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CVS: High Value $10/1 Nature Made MINIs Store Coupon = Possible 2 FREE Omega-3 Products!?

4:30 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all you CVS shoppers! Head on over to to print a high value $10/1 Nature Made Full Strength MINIs coupon. This makes for a sweet deal as it appears the Nature Made Omega-3 products are also ringing up Buy 1 get 1 Free this week. Pair this with the $3/1 Nature Made MINIs coupon found on and you’ll have a *HOT* Deal! Check it out:

Nature Made Full Strength Minis Omega-3 Softgels 60ct $14.99
*Possibly ringing up Buy 1 get 1 Free
Use the $10 Nature Made Full Strength MINIs coupon found here
Plus, use 2 $3/1 Nature Made Full Strength MINIs coupons found here (may need to be adjusted down)
Final cost 2 for FREE!

*Come back and let us know if you’re also able to score this same deal!

(Thanks and Photo credit: Midwest Coupon Clippers!)

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  • Kristy says:

    I will be trying it out!

  • mel says:

    A receipt like that will get a cashier written up! You’re not supposed to have a negative subtotal and that will alert LP. Make sure you have items to cover the overage.

    • Heather C. says:

      Yep, make sure to grab a filler item if needed! Most cashiers will let you know there can’t be a negative balance, and advise you to purchase another item in order to use the coupons.

  • picchu says:

    So does that mean if we buy something else the $1 difference will be adjusted towards that item?

  • Sarah says:

    I was able to score this HOT deal here in Austin, Texas, all for a grand total of $1.89. I feel like a coupon queen today!

    2 – Nature Made Omega Mini’s
    3 – Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    1 – Lady Speed Stick

    • Kristy says:

      please tell me how you did that! That is a wonderful deal!

      • Sarah says:

        Of course Kristy, but the cereal part will be hard to replicate, I got a coupon for $1.50 off $5 purchase of cereal CVS coupon from the bottom of one of my receipts.

        And let me make an edit, my total was $1.98.

        2 – Nature Made Mini’s
        $14.49 BOGO – $10 CVS Coupon – $6 (2-$3/1 MQ from = -$1.51 in overage

        3 – Cinnamon Toast Crunch (3 for $6 at CVS this week)
        $6 – $1.50 (3 – $.50 MQ from – $1.50 CVS coupon = $3

        1 – Lady Speed Stick – $.49
        CVS Daily Deal Coupon makes Speed Stick Deo or Lady Speed Stick $.99
        ( – must print today, available to use 2/5-2/6)
        $.99 with CVS coupon – $.50/1 Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick (SS Insert 2/3/2013)
        (You can also use the $1/1 Speed Stick Power coupon from SS 2/3/13 to make it free, but I needed women’s deo for my stockpile)

        So $ – 1.51 + 3 + $.49 = $1.98 :-)

        Hope that helps! Happy Couponing!

    • Heather H says:

      I tried to do use this coupon tonight (and I’m also in Austin), and the register didn’t recognize the coupon barcode as a valid coupon. They showed me the screen…it didn’t recognize it at all…said “unknown UPC.” I asked for a manager, and he tried it on the other register…but still no good. He wouldn’t put it through manually, and the original cashier kept asking me if I’d really gotten this off their website – implying I was trying to scam them. I stayed polite and pleasant, but I was PISSED!!!

      • Sarah says:

        I really wish store clerks and managers would read Hip2Save themselves so they are up to date with coupons, or at least check their store website so they can be educated about their own company’s coupons. If you dont mind me asking, which CVS was this? I will try to avoid it!

  • SSM says:

    You can also get 1 bottle of the B-vitamins for free (9.99)! :)

  • Molly says:

    The only one that has allowed a negative balance at my store is the Manager. I guess he won’t get in trouble.

  • stacy says:

    you can coupons on bogo’s?

  • stacy says:

    sorry you can use coupons on bogo?

    • picchu says:

      yes you can.

    • amanda says:

      Yes you can use one coupon on each item.

