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Target: Possible 70% Off Valentine’s Day Clearance = Great Deals On Chips, Toys, and Much More

12:42 PM MST
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Yay! It appears that Valentine’s clearance (and more!) may now be reduced to 70% off! As always, make sure to price check as items may ring up for less than they are marked. Check out the email I received this morning from reader, Casey, regarding this clearance…

I hit up Target this morning for everyday essentials but it didn’t stop me from checking out the Valentine’s clearance. Candy is 50 percent off, everything else is 70 percent off. Key is scanning because the signage isn’t correct ( at my St. Louis store, anyways). The dollar spot was the only one with correct signage. Chips still marked regular price but ringing up $2.09!! Sesame Street guys, $1.79. Happy hunting! Remember, scan, scan, scan!

It was so fun telling everyone about the chips, still marked 6.99 but ringing up 2.09! It made my day, telling an older woman in her 70s about the chips because she had the bag that was not part of clearance in her cart but I shared the secret find! She was so happy!

* Don’t forget that you can still print a couple Valentine’s Day candy coupons on that will pair nicely with the clearance! 

Come back to let us know what clearance goodies you spot!

(Thanks, Casey!)

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  • Stefanie says:

    Not seeing any Valentine candy coupons available on the Target site. I know I haven’t printed any.

  • Mom says:

    I bought 5 of the chips packages yesterday at $3.49. Will Target issue a refund for price adjustment if I go back with my receipt today?

    • Casey says:

      They do not do price adjustment on clearance items.

    • MJ says:

      I tried to get a price adjustment once on a clearance pair of shoes I had not worn. I was informed that Target does not price adjust for clearance items. So I just returned the item and purchased the new ones at a lower price. Little more of a hassle, but if it’s significant price differential- worth it!

      • Casey says:

        With non-food items, I would do the same but if you return food they have to throw away. Exact reason I bought more Sesame street guys. Returning the ones I paid, 2.49 for:)

  • grace says:

    LOVE that she shared the deal with the older woman! It is so great to pass on the savings to others who can use it and making them happy!

    • Casey says:

      Awe, thanks! No joke, I scooped up all the chips that were clearance and moved them to the front. Must have showed 10 different people and within minutes they were all gone. So happy to help others!

      • Sarah H. says:

        I just did this today too! I love making other people happy by showing them the good deals or by sharing the extra coupons! I told several people about the chips on clearance and even walked one lady over to them. I also get really excited when I see other couponers and I can point out deals they didn’t see.

    • Heather C. says:

      I agree! I was at the checkout at Target one day, and I had 2 coupons for $10 gift cards for $50 spent. I only had a little over $50 worth of merchandise in my cart, so I gave the lady in front of me the other one I wouldn’t be using. (Her total was like $80ish.) She was SO grateful, thanking me numerous times with a big smile, and it made me feel so good helping someone else out. :)

  • hammyg3 says:

    Where do you find the sesame street toys? Toy section? I couldn’t find them last night at Target.

  • Sandy K says:

    Found 4 bags of the chip special. Bought Cheerios for our grandson. loved the low pricesl

  • sarah says:

    The chips were still $3.49 at my store yesterday, but they had peelies for $2/2 so I bought them. They only had three bags left so I’m glad I didn’t wait for them to go lower.

  • April says:

    where are you finding the chips : (

    • Casey says:

      Try regular chip aisle, or near stock up n save bulk snacks. It’s only the ones pictured above, with the pink around it. Good luck.

    • Lisa says:

      I just went to my Target in Southern NJ and got the chips with the heart for $2.09!!! They were priced at 6.99 per bag but scanned at clearance price! They are 22 individual bags for $2!! Insane prices. I bought 3 bc only have 1 child but this is an awesome awesome deal. I too, told a lady in that isle about them. They were in the regular chip isle.

  • Brandy says:

    You can see my picture here ( ) but I got 2 plush dogs ($1.49 each), Star Wars Valentines (75 cents), Playdoh ($1.49), Lego Friends figurine ($1.19), a plate (89 cents), and 3 sprinkles (89 cents each).

