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Macy’s: Infant & Toddler Clothing Up to 90% Off?!

2:16 PM MST
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If you have a Macy’s nearby, you may want to head on over there this weekend to check out the possible infant and toddler clearance event going on where you can save as much as 90%! Check out the email I received from reader, Lindsey:

Macy’s Baby Clearance – Infant clothing up to 90% off. Clothing on clearance is marked up to 75% off with an additional 40% off at checkout. I got a First Impressions 3 piece pants, shirt, and vest, originally $52.50 for $2.98 after the extra 40% off. Nautica three piece outfits ended up being around $8.00 down from $70!

Come back to let us know what bargains you score if you decide to head to Macy’s!

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  • nicole says:

    Whoa i want to fall out over that nautica outfit.That would be perfect for my 2 year old son for easter.Thanks for the heads up.

  • christi says:

    Might have to make a trip to the mall tonight :)

  • Jeff Walker says:

    How long is this sell good for?

  • Jan says:

    The Macy Denim deal is also going on. I picked up 90% off baby jeans for $2.38 ($2.98 minus my 20% discount card) and they gave me a $10 gift coupon good on any $10 or more apparel purchase, expires Feb 26. I used the gift coupon to pick up 3 more baby outfits for $0.74! The Community Baby Shower is only 2 weeks away, so I got 4 great donations for only $3.12.

  • Jen says:

    I got our new niece a gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress for $2. It was originally $45!!

  • Kenia says:

    Thanks for the heads up, have a gift card that I have been holding on for a while. Hope I find something =]

  • kp says:

    which Macy is this at??

  • Lindsey Kelley says:

    I’m confused, the first pictures are spring and the others are winter, which is the clearance?

  • kp says:

    i called 2 macy’s in IL both said nothing like this is on clerence…please tell me what macy you found at?

  • kelly says:

    Hoping mine in Vegas has this sale!

  • Dea Brana says:

    i was at Macy’s today in Orlando, only saw 40% OFF

  • Katie says:

    My Macy’s was also having this sale (Roanoke, VA). A lot of stuff for 0-24 months, some for 2T-6, plenty for 7+. They did have lots of denim on the clearance rack, but my daughter won’t wear regular denim (“too tight!”). I used the denim deal on denim leggings priced at $8.99; I had a $10 coupon from some jeans I purchased for myself. I got 2 pair of denim leggings (did the deal 2x), a tank top, and underwear for about $3 total. Left with another $10 denim coupon good on any sale or clearance purchase, could roll again on more denim! Definitely worth a trip if you have a Macy’s.

    • Mel says:

      Hi Katie..I thought I was the only one with the denim issue with my daughter. I have to buy her jean leggings because she has wide hips and long legs..with a small waist. And she’s only 3!

    • Erin says:

      My daughters went through a phase when they were 3/4 years old where they would only wear “soft pants” (leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants) and refused to wear jeans! So frustrating, but they got over it when they were almost 5 :)

      • MommySpendsLess says:

        So funny, my 3.5yo had a phase of doing the same thing! :D (of course right after I stocked up on denim jeans). Thankfully she’ll wear jeans for short time periods now (like running to the store) and we get so few cold days here in Florida that 3 pairs of “fleecy pants” seem to be working okay for the sitter’s house, especially with the jeans as backup. I can’t say I blame them, there are mornings I’d love to stay in my yoga pants LOL

  • Salesnob says:

    It’s the Presidents’ Day SALE! Just called here in PA and it’s on…heading to King of Prussia now.

  • Susan says:

    I don’t know if all Macy’s stores are the same but on their homepage there is a link to print a savings pass – you put in your zip code and and it takes you to the catalogs page where you can click on the President’s Day Sale red box and print the savings pass – extra 15% (or 10% in select categories). I was there today and got some sweaters for my daughter for $3 (size 8-10, reg. $24.99) and for my son for $3 to $6 (size 7, reg. $44.50!). So at my Macy’s in Ohio it wasn’t just toddler and baby on clearance! Here’s the direct link to the coupon, but again I don’t know if it’s valid everywhere. Happy Shopping!

  • Katie d says:

    Aren’t three of those 4 signs from belk? The singa ge that looks like that in my area (charlotte,nc) at Macy’s is much different. I only recognize the sticker on the tag as being from Macy’s.

  • don says:

    Our macys had baby boys Kenneth Cole reaction 3 piece sets of a jacket pants and a shirt original price 70 that ended up being 5.08 after all discounts

  • Jennifer says:

    Eh mine was super picked over. No denim and nothing really worth it in 4t for girls.

  • Bre says:

    Just got back from my store in south FL. Had lots of great deals! Thanks!!

  • MaLu says:

    40% off in So. CA :-(

  • Kathleen says:

    Found lots of jeans $6.99 and used toddlers, boys tshirts and girls accessories as fillers at 3$ to 3.50$ as fillers and kept rolling the 10$ denim deal I do this all the time the savings are just ridiculous to pass up you have to look a lot but very much worth it for getting a shirt that’s originally 20$ and jeans originally 70$ for only .47 cents again and again LOVE IT !!

  • Kristin K. says:

    What’s the denim deal? And will these deals be around Monday?

  • Salesnob says:

    For the most part things on clearance were marked down to say 9.97 with 40% off and an additional 15% off if you use your Macy’s card. I got my LO 3 three pieceboutfits (onesies, jacket or hoodie and pants), 1 2 piece outfit (top and leggings) and two pjs for $39. I had $28 left over on a giftca rd so I spent $11 out of pocket! I may go back again before the sale ends!