    • Janet says:

      On two different trips to CVS, I tried to use 2 coupons-1 BOGO and 1 $2.00 off coupon for the razors. Even though I had the coupon policy printed and showed the manager, she refused to allow it. Very disappointed:( Any suggestions for next time?

      • amanda says:

        Were the razors already bogo? I don’t have the ad handy. If not it should have worked just fine.. you probably had a difficult Mgr. The $2 would apply to the first item and the Bogo would have been applied to the 2nd item.

      • jeff says:

        it depends on the coupon. if the BOGO coupon says not to be used with any other offer then you couldn’t use the other coupon. if it doesn’t then its fair game but be careful. cvs reserves the right to scan coupons in any order….so if you had a BOGO and a 2 dollar coupon off of the same item and for example if the item was 9.99. then cvs could use the 2 dollar coupon first, then take 7.99 off for the BOGO

  • Judy says:

    Mine had b1g1f. So 2 for 14.99. BUT the cashier added 10.00 for the coupon. Took her and manager 20 mins to figure it out. Finally gave me 10ebc to make up the difference. OMG!!!

    • vishnu says:

      Shouldnt you have got 20$ in EBS, This same thing happened with free clear shampoo, it was adding 2.49, instead of taking it out.

    • Sue says:

      I now watch ANY CVS online coupon. The amount was added on to my total with the free and clear shampoo as well as a Scott tissue coupon. They need to reimburse you for the add-on error as well as the coupon amount that should have originally been taken off.

      • llc says:

        it did the same for me on the clear shampoo. they had to manually enter it. please WATCh OUT to make sure it deducts

      • Carol says:

        When it added it on what did your receipt say? I used the Scott CVS coupon this week and I had a mystery charge on my receipt it said “taxable item $2” and it was definitely a charge even though the clerk said it wasn’t a charge. When I came home I did the math and I was charged $2, could that have been the same error that others are having with the CVS coupons?

        • llc says:

          Mine never printed on the receipt because I caught it when they scanned it and they deleted it and manually entered it. Make sure you get your $4 back. $2 for the overcharge and $2 for the coupon.

        • lisa says:

          mine said taxable item $2 just like urs. bring it back. they just gave me $4 back.

        • katie says:


      • WynetteC says:

        My CVS Scott coupons did the same thing Monday night (2/4) . And they were just printed on Monday and had an expiration date of Feb. 27, 2013 or even later. Weird. Instead of taking off $1, they charged me $1 and it read taxable item. I had to return to the CVS and since I had split up seperate transactions, they had to adjust back to me my money because of that odd glitch. I thought it was just the CVS Scott coupon I used but now I see it was several different CVS coupons.

  • rebecca S. says:

    Tried to print, but ran out of ink. Now says limit reached for the $3/1 coupon. :(

  • karin says:

    I just read on another site that this coupon is for Diabetes Club Members only & will beep.
    Not sure if this is true or not. Has anyone had success with it today?

  • Jamie says:

    You can also choose to print the $3 minis Q’s on to earn a quick 20sb for this purchase. :)

    • Linda says:

      Jamie have you every seen the 10 points per coupon added to your account? I have been printing my coupons off the swagbuck site since Oct. and have never seen any points added to my account. I check everyday.

      • Kristy says:

        I also print my coupons off swagbucks. I haven’t had a problem with them being added. It can take up to 12 weeks to see them post. I would check the ledger to see if any have posted.

        • Jennifer says:

          Never had a problem with mine being added. Been using them so long it seems like I get 30-40 swagbucks or more a week from coupons :)

          • Linda says:

            Thanks for answering my question. Do you login to before you print? I login sometimes but not always and I wonder how know which coupons are printed from their relationship versus going directly to Again, I’ve been using these coupons since Oct. and I check everyday to see if coupons points are added.

            • mel says:

              only the coupons you print directly though the swagbucks/ link will give you points when you redeem your coupons. Can take anywhere from 6-12 wks for the credit to show up, and it’ll be under “Special Offers: Coupons” in your ledger. Yesterday I had a 60 pt deposit!