  • NIcole says:

    I’m so sad they didn’t have any Conversation Hearts left! Those are my fave!
    Rite Aid didn’t have any either. I guess I shouldn’t have waited in the hope they would be on clearance. But I guess it’s also better to not eat all that sugar! :)

  • MommySpendsLess says:

    The toys were pretty much gone in the Valentines area. The bagged candy was at 50% off.
    I did find a couple unmarked items though. One is the small packages of My Little Pony…each package comes with one pony (about 4″ high) and about 2 accessories. They are normally $5.XX but were ringing up at $1.60 (I knew to scan them because I snagged two from the Valentines section Friday when they were $2.XX but today they had all been moved back to the toy section with the other MLP stuff). There were also women’s socks on an end cap with the other socks/undies that are regularly $5 ringing up for $1.50. They include 3-packs of low cut socks, 2-packs of crew socks as well as those super fuzzy/soft slipper socks. They have pink and white tags with a heart in the left hand corner but the socks themselves aren’t overly Valentines Day themed.

  • Amy Hoag Jahnke says:

    Scored cute Valentine socks for my toddler for $0.30. Also silverware and plates/bowls for toddlers for $0.30 (from $1 section). Check out the bedding section at Target right now too. I got 3 sets of toddler bedding (including Tomas and My Little Pony) for $8.48 and $10.28 ea (reg $29.99-$34.99/ea). Also picked up 2 sets of jersey toddler bed sheets for only $3.88 ea (regularly $14.99) My hubby and I scored a set of queen sheets for ourselves for $9.99 (reg $32.99) and an extra set of pillow cases for $3.88 (reg $12.99). I noticed they also had lots of cute twin bedding for kids on sale along with decorative items such as pillows, lamps (Disney Cars lamp was $20). All Toy Story bedding items scanned at clearance prices even though they weren’t marked on the shelves. Also all Toy Story eating utensils/plates for kids on clearance (not marked on shelf but scanned at clearance prices)

  • Tricia H says:

    My target has lots of hba items in the bulk area marked half off. The cover girl mascara is marked 4.98 with a coupon from last p&g of $3 of two…worked on the double pack.1.98 for a double pack.

    • Sarah H. says:

      I also found several of the the Cover girl mascaras on clearance. There is also the $2 MFC that works on the Maybelline NY double packs of mascara-also $4.98 at our store.

  • Sarah says:

    Are the Sesame Street figures on ‘clearance’? I actually bought a few on Friday for $2.99 and am wondering if they will price adjust those, or if I could just return them and rebuy them? Assuming they are the lower price now!

    • Casey says:

      Yes, they are part of the Valentine clearance. Depending on who you get at check-out, they most likely will not let you return and rebuy the same ones you are returning. you would have to go back and grab “new” ones and buy those. I have gotten lucky a few times with them allowing me to re-buy the ones I returned but again depends on cashier.

  • Destinee says:

    Got the chip bags! Yeah!!!!

  • Mary says:

    The M&M Valentine bags were ringing up 1.59 today at my store and with the 1.50/2 Target store coupon and 1.50/2 manufacturer coupon, I got both bags for .18. Love the Valentine’s Day clearance!!

  • kara says:

    Make sure you get the sesame street figures in the square box. They have 2 boxes that are rigjt next to each other in the toy isle. The curved box is still regular prive.

    • Casey says:

      I will have to take a look at my sesame street guys, didnt realize there were different boxes. mine did all ring up clearance price.

      • Casey says:

        I would say the package difference might not be true to all stores. I bought some of each and all were clearance. So, still scan, scan, scan!

  • Jennifer V says:

    I posted some pictures of my 50% off finds and went back today for some 70% off stuff!

