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Ipsos I-Say: Take Surveys, Test Products & Earn Rewards (+ Hip2Save Reader’s Experiences)

2:24 PM MST
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If you’re looking for another way to earn a little extra income or maybe you’d just like to have the chance to try out new products before they hit the market, then you may want to check out Ipsos I-Say Survey company. Ipsos is a global survey-based market research company that serves more than 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries. As an Ipsos I-Say community member, you’ll have the opportunity to take surveys and earn rewards that can be redeemed for money (in the form of an authorized check), donations and prepaid American Express cards.

Most members receive surveys at least once each month with an average of about four per month, and the more surveys you take, the more points you earn. In addition, many Ipsos members also have the chance to test new products and services before the general public. If you’re interested in joining Ipsos, click here.

Check out some of the positive comments from other Hip2Save readers when I posted this last month:

I have been a member of this site for about 5 months now maybe and have gotten $30 worth of Amazon Gift Cards! Plus with my Amazon Prime shipping is free! No reason not to do this deal. Take simple survey’s to get $$$$

I love this site! I have been a member for about 8 months and have about 6000 points, enough for a $50 gift card and then some, but I am still saving up =) The surveys are usually easy and interesting enough. I have also gotten lots of full sized products to try such as quaker granola bars, friskies can cat food, TONS of toilet paper, J&J baby wash, and more. NO reason not to join for sure!

I have been with Ipsos for about two years now. I have gotten to try new products before they were out on the shelves. I am in the process of building my points up to cash in for AMEX cards for my vacation in September. I love this site!

How about you?! Have you joined Ipsos yet? If so, what has your experience been like?!

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  • lisa says:

    I make 10 or 15 a month from them. Easy.

  • guest24 says:

    This site has been nothing but problems for me. I was with Synovate for years before they took over. They send surveys that I do not qualify for after answering questions for over 10 minutes. When I have completed one, they have only rewarded me with 5 points. It has taken forever to get my points. I am getting out as soon as I get 5 more points (I have 995 now). They don’t pay until you have earned 1000 points. Just my opinion.

    • DrLadybug says:

      I must heartily agree with the comments to avoid Ipsos I-Say.

      I was with Synovate Global Opinion Panel for over 10 years before they became I-Say. This post is so ironic because just yesterday, I was finally paid for a follow-up survey I took (never did get points for the original survey!) well over a month ago. The only reason I received the credit was that the “secondary” marketing company kindly interjected on the client’s behalf. I took time away from the holidays and out-of-town family for this survey. After at least 20 emails to I-Say, the only response I ever received was “if you didn’t get paid, you didn’t qualify for the survey.” Excuse me? This was a follow-up/separate survey; there was no non-qualifying about it! Insulting, infuriating, and NO effort on I-Say’s part to investigate. I even simply received a code with no explanation; I had to GUESS that it was for Amazon! I’m thinking that the client will never again hire I-Say, as the secondary company mentioned that other folks had also NOT received compensation. It almost sounded as though I-Say was going to “pocket” the survey-takers’ money!

      The original transition about 8 months ago from Synovate was equally nightmarish: I had just completed a survey with Synovate worth $50, and it took a good 3 months to receive the credit (and another set of countless emails to which there were ZERO responses). Even a small log-in lottery number of points took 5 months to be credited. It’s NOT worth having to hound I-Say for opinions, time, and effort already rendered. Their “customer service” simply does not respond to emails.

      I was also a member of MyTwoCents about 12 years ago before it unfortunately become Touna. The former was an exceptional survey group, and I see that Toluna is rated at the bottom of Survey Police. They deserve that rating because, after 2 years of countless surveys where I spent **over** 20 minutes before being told I didn’t qualify, I was finally fed up. I anticipate that I-Say will very soon join Toluna at the bottom because of their complete lack of customer care.

      • guest24 says:

        Thanks for your post. My “other” nightmare is Mindfield. When I joined 7/12/12, they “sent a check” if you reached $5. Then they changed it again to $10. Now, that it has taken 4 weeks to receive my last points (Pending for a month)….they say you need $20 to “cash out”. I was FORCED to choose Amazon card or pay pal. Plus, every survey…… I take, then disqualified. Glad to be out. Now, waiting to see if I get paid. THEY removed my city from my mailing address, so I can’t even cash out !!! More frustration.