  • jennifer says:

    Mine was pretty picked over (Landmark Mall, VA) but I got a few things. A Carter’s long sleeve tshirt, two pairs of first impressions pants and a Carters Christmas sweater for $13. All were size 18-24 months girls.

  • Brittany says:

    I went to my Macy’s in Oviedo, Fl and they had the additional % sale not the biggest selection left but I did find some goodies. I got 14 pieces of clothing for infants and children and spent an average of 2.68 for each piece! I did however open a Macy’s card which gave me a 15% instant discount and I will receive a 20% on my statement.

  • Stacie says:

    I got some great deals. Size 6 boys Tommy sweater for $5 & a snowpant/jacket combo for $5 as well. It’s going to be too small for my little girl next winter (bummer) but I’m sure I can sell it & make a good profit :) I also used the coupon that someone posted in the comment section…thanks!

  • Susan says:

    There’s no sale at Woodfield mall

  • Loni says:

    Woo hoo stopped by my Macy’s and loaded up on a bunch of cute outfits. :)

  • Stacy says:

    Picked over as well at southcenter in Seattle. But left with Carter’s Jammie’s for $5. Ok deal.

  • anu says:

    Not in lexington, ky. TH shirts for boys ringing up to $27 after 40% and toddler girls were only 40%. Didn,t get any good deals.

  • Alexa says:

    they have such sales every 3 months I think. I went in late August to boys section and they had 2 pcs Nautica boys suits sizes 10-16. The suit was 85% off $150 (retail) at register it rang $12 but then they said we also have an additional sale so I ended up paying for 2 pcs NAUTICA boys gorgeous gray suit $6.57!!! My son looks very good in it although it’s a big big for him. I also bought myself a Ralph Lauren windbreaker in late August of 2012 for $8.00 with tax and it was $79 first price!!!

  • Kate M says:

    Went last night in Mass… they did have 40% off, and some were marked down, but most were marked down around 33% before that, I only saw one at 75%, you may have found something, but you would have had to look really hard… I didn’t see any kid denim either on sale… darn.

  • Sas says:

    I spent $140 and came home with five bags of clothing for my two little ones. Some great deals on pants for my son (cargo and jeans) $5.97 plus twenty percent off. I got my daughter a snow suit for next year for under five bucks. Happy hunting. You do have to scan the items to see if they are discounted. I went to two Macy’s in rockland county New York.

  • Nataly says:

    Anyone have luck in South Texas want to go but don’t want to make the trip to San Antonio just for nothing thank u in advance

    • Holly says:

      I went by Ingram Park last night and they only had two racks with an additional 30% off. Not much to pick from, mostly girls 0-6 months and boys 4T and up. Left empty handed. Anyone tried La Cantera?

  • Colleen says:

    I just got back from the Macy’s in Harrisburg, PA. Most things were 40% or 75% off. Managed to snag about 7 beautiful outfits for our little girl (due in July) for around $30. Really good quality stuff, too! I did 2 transactions and used 2 $10 off $30 cards I got in the mail for being a Macy’s charge card holder. I also had a $12 gift card.

  • Theresa says:

    At Macy’s on Long Island …..I got for my 14 month old son, a pair of Levi’s, Carter’s pants and a plaid button down shirt all for $13. Thanks for the post!!!! :)

  • tia says:

    Not much in Pembroke Pines FL. Basically regular sale stuff.

  • Christine C. says:

    Nothing like that at my one in the Dallas Area (Firewheel) – bummer! Looks like some great deals!

  • Megan says:

    Nothing worthwhile at Denver Macy’s.

  • Sarah says:

    Scan scan SCAN!! I went to Fayetteville NC today and every sale tag I scanned was cheaper then marked! They had racks marked at 19.99 but was ringing up 11 something, I got a Puma 2 piece set marked at 19.98, ringing up for 5.98. Some stuffed animals and Melissa and Doug paint your own cars for 5.9? (Upstairs). HTH someone!

  • spoiled says:

    I found the First Impressions clearance so I got a couple of snowsuits for $5 apiece after the clearance + 40% off + 15% pass.

    I also found a Hawke & Co. girls coat that originally cost $120 and a London Fog girls coat that originally cost $80 for $6 each after all of the discounts.

  • maggsb says:

    Found this sale at the Manhattan Beach, CA Macy’s – scored a bag full of goodies for $20. If you have a Macy’s card, or if you have the President’s Day Savings Pass, you’ll get an extra 15% off!

  • sherri says:

    Wow thanks for the heads up on this. I’m on Oahu (windward) and I’ve been holding onto an EZ exchange card looking for a new bedding set so I went over hoping I could squeeze a few pieces on with my bedding. Well!! For $252.81 I got $1040.91 worth of merchandise. This was over 7 transactions and I had 5 $10denim coupons(2 stores). The biggest deal was on London fog girls’ winter jackets(use when we leave for christmas). Reg. $85 &$80 down to 9.97 then with the extra in-store sale 6.97 but take off my wow coupon and Denim credit they were 2.98 each!!!!!

  • Jano says:

    so i went today, there was maximum 65% off on clothes, i went to the southcenter mall in Tukwila, Wa

  • Shirley says:

    Macy’s in Chicago still has quite a few good deals left. Scored a boys lg darthvader hoodie for $5.98 and a bunch of girls clothes for 1.98-2.98. Used the $10 off $30 coupon mailer which helped a lot!!

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