  • Susie says:

    Thank you so much for posting about the Sesame Street guys! I am doing a Sesame Street themed Christmas Tree (yes…Christmas) as a donation this Christmas. The guys and the Williams/Sonoma Cupcake Kit you had listed today are perfect “gifts” for under the tree. I would not be able to give so generously if it wasn’t for your site!!

  • jvergin says:

    I picked up a few things today and posted lots of pictures of things to be on the lookout for! Happy shopping!

  • mar says:

    Pillsbury pink cake mix and Valentine fudge mix for 84 cents and other cooking baking Valentine for 1 dollar.

  • Dana says:

    Went to my 2 Targets in Williamsburg, VA today and the bags of chips were $2.09 plus they had $1/1 coupon. Great deal. Also got the sesame street figures from the toy aisle for $1.79 each. Thanks for the heads up on this stuff.

  • Kim says:

    we had two sections in our store with 70% off. The first was when you first walked in the purple dot items. They had a ton of things (gift bags, cello bags, stamps, erasers, Dora coloring books, sprinkles and much more). Then in the back of our store where the Valentines were for the holiday they had it moved into two isles instead of three. Almost everything was 70% off. They had things that were not Valentines that were good Birthday bag stuffers (20 pack of little notebooks, erasers, crayons, and rulers) Then they had their candy and toys. I wish I still had the Barbie coupons because they had little Kellie Barbies on sale for $1.49 down from $4.99. I bought all they had to give to my girls at Birthdays and Christmas stocking stuffers. I ended up spending $156 and some change but saved over $350. Can’t beat that.. Don’t forget to check out snow boards – they were 70% off in our store as well.

  • Melissa says:

    I found the Sesame Street figurines in the regular toy aisle. I also found 2 different Lego Polybags for $1.19 each. One was a Friends theme and one was a Chima theme.

  • Amy says:

    Phx,AZ store off the 101 and 17 has 8 chip bags left on the back left corner They aren’t marked but scans out to be $2.09 each. The Vday stuff is pretty picked over check out the dollar section bc the Vday stuff isn’t marked as 70% off there so there is still some stuff left. Katsup was $2.69 there so about 0.50 after coupon.

  • Che says:

    i bought 3 chips last Friday at $3.24 but today it’s $2.00 so I bought again. Total of 5 bags. I did not buy all. : ) It was not tagged as clearance so others will assume it’s just the regular price of $6+ each. It’s Target in San DIego.

  • Rochelle says:

    I bought a really neat non-stick ice cream sandwich baking pan by Nordic Ware (normally $22, marked down to $6.60). It was in the V’day stuff.

  • Sarah says:

    Anybody from Boise, Idaho know if there is anything left?? :)

  • Amanda says:

    I went Friday morning and got 2 heart shaped boxes of Russell Stover and two heart boxes of Lindt truffles for Under $2 each. While there I happened to stop in the grocery section, where an employee was putting out some ground beef marked at $1.36 “As Is.” I asked why it said “As Is.” He said it’s an organic brand that Super Targets carry but this store didn’t. It got on their truck by accident and they didn’t have a spot for it. I bought all 12, then called my boss and said I’ll be a few minutes late because I had to run home and stick them in the freezer!
    Went back on Saturday for Diapers and checked that spot again….smoked turkey deli meat tubs for $1.18!

  • crystal says:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this already or not but today I found the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star (originally $69.99) marked down to $48.98 but when I scanned it it came up $20.98! I also found Webkinz for $1.49 (even though they were still marked regular price)!

  • jade says:

    I bought 2 bags of the 20 bag Classic Mix after scanning to verify the $2.09 price since the sale price listed $6.49 for that as well as the “Bold Mix” and “Baked Mix”. I snagged 2 peelies: $2 off 2 bags so I essentially got 1 bag free! I did buy the Bold Mix, though ’cause it had 4 spicy chip varieties: Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy/Flamin Hot Limon Crunchy/Cheddar Jalapeno Crunchy; Doritos Spicy Nacho; Funyuns Onion Flavored Rings. :-) Thanks again, H2S!!

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