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Target: Great Deals on Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip, Hunts, Barbie Toys, Stouffer’s, Lindor, + More

1:53 PM MST
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If you’re headed to Target this week, here are a few deals you may want to add to your shopping list! My sidekick, Mary, found the following deals below at her local Target in the Austin, TX area. Check them out…

Kraft Miracle Whip dressing or Mayo 30 oz $2.99 (Price Cut thru 2/16)
Use the $1/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 30 oz coupon found here
Final cost $1.99! Great price for this size!

Lindt 6 oz bags 2/$7 (Through 2/9)
Use the $3/1 Lindor coupon I posted about here (no longer available :( )
Plus, use the $1/1 Lindt Valentine’s Truffles 6 oz Target Mobile coupon (expires 2/8!)
Or the $1/1 Lindt Valentine’s Day item 3-oz+ Target store coupon found here
Final cost as low as FREE! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Best Maid Dill Relish 12 oz $1.49
Use the $0.55/1 Best Maid, Del-Dixi, or Farm to Market Product coupon I posted about here
Final cost $0.94!

Buy Hunt’s 33.5 oz Resealable Sauce $2.22 + Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz $0.89
Total = $3.11
Use the $0.50/1 Hunt’s Tomato sauce 33.5 oz coupon found in the 1/20 SS
Plus, use the FREE Hunt’s Diced tomatoes 14.5oz when you buy Hunt’s TetraPak sauce 33.5oz Target store coupon found here
Final cost $1.72 for both!

Stouffers Family Size entrees $7.24
Use the $1.50/1 any Stouffer’s Mulit-Serve Entree 25-96 oz coupon found here
Plus, use the $1.25/1 Stouffer’s Target store coupon found here
Final cost $4.49!

Barbie Activity Sets & Puzzles $2.99-$4.99
Use the $3/2 Barbie Toy Target store coupon found here
Final cost as low as $1.49 each!

Barbie Ballerina Dolls $6.99
Use the $3/2 Barbie Toy Target store coupon found here
Final cost $5.49 each!

Barbie Mermaid Tale doll on possible clearance $9.48 (regularly $18.99!)
Use the $3/2 Barbie Toy Target store coupon found here
Final cost $7.98 each!
*This same doll is priced at $16.47 on Amazon!

Also, just a reminder that Target still has a lot of their shoes and clothing on sale 70% off. My sidekick, Mary, spotted these cute sandals below for only $0.75 + lots more!

Also, check out this email I received from reader Nicole:

I was shopping for formula at Target yesterday and I bought a 6 pack of Enfamil Gentlease 8 oz RTF bottles for $8.99 (regular price). I had a $4 coupon from being a member of the Family Beginnings program with Enfamil bringing the price down to $4.99.  At checkout a $5 Target coupon printed for my next purchase of the same RTF bottles in either Gentlease or Premium. I went back today to use the Target coupon along with another Enfamil $4 coupon I had using my Target card to get 5% off, I got $.45 back and another $5 Target coupon for Gentlease or Premium RTF printed!  Even with only the $5 coupon, that is $.08 per oz which is quite a deal for any type formula but especially RTF.

What Target deals have you scored lately? Please share!

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  • nicole says:

    Thanks when i went to my target on tuesday they had baby clothes 70% off.I saw a baby shirt for 1 dollar and change.Also dove soap 6 bar pack women with a sample body wash was on clearance 4 dollars we have a 1/6 bar q.

  • Erin says:

    A word of warning–those flipflops aren’t even worth .75. The straps on the back are way too long to be useful in actually keeping them on.

  • Lacey says:

    I got a baby trend jogging stroller today at my local target for only $49.98! I also got my friend the micro jogging stoller for $49.98 also!! they has soo much baby/kids clothes for 30%-70% off along with the womens clothes!