            • Asmith says:

              I do not log in to coupons dot com. I click through the coupon link from the swagbucks home page (while I am logged into swagbucks) and print. I see points added to my ledger of points regularly. It takes a while to start showing up

      • Haseena says:

        I have the same question as Linda, I have never seen any points added to my swagbucks account for using coupons and I use a lot of them.

        • Paola says:

          I use SB q’s and believe me they post them. It takes several weeks for them to show up so the posting is not done right away. Check your acct under ledger and it will show you what has been posted.

  • lisa says:

    are the barcodes unique? i tried printing one, and my relative did also..but the barcode/coupon codes are all the same..not sure if this is supposed to be happening =/

    • Vishnu says:

      I printed from 2 diff computers and I had the same barcodes too.. And I wondered about that, I guess it should work.

      • Heather C. says:

        Yes, it should work with no problems. All duplicate coupons from will print with the same bar code. It’s just a limit of one Q per customer. HTH :)
        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    • Missie B. says:

      The codes on CVS coupons are the same. They attach to your CVS card and are limited to one per person.

  • PW says:

    My CVS does not have them bogo. Is it a regional sale?

  • stephanie says:

    Is there a time limit on when the coupon needs to be printed?

  • Angie says:

    It just worked for me in WI–and I am not a diabetes member. You need to add an extra $1.51 to your order, though. My coupon added $10 but the cashier caught it and corrected it. There are only two more left at my CVS.

  • ccre_21 says:

    will this work on the b-complex minis? I just came back from CVS and did this deal, the $10 cvs coupon beeped and won’t go through when I am actually enrolled in the diabetes club. Had a hard time with the manager ringing me up. i had to show the picture of the receipt in here and this thread! She adjusted the coupon and had to manually put it in, therefore no overage which is totally fine.

  • Geena O says:

    Hi…my CVS ad doesn’t mention Naturemade Minis explicitly…do the stores which ve the offer mention Minis in the weekly ad..?

  • Sandy says:

    Made a CVS run tonight.

    $29.98 2 boxes of Nature Made Mini Omega
    $16.74 6 Cadbury Chocolate bars
    $ 1.99 1 Lady Speed Stick
    $ 4.19 Headband
    $52.90- subtotal
    -$10 off $50 CVS coupon (from the Magic Coupon Machine)
    -$14.99 BOGO Nature Made sale
    -$10.00/1 CVS Nature Made store coupon
    – $6.00 2 Nature Made MFQ from the link above
    – $8.76 B2GO Cadbury sale
    – $2.00 $2 off any hair accessory CVS coupon (from the Magic Coupon Machine)
    – $1.00 $1.00 CVS Speed Stick deodorant coupon (Deal of the Day coupon)
    TOTAL .18 plus tax

    Thanks for making my $50 for me Collin!

    • Kim says:

      I was thinking about doing something similar, but I was wondering the the $50 for the $10 off $50 needed to be after sale prices… since the vitamins are b1g1 on sale wouldn’t only 14.99 count toward the 50 instead of 29.98?

      • mel says:

        I personally don’t count the free item in my subtotal. If that were my deal, I’d have $37.91, well short to use a $10/$50.

      • Sandy says:

        The vitamins ring up $14.99 each. The $14.99 deduction for one box didn’t show until the cashier finalized the transaction. The B2G1 Cadbury candy bar sale didn’t show up until the end either. It actually scanned $2.79 for each candy bar (my store’s regular price), even though the sale price is $2.19. I thought for sure the vitamins would scan $14.99 and 0.00, and the candy bars would scan $2.19, $2.19 and 0.00 so, I wasn’t counting them in my subtotal either. I didn’t plan on using the $10 off $50, but when I saw how it was ringing up, I gave the cashier the q and it scanned, no problem.

  • Nancy says:

    I also did the deal but had issues with $10 off cvs q, it was adding $10 to my total instead of deducting. My cashier was so nice enough to manually put it in though and I added a $1 item so I wouldn’t be in negatives :)

  • lisa says:

    ok so i have a $3 off $15 any vitamin purchase (red machine q) and a save $5 off any health care purchase (enrolling into the diabetes program) and a $4 off 20 total purchase (email) ontop of the $10 store coupon and $3 mqz.. what can i do to get the best deal? can the credit be used towards other stuff??..