    • Ashley57 says:

      I used to like this company, but then they closed my account because I wrote an e-mail looking for payment I was missing. It was a nice e-mail too. The pay for me was 45 cents – 90 cents per survey, but they do it on a points system so you don’t realize how little it is. I would not recommend it anymore.

    • jae says:

      What site do yu recommend

  • kathy says:

    Only survey company I’ve ever been a member of that treated me poorly. “Lost” my account, including all rewards points, and no replies to several inquiries – not even a “sorry, a glitch, nothing we can do”.

    • guest24 says:

      Me too Kathy. If you write it takes a week or more for them to answer. Thanks for the post.

    • Denise says:

      Me Three! Still haven’t heard back after 2 or more weeks and 2 emails. Think I had at least $75 in points. Not happy! Had success earlier but since the merge, not good. And they were both good separately. It’s just weird and frustrating!

    • Steven Beckerman says:

      same problem as everybody has had

      • cathy says:

        Hi! Here’s what happened next with me from ipsos. The first time I sent the question about no points received for that long survey, they sent me that standard reply about “you can’t qualify for every survey yada yada.” I messaged back and told them that they didn’t understand my question. I had taken the WHOLE survey and was disqualified just as I was ready to hit the submit button, with only 5 point awarded! Not what I had been promised. By now I was really ticked off! Finally, after 2 weeks, they answered me and said I would get my points when the survey closes. We shall see… Also Pinecone has changed their rewards system, so you might want to check it out. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

    • Jessica says:

      Same here, too! They inactivated my account, saying I did not pass their “quality checks” and that they have a right to cancel accounts without warning or explanation! Avoid this scam of a site!

  • Brenda says:

    Thanks for the info. I was in the middle of filling out the form when a message popped up saying they are not accepting panelists at this time. Darn. Maybe others will be accepted.

  • Katelynn says:

    Opinion Outpost is a whole lot better! You can make around 20 a month. Only costs 50 pts for a $5 amazon card! Most of the surveys are 10-15 points.

    • LisaR says:

      I was just going to post the same about OO!! I love this site!! I have made $25-$30 a month very easily!! An they send the Amazon code by email with 1-2 days!!!
      As for Ipsos, They are OK, when they changed las year they kinda have gone down hill!
      You can also get a lot of feedback from their facebook page!

    • kathy says:

      Thanks for the info!

  • Mar says:

    I don’t think it is worth to sign-in for this. I did it last time when it was mentioned on H2S and I regret it because my computer immediately got a virus( I know I’m not the only one complaining about this issue). Also like other ladies are saying,it takes forever to get enough points. And yes, I don’t qualify for a LOT of the surveys they sent. Which means you get only 5 points instead of let’s say 150 they promiss. Most of their surveys are soo long( I mean never ending). Opinion Outpost is way better! This is just my opinion.

  • loretta says:

    I have been a member for several months. They send quite a few survey invitations, most of which I don’t qualify for. You answer questions for about 5 minutes and then they award you with 5 points & say you don’t qualify. I click on the survey link in the email they send me to take the survey. So, if you forget your password when you want to log in and check your points, it is a complete hassle. The little “forgot password” system doesn’t work, so after much frustration & trying, I finally send an email and get the answer back in a few days. they are not the greatest survey company in my opinion.

  • hon h says:

    I have been using pinecone research which I really like but I think I would like to add on another one

    • Tonya says:

      I really like Pinecone Research as well

    • Emilytwinmom says:

      Be aware – Pinecone kicked me off a few months ago for not participating, but I have only one email address and they never sent me anything – no surveys, no letter asking why I wasn’t participating, they just kicked me off. When I emailed them asking what happened, they basically told me tough, wait until they invite new members again and maybe I’ll get through. I’m disappointed, I was making $10 to $20 a month with them!