  • Mar says:

    Anyone else having trouble with Target cashiers and supervisors/trainers. I have been shopping there for 2 years never had a problem. Everyone knows me! Today there was a new cashier and new Trainer, both which nearly humilated me! Niether one of them knew about coupons and it took four people from Target employees to solidify what I was trying to do. First time in history that a manager tells me I can only use 1 target coupon per transaction that those are the new rules. It did stipulate it on the coupon but it seemed to me to imply something else. Anyways they made me take everything out of the bags that they had scanned and checked every single coupon. I had over $100.00 worth of groceries. I nearly cried. I got their at 8:30 am and did not leave till 10:30am. The trainer girl kept rolling her eyes at me saying “ugh” while the manager scurried around like the little helper. None of the two cashiers were repremended and they both smirked at me while I left the manager looked at m like she was scared. All I wanted to do was cry. I called corporate to confirm the validilty of the statement that the manager had made and she said the manager was wrong that the limit is four. However per policy Target can cancel or refuse coupons. Corporate apologized to me and promised to send me a gift card. Whatever! I had to go back to Target after that humilation and return some items that were not priced right and they did not discount as coupon stated. $23.00 worth. It was awful! I then went to Walmart were I hardly like going but I found it more welcoming than Target at least.

    • Cremme says:

      I sympathize with you! I recently hit a huge snag at Target also. I ended up walking away from a cart full of refrigerated groceries (that they had to throw out) because after about an hour of discussion, I was denied price matching and the use of multiple manufacturer’s coupon (at this day and age!?).
      My store normally allows 4 Target coupons to be combined with 4 manufacturer’s coupon on 4 products, per transaction, per day. But on that particular day, the manager and cashier stood their ground and said that I could only purchase 1 of each product since I was going to use a coupon on each one!
      I brace myself whenever I shop there now. I get super-organized and always verify with the cashier about the rule of four before I checkout.
      I love Target, but I love my time and sanity more!

      • Mar says:

        Lesson learned, thanks for the input! It seems they rather have their shelves stock then their wallets filled. You are right! Next time I will do that and take my coupon policy paper along with limited supply and get the rest at Walmart! Sad but that is what it boils down too.

        • keosha says:

          Mar never let anyone treat you like that. Couponing is a rush for me and a great experience. Whenever a cashier is rude or argumentative I just politely ask for my coupons back and leave the store. I may go back later or try another store. This has happened to me before and I called corporate with no relief. Corporate will NOT back you up on anything that has to do with the store so cut your losses and move on. NEVER let ANYONE make you feel like crying over trying to save money.

          • atlremix says:

            I always feel great about using free product coupons or getting a great deal, but I had a HORRIBLE target couponing experience tonight as well in Atlanta :( It seemed that the employee didn’t know that you could still use a free product coupon even if the value (up to X amount) EXCEEDS the value of your product. I know target doesn’t allow overage, but they have always entered the coupons for the exact value of the product in the past instead of refusing the free item coupon altogether. The customer service rep called over to assist her was rude to me as well, didn’t seem to acknowledge that per the Target coupon policy they’re supposed to allow 1 manufacturer and 1 target coupon for an item, and he actually handed back a stack of coupons without even scanning them. I was so embarrassed, especially since this target seemed very understaffed and a huge line of customers was accumulating behind me. I refused to purchase the items I was not allowed to use valid coupons for, which seemed to further agitate everyone. I have contacted customer service about the incident, but I have never been treated so rude or unprofessionally at any other retail store.

            • Mar says:

              Im sorry for that what happen to you and I really totally understand and grieve with you! my husband gave me a good idea, he told me to take my iphone and record when I goto Target next time! He said to take one of the boys with me. He also told to take names and position down. After the hassle if any he said to YouTube it and send it to Corporate. This seems a repeated action by Target. I just spoke to a friend of mine. Without telling her anything she asked me, “how can you stand shopping at Target?” She said aggravate, then informed that she was looking for a specific T shirt for her son and when she found it stated on the sign take 50% off additionally. When she went to cashier to check out it did not scan correctly. My friend said she kindly explained where she found it. The cashier argued with her and said that shirt was probably in the wrong slot. She asked for a manager and the manager told her to go to customer service because he was busy. She went down there and the cashier there told her to go look for another just like that with the correct price tag. My friend then said, No, I will not you call someone from your department to check the price. She waited 10 min. Dropped the shirt and told the cashier at customer service, You know for this I can go to Walmart any time and she walked away. The guy just told her they were short handed and if it bothered her she could go down there herself. Unbelievable! They act like if you are asking items for free!

          • Mar says:

            Not intentionally, did I want to be scrutinezed but I thought “perhaps” this lady is not understanding. When the manager came over I realized they were all like that! You are right I should have cut my losses and I did inform the Manager that I have never been mistreated like I was that day. She did not respond! I should have walked away but everything was a mess.. Thanks for your advice!