    • Sandy says:

      I would do this

      $29.98 2 Nature Made Mini vitamins (I bought the Omega-3 minis)
      $13.02 in whatever you want.
      43.00 subtotal
      -$4/$20 CVS coupon
      -$3/$15 Any vitamin purchase CVS
      -$6.00 MFQs
      -$10.00 CVS mini coupon
      -$5.00 off healthcare purchase

      If you printed the Speed Stick CVS coupon, and you have the .50 MFQ, you could add that to your deal and deduct the .49 cent cost from the $13.02 credit you have. If you don’t want to do that, you could also take a look at the Kleenex deal. Tissue is a health care item, by the way. Buy $30 in products, apply the $13.02 you need to do the deal above, spend $16.98 OOP (unless you have coupons) and get back $10.00. You could always take a look at the L’Oreal deal. You need to spend $30 to get back $10 and there is a mail-in rebate which you get at CVS. Apply the $13.02 credit to make the deal above, spend $16.98 OOP (less if you have coupons), get back $10 ECB and $10 from the mail-in rebate for a $3.02 Money Maker.

      • Sandy says:

        I forgot to mention, if you choose to only spend $13.02 in additional products to the Nature Made mini’s, your OOP will be .02 plus tax.

        • lisa says:

          thanks a bunch sandy. will make a trip to cvs and let you know how it goes.

          • Sandy says:

            I can’t wait to hear…Good Luck!

            • lisa says:

              thanks so much sandy. u are awesome! here’s what i bought.

              $30.98 (2) Nature Made Mini vitamins (mine were $15.49)
              $13.00 (2) dove 6 pack bars
              $2.99 (1) twelve oz dove body wash
              46.97 subtotal
              -$4/$20 CVS coupon
              -$3/$15 Any vitamin purchase CVS
              -$6.00 MFQs for Nature Made
              -$10.00 CVS Nature Made mini coupon
              -$5.00 off healthcare purchase
              -$1.00 off dove 12 oz body wash
              -$1.00 off dove bar
              -$1.00 off dove bar

              oop: .48 cents :P and received $5 bucks back for dove and i only needed 15 towards beauty club so another 5 bucks back from beauty club next time I go to cvs.

            • lisa says:

              would of done the cash card deal but i done got 5 of em lol

            • Sandy says:

              Great job! You turned that into a $10 Money Maker! Outstanding!

            • lisa says:

              thank u sandy! couldn’t have done this without ur help. thanks again

        • Shaima says:

          Is it possible to use all of the above mentioned coupons together?

          • Sandy says:

            I have always been able to combine different CVS coupons together. If I go to CVS twice in one week and get 2 $10/$50 coupons from the Magic Coupon Machine, I could not use both in one transaction. Only one like CVS coupon per transaction. You can use more than one like manufacturer’s coupon, as long as you have the same number of items as the number of coupons and the coupon verbage does not say one coupon per transaction.

  • Jenna G says:

    Next week Nature Made vitamins are B1G1. I’ll hold off and get the multi’s.

  • LaVerne says:

    Is this still available?

  • Karoline says:

    can’t use another $3 coupon. I had to choose between $10 coupon another $3 coupon here in fishers IN

  • jeff says:

    It adds 10 if you have already used it….

  • tg says:

    The 10.00 cvs coupon (in SC) wouldn’t scan for them, so cashier said must be a manufacture coupon, and not a store coupon and couldn’t take it with the 3.00 off. I said to please call the manager. (I was being nice, just try to get a manager explanation for why it isn’t scanning). Cashier never called manager, just punched it in as he grumbled about getting it almost free. He was new and probably not used to all us coupon shoppers.

