. Not a 100% on that, but I thought I read it somewhere. We love the sodastream because it has eliminated all of the bottles, and cans around our house. I also, don’t have to go to the recycling center to get back my deposit.

  • Eric says:

    This place has a price breakdown to show you if you can actually save money. I haven’t checked the math myself but hope it helps some one looking at this.

  • Bo says:

    Drink more water ;)

  • Birgitte says:

    How can you opt out of the Self magazine subscription?

  • Lisa W says:

    Here is the link to the Self magazine rebate:

  • Rebecca says:

    I got one at Christmas. I really wanted it to work – less calories. I tried many times to get the mix on Dr Pete to work and could never get it close enough to Dr. Pepper for me. I think the idea is wonderful, but I love Dr Pepper and want that taste. Forunately, I was able to return it.

  • OA says:

    OA: Collin, thank you for the deals you posted here. I stared to save lots of money and that’s because of you. Love ya!
    I wanted this SodaStream for a long time for my husband. He buys seltzer water everyday. Yesterday I was not able to use the coupon and today I called HSN customer service. I was told I can’t use it for Today Special Deals… Tried again tonight, end went through EXPRESS Check-out, used the coupon and this time was accepted. Yeeeyyyy! I saved $11.99, payed $67.96 from which I’m thinking to cancel Self mag subscription and save another $12 which makes a total of $55.96. I still can’t believe it. I hope they will not cancel my order… Fingers crossed!!! And I thing the deal is on tomorrow too. Good luck!

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