    • Erin says:

      Ugh. Target Qs are YMMV; they say one per customer but some stores allow more. My store allows two, which makes sense to me, since the print limit is two. You know, I’ve never really had any significant coupon trouble anywhere, and it occurs to me that I don’t tend to do large transactions (I’ve found that when there are too many Qs, there are too many mistakes! I even tend to do one Kroger mega deal at a time [of ten items], simply because the cashiers miss coupons if there are too many.). I wonder if people who have better luck couponing tend to do smaller transactions, too. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      • Mar says:

        I used to do seperate transaction at Target till they told me I couldn’t that as long as I understood it was 4 and no more. I explained why I seperated which comes to cashiers missing out and they told me how they have this eloborate system that detects anything missed. So what I started doing was counting my coupons + amount of savings = total. It seemed to work fine. Till today.

    • Katie says:

      I’m sorry you had such an awful experience. Bad register experiences have reduced me to tears several times.

      • Mar says:

        Thanks for sighing with me! I have never felt that way before! I felt like a criminal trying to steal this after I paid $100.00

      • becki says:

        Sorry–I would have got my coupons back left my groceries there and left the store. And I’m not usually that type of person. No way would I have stood there that long and put up with that…..

    • Mommyof1 says:

      I just pulled out a target coupon. It states “Limit one coupon or offer per guest”. I take this to mean 1 of that particular coupon and have never tried to use more than 1 of the same. Are you speaking of target coupons or manufacturers?

      • Mar says:

        The corporate office told me it was at the Target location desecration but normally it was two. However if the difficulty of the transaction persist corporate informed me that Target is suppose to honor that coupon take it and just give a kind reminder. Either way I only had two coupons of target for two Kleenex box, and two for Listerine target. I never go beyond that. I’m not a hugger! IT was just a mess and a simple coupon turned into why isn’t the same color as the picture, etc…, IT was crazy!

        • Anne Marie LeClair Roy says:

          Just like Target Corporate to not stand up for their policy, instead they will scurry around the problem and say it is at the store locations discretion. How said is that. I have used several Target and Manufacturer coupons at once in CT. They need to have a policy and stick to it at all locations. Target keeps saying their “Guests” are so important, than why are they not treating them that way.

  • mel says:

    I bought 2 bags of Alexia sweet potato fries, $2.78 each. Used the $1/2 Target Ip 2 $1/1 Alexia ips (Facebook) = $2.56/2 bags or $1.28 each!!
    Also bought a Poise wash, which.I thought was $3.99 and combining the $1 target ip with the $3 insert coupon, it would be free. But it rang up 3.49! So I got overage and didn’t even realize til I walked out the store, which was a first, usually the coupon beeps to be ask down.!

  • Mandi Turitto says:

    Just found Razor Spark Scooters for my boys— regularly $49.99 each – I got them for $14.99 each!!!!!!!!! Also, 28oz Hormel Party Trays on sale for $9.49 – I stacked the $3 manufacturer coupon + $3 Target coupon and got them for $3.49 each!!!!!!!!

  • Rebekah says:

    I got a 12″ Cinderella bike for $17!!!

  • Rebekah says:

    The Lindor that are $3.50 aren’t a Valentines item, they are with the regular candy. The Valentines ones are $4.99 but only 3oz so you can’t combine the other coupon. I was just there so I got the regular 6oz bag for $0.50 after the $3 coupon.

  • Elissa says:

    Is anyone else having trouble printing coupons from Target’s website lately? I’ve never had a problem in the past, now the site keeps kicking me off once i get to the coupon page! grr

    • Mar says:

      Try firfox for some reason I can’t print in any other except Firefox! Also make sure your Norton or what not is not blocking it, check your pop up blocker! Hope it helps :_)

    • Erin says:

      It’s a Java issue. Apparently there are some security issues with it.

    • lj says:

      I can’t print with google chrome. I have to go into internet explorer to print from target coupons. I thought maybe it was my swagbucks toolbar. Since I’ve installed it on google chrome, everything is slow and when I try to print a bricks coupon, it takes FOREVER to load and then it tells me that one of my printer settings is not supported. I just keep hitting the print now button and they eventually print. But nothing works for target coupons for me except internet explorer.