    • Cathy says:

      Same happened here in MD. The $10.00 cvs coupon did not scan. The cashier told me I cannot use both the $10 and 2 $3 coupon together despite the fact that I did buy something extra(a bag of chip which cost $2.50). I told him that coupon policy allowed this. He finally bulged in, but his attitudes was very very bad, grumbled thru the end saying I’m getting free for the vitamins and too many people taking advantage of the coupons and getting things free. I was really frustrated because CVS will get reimbursed anyway, right?? Really really bad experience for me.

      • jeff says:

        wait, both coupons were for the same item? what was the sale price? you do realize that if an item is 9.99 and the coupon is for 10. the cashier is supposed to rekey the coupon for 9.99…this adding “filler” is bs it doesn’t and isn’t supposed to happen.

  • jamie says:

    whats CVS coupon policy? are we allowed to use their coupons along with a manufacturers?

  • Sara says:

    Went tonight and got
    2 – Nature made Vitamin B $9.99 (BOGO, $10 CVS Coupon, 2-$3 mf coupons)
    3 – Cinnamon Toast Crunch 3 for $6 (3-$0.25 Coupons)
    2 – Palmolive $0.99 (2 – $0.25 coupons)

    Total $0.12!!!!!

  • Jamie says:

    Did this, after finding $1.50/1 peelies on schick hydro shaving cream, it said off of schick or edge brand so..
    2 nature made minis 14.99 bogo
    1 edge shave gel 3.49
    $10 cvs q
    2x $3/1 nature made minis
    $1.50/1 edge
    Paid 98c + tax OOP, got $2 ecb. :)

    • Heather C. says:

      Isn’t the Edge bogo this week? Could have bought 2 for 3.49 – (2)$1.50 = .49 for both?!
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    • Heather C. says:

      Nope, never mind… LOL! I’m thinking of the BOGO Q that was available to print!

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  • Sonya says:

    Between this deal from CVS and the rebate deal at Walgreens, I have year’s supply of my Omega 3 supplements (value $75.00) for $0.00!

    Nothing beats free – Colin you’re the best!!!

  • I love free says:

    For some reason, (not that I’m complaining lol) my $10 off coupon scanned for $15!!!! Plus I used 2 of the $3 off!!!

    • free coupons is fun says:

      did it have any beeps?! or they went thru?

    • Michelle says:

      Mine also did that. The cashier asked me if it was okay and I said that was upto you. She said that is what it came up with so it is fine with me. I was super excited because it was a money maker for me.

  • l says:

    I have never been so mad, I just tried to use the $10 CVS coupon for the vitamins and they called for security. The manager came up and said they can’t take this coupon its fraudulent and asked where I received it. I said your website, I’m a diabetic member and have been for a long time. She said the coupon is no good, they received an email from regional manager warning about this fraudulent coupon going around. I asked if she was calling me a fraud?? Oh no it isn’t you, but we can’t take this. Called regional manager, still no response.

  • l says:

    Yes, it did. I brought my phone back in to show them where I got it from, on their website. They couldn’t stop apologizing. They spoke to the regional manager after I left a msg and were told to take it. What I was told was some southern savings website may have a false link, there are apparently 2 of these coupons out there and one isn’t the correct one. They were super nice after all this. This is my regular CVS, the last thing I wanted them to think was that I was carrying around fake coupons!!

    • Heather C. says:

      Oh good, glad everything worked out okay for you! :)
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      • mel says:

        I love how they dump their issue on another website. The problem is the coupon was coded incorrectly, the link was taken down for a bit yesterday and if you print the coupon now, the code has been corrected. And everybody that is using the coupon now, won’t get that dreaded beep!

  • Leesah B. says:

    Just an update for this coupon ($10 CVS Nature Made), if you are subscribed to their e-mail alerts, watch out for this coupon in your mail because I got one just a few minutes ago and the barcode is different from the one on so probably it will scan just fine.

  • Marisa Marino says:

    What is the correct bar code # ? TIA

  • Cremme says:

    FYI, folks who got $10 (or whatever your amount is) CVS coupon ringing up as a TAXABLE ITEM… you paid tax on it. So be sure to get the right refund the tax that you paid!