  • Vicky says:

    I have never had a bad experience with Ispos i-Say. I have cashed out several times and currently have 955 points and will be cashing out again soon! I get serveral surveys a week from them, and I like that they usually offer you 5 points if you don’t qualify. I also enjoy their poll predictor game. It’s a fun way to earn sweepstakes entries. If anyone is interested I review survey companies and also other types of companies that you can make money online with on my website. Just click on my name above to check it out.

    • Candace says:

      I have not recieved any surveys but one since I signed up 2-3 months ago… what is wrong?

      • Vicky says:

        I would contact them to ask why you aren’t getting any surveys. Have you checked your spam mail? Sometimes I get surveys in my spam. You may have to add them to your address book to get the emails in your inbox. I hope this helps! :)

  • Kristy C. says:

    In my opinion, these surveys take way too long for way too little reward. 45 points is 45 cents…for a 20 minute survey?! My time is worth more than that. I preferred this site when it was still Synovate, too. I have been happy with ExpoTV. Much better payscale if you have access to record video reviews of products.

  • CW says:

    I recently joined this, within the last three weeks. I am NOT impressed at all. I get maybe 10 surveys each day and as others mentioned, I spend 10 minutes answering one survey, dont “qualify” for it, and they hand you a measly 5 points. I do the surveys from my phone so no problems with viruses, however, whenever I try the poll predictor it tells me its not available. Waste of time, very aggrevating. I like Pinecone better. I will most likely unsubscribe from this company.

  • Allyson says:

    I am not impresses with this company. I signed up because I was reading comments that you only got about 5 surveys per month but most DAYS I get more than that! I don’t have time to waste on surveys that I don’t qualify for anyway!

  • Caro says:

    This is one of the survey companies I am thinking of getting out of as soon as I get enough points to get something. 5 points at a time doesn’t add up very fast. The Poll Predictor part has been down since at least 1/24. I was on Synovate, too.

  • Phoebe says:

    I too was with Synovate for several years before it became I-say. Synovate was a wonderful company. They sent surveys several times per week and even if I didn’t qualify for the survey, I’d get 100 points. I could quickly get enough points to redeem for Amazon gift cards and they paid within 2 weeks. If there was any problem, they responded quickly. I also got lots of products to test.

    At the time of conversion, Synovate owed me about 400 points. I-say did not pay those points and said they credited everything I was owed. Nor did I get credit for the several surveys I did under I-say in their 1st days. We went back and forth in emails and I finally gave up.

    I never did another survey for I-say even though they continue to send me surveys every day. They even send reminders to do the surveys!

    I wouldn’t waste my time with these people

    • jennifer e says:

      they lost my synovate points too saying i’ve been credited everything i was owed. how was i credited everything when my points showed zero and i had points on synovate! anyway, i did do a few surveys in the beginning and was sent some full sized shampoo and conditioner to test out. was told there’d be a follow up survey, but was never emailed any and got no compensation other than the full sized products. i now get tons of survey emails from them that i don’t do and when i tried to log in to their site to cancel my membership it doesn’t let me log-in due to inactivity. what a pain of a company. i would not recommend at all.

  • Conswalla says:

    I joined the last time this was posted on this site. What a mistake! Now, I see emails for surveys and I just delete them. This is a terrible company.

  • cathy says:

    I am so mad at I-say too! I just took a survey that took nearly an hour! And when I clicked the submit button,I got the “sorry you didn’t qualify for this survey” message!! What the heck?! I too, used to belong to Synovate and they were great! I got many products to test and alot of good surveys. I loved them. I’m not sure if I -Say transferred my points or not. They said they did, but I had alot of points and I just don’t really know. I also belong to Pinecone and really like them. You almost always qualify for their surveys. They answer your questions within a reasonable time. You only get surveys about 2xa month though. And you do have to stay active. Also they only take new members off and on. But overall I would reccomend them.

  • HD says:

    I used to like the site, but they recently redesigned it. Since the redesign it has been terrible. Rarely are the points applied to my account after taking surveys. I’m repeatedly having to contact them to get the pts applied. Surveys are often now longer for fewer pts even when they are applied. It has become a major hassle. I will be canceling my account once I receive the 1000pts needed for one final reward, just don’t want the points I’ve already earned to go to waste.

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