  • Brittany says:

    Thanks Collin!

  • Angela says:

    Can’t wait to grab up some of the stouffer’s Mac and cheese. Great price and it is delicious!

  • Colleen says:

    I went to my Target last night to try to get some baby items on sale. They had a few pieces of clothes on sale, no strollers or furniture. The toy section was also wiped out with only a few 70% off toys and a few 50% off toys. I found one thing I liked and scanned it and it said the item wasn’t found. Congratulations to those getting great deals!

    • Beth says:

      If you scan a toy and it says ‘item not found’ Take it to customer service and they can scan it and tell you what the last price was. My Target will sell it to me no questioned asked, I found a crockpot on clearance in November and when I scanned it it said ‘item not found’ When they scanned it at the customer service it came up as $10. I almost jumped up and down. So long story short I bought a brand new crockpot for $10 and change. So never think just because it says’item not found’ that you can’t buy it. Also three or four weeks after Christmas I was looking at the pillows at Target. I was looking for some new red pillows for my livingroom. When I picked them off the shelf and turned them around they were Christmas print. The clearance price said $5 something, but when I scanned them it said ‘item not found’ so I took them up front and they sold them to me for 90% off. They were originally $17.99 and I paid $1.79 each.

  • AJ says:

    Did anybody have trouble using coupons that say “redeemable at walmart”

    When the cashier tells me I can’t use it, I reply it doesn’t say redeemable ONLY at Walmart?

    Sometimes it’s not even worth it just to save a couple of bucks!

  • Sandy says:

    I have 2 $3/1 Lindor coupons and 2 $1/1 Lindt Valentine’s Day item 3-oz+ Target store coupon which I would be happy to trade. I’m looking for a $10 off $10 or more JCPenney coupon. I’d be willing to include any of the other coupons listed in the posting above, if you wanted them too.

  • adri says:

    Travel system of Graco, car seat and stroller for only $45. Originally $180

  • AJ says:

    Went tonight and asked customer service and they said it was fine to use.

    The cashier didn’t even look at it, just scanned it with no problem.

  • Lore says:

    Target has been the worst store for me to coupon at. I refuse to go unless it is a deal I cant pass up or price match at Walmart. Corporate is no help. I have had them laugh at me and hang up. Stores refuse to honor the ad prices because my coupons plus the gift card deals made it free or a money maker, and corporate said it is the stores discression to deny a sale to anyone for any reason.

  • RG says:

    Also, there are Barbie clothes for $2.99 — so, $1.50 each with the coupon!

    And … my local Target had a ton of sleds for 30% off!

    A Target cashier called a manager to inspect my 2 Peter Pan blu ray $7 coupons, which had different numbers because they were different prints (not copies). She tried to stop my transaction because she thought they were copies, then she was all concerned because they were so high value. I have no idea what she perceived the problem to be, she wouldn’t tell me — just the manager. I would have been happy to explain, but she ignored me and had to discuss things with the manager — like she thought I was doing something wrong on purpose? I looked at her straight in the eyes and told her that they’re two different coupons, with two different numbers, the products match the coupon, and they’re on my receipt. After discussing things with the manager, they “let” my transaction go through like they were doing me a favor. I was doing nothing wrong (as far as I know).

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      I live in Florida so your comment made me do a double take. It never occurred to me that places at Target and Walmart would sell sleds. LOL It makes sense but I guess I’d never stopped to wonder where you northerners bought them (I think I supposed you had to go to a sporting goods store…)

    • Mar says:

      sorry RG that is the treatment I got when I tried to buy their Listerine on sale, purchased four and tried to do one manu and one Target. The girl had everyone over there one supervisor approved it but the cashier was telling the supervisor, “your going to let her do that?” As if I was stealing something~! She finally gave me the Listerine, which I kindly took back and requested a credit. They treat you as if you were asking for a handout. Clearly they need to decide if they will do coupons or not as they seemed irritated by the fact they have too honor them!

  • John says:

    My experience in general with Target employees in both Iowa and Illinois is that they are poorly trained and do not possess good customer service skills. Most don’t smile – it’s as though they can’t stand their jobs. Blame the management for not hiring cheerful people and training them properly.

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