  • Laura says:

    My CVS had these for $9.99! I made $6 on these and it was able to cover most of the cost for other items that I purchased!

  • Laura says:

    Does anyone know if you can use this coupon multiple times? Can I print another copy and use it to get the same deal a second time?

  • cstewart29 says:

    how many times can the $10 cvs coupon be used?

  • Heshina says:

    I work for cvs as management DO NOT print the $10 coupon. If you did not receive it specifically for you in an e-mail you can not use it!!! They are card specific for the diabetes club members only. So whoever put this link up just screwed everyone over for the $10 cvs coupon. We will turn it down unless it is from your own personal email sent just for you to use.

    • Heather C. says:

      Hmmmmm… I wonder how it could be card specific when every coupon is printed with the same bar code… And I wonder how CVS would know to turn it down if you didn’t receive it in email form.
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      • heshina says:

        they are card specific, if you want i can show you an image of 2 coupons the SAME coupon with TWO different upcs from today at work. If you like i can text it to you or email it since this site wont let me post the image in the comment box. Let me know which one to send it to and i will.

        • Heather C. says:

          No, I believe you. I know there are 2 coupons floating around… One with a bar code that doesn’t work, and one with the updated, corrected bar code.
          Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

        • heshina says:

          all emails for coupons come with a link for your specific card so that it links to a coupon just for that card thats why each card is registered when you get it to your own email address. We also receive notices for coupons available in our area since employees get the same offers emailed to them as well, and since we got the website from someone who was in earlier who did not have a card and signed up for one and still couldnt use the coupon and became unhappy we are trying to let everyone know that the coupon link posted is for the cardholder who posted the link to it so no one can use that coupon but them its the way coupons work with cvs they send you ones and track the one you use or dont use so they know which ones to send you more of to get you in the store to buy product. Its simple retail basics. Its not a national coupon its a targeted crowd so they only sent it to certain people, those in the diabetes club received the email. Those who were not in the diabetes club did not get the email and will not get it so the link on this page is not a valid one. And if continued to be used since coupons are trackable they might deactivate the holders card and eligibility for receiving said coupons. Abuse of coupons is taken seriously that is why the coupon policy for cvs just gets stricter each year. I am always willing to answer questions on coupon policies or combinations since i do them myself but as a member of management we are trying to prevent people from having a bad experience because of someone posting the link to their private coupon. If there is any other questions post them here or i can post my email if requested. its like the top 1millions customers nation wide get special coupons in the mail but that is strictly theirs and can not be used or copied and given to someone else because its something they earned. And not all regions in the nation have the diabetes club so some districts cant even run the coupons at all, also ask before assuming coupons online are valid because in the years ive been with cvs there have been so many fake ones that we have piles of pictures of invalid coupons that someone put up online and was spread around to all the coupon websites. this is one of those times where that link no matter who clicks it or how many times will just go to the same unuseable image since it thinks its directingthe card holder since the link was copied from an email and posted here. Ask for my email or leave yours if you want to talk coupons and policies for cvs.

          • marisa says:

            Wow that would have been an embarrassing trip. “To good to be true” kind of deal? I certainly would feel horrible if cashier got fired. I want friendly cashiers, not one that would question every coupon I hand them. GTK for next time.

          • Geena O says:

            wow, thanks for that informative post,Heshina….! and sorry abt all the ppl who commit coupon fraud…I sincerely hope people would stop doing that lest we should all lose out in the long run….( as companies would then start becoming more stricter abt issuing coupons and other offers…!!!!) and really is a coupon more worth than one’s integrity….?I think not…

          • harriet says:

            The people saying this coupon was not for everyone are lying. The 10 off nature made minis was on the cvs website and was for everybody. I did not find it through a link or an e-mail. Just like right now there is a coupon that looks exactly like the nature made coupon for 3 off CVS aspirin that is for everyone. These are different from the card specific coupons that have longer UPC codes. Card specific coupons look entirely different, and are not visible until you print them.

  • Christa says:

    This coupon has now been taken down.

  • nydia says:

    Good thing that I did this deal and then I printed 2 more.

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