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  View changes → FREE Sample-Filled KIND Tote ($50 value!) w/ Purchase of $45 (+ Free Shipping!)

11:13 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. is once again offering up a great deal on green and natural products! Through March 6th or while supplies last, is offering up a FREE sample-filled KIND tote ($50 value!) with purchase of $45 or more participating items from their Green & Natural department! This tote will include a total of 29 samples! Wow!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to go through this link and click on the red “Shop Now” link in order to have the KIND tote filled with samples automatically added to your cart (when you’ve spent $45 or more in the green & natural department). You have to go through this specific link or else it won’t work.

Once you’ve gone through the link above, you may want to click on the banner that states “50% off Green & Natural…”. You will then be taken to a page with lots of great discount offers that you may want to snag to get up to the $45 amount!

* Even sweeter, whenever you spend $25 or more, you automatically score FREE shipping! Or if you have a ShopRunner account, you may be able to score FREE 2-day shipping (if the items in your cart qualify for ShopRunner)!

If you cook up a great scenario, let us know!

(Thanks, Rebecca & Rachael!)

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  • shalini says:

    Sorry OT. Collin, I signed up for your text offers almost a week ago and have not received any text from you?

  • Ihearthip says:

    I love this – they do it every Spring, don’t they?! Thanks for posting :)

  • Em says:

    I hate that they call these green and natural when infact there tons of little pieces of plastic that generally can’t be recycled… Plastic can’t be infinitely recycled anyway, so it’s such a crap material. False advertising.

  • Stephanie says:

    I chose a bunch of items from green and natural and added up to $47.xx. The kind bag isnt in there. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Stephanie says:

      Also, I went through the correct link and chose stuff from the 50% banner.

    • Karina Koji says:

      mine isn’t either. hmm.

    • karinakoji says:

      wait… when i clicked on collin’s link again, the site said “this offer is in your bag”. so i think it is added but you can’t see it at checkout.

      • fran says:

        IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to go through this link and click on the red “Shop Now” link in order to have the KIND tote filled with samples automatically added to your cart (when you’ve spent $45 or more in the green & natural department). You have to go through this specific link or else it won’t work.

    • Stephanie says:

      Yeah I was going through the link. I had a bunch of organix products as well as ecotools.

      I tried adding 15 burts bees chapsticks and that made the bag add to my order. I deleted one of them and it was still in my order.

      I then took out the ecotools and just added organix products to my order. Had it up over $50 at one point and it still wouldn’t add. I think the organic products are not part of the deal.

  • laura says:

    the bag wasn’t showing up in my shopping bag neither I called and they told me if I didn’t receive an email to go thru personally I wasn’t eligible for this offer, I asked if I could get the email sent to me and they said no so they just lost out on business from me! :(

    • laura says:

      update: I called again and talked to someone else and he went thru my shopping cart and even though I was shopping thru the link it said to go to some of the items in my cart did not qualify as “green and natural” I changed a few items and finally got the bag :)

  • Emily McEntire says:

    I had the bag not show up in my cart too. I called and the lady was super helpful and added it on after I placed my order. It is getting shipped to my house separately from my other order but is still free.

    I ordered some Seventh Generation overnight diapers. By ordering them I qualified for a free Seventh Generation Diaper Cream (score!) that is an $8.99 value. I’m super excited about this deal since I needed to order more overnight diapers anyways!

  • Stefanie says:

    The bag didn’t show up in my cart until my order was over $50. I’m pleased as I got 20% off of the only vitamins my kids like, plus some baby food and soups on sale. Great deal!!

  • alison says:

    Had to call, but they were super nice.

  • Jen says:

    Looks like a fun bag, but everything I would have ordered is cheaper on Amazon (I would save nearly $20!)…not worth paying more for our routine products! Wish their prices were better…

    Hopefully some of you have been able to find good deals, but I do encourage you to shop around. :)

  • Jea says:

    Got the KIND bag and everything I wanted was the same price or cheaper than Amazon. Thanks for the post!

  • Susan C. says:

    Don’t forget to go thru to get 6% cash back. If you are new to ebates please consider using my referral link Thank you.

  • Ihearthip says:

    Not getting the bag. $47 worth in my cart though

  • tam childers says:

    I had no problems placing an order and getting the KIND bag going through Collin’s link. Awesome thanks.

  • Ihearthip says:

    I think I had too many offers in my bag so it was getting bumped. I removed an item with and offer and it appeared.

  • Estel says:

    Just a note for those who are having trouble finding things that aren’t cheaper elsewhere…the Alive! vitamins are well priced. Looks like about the same as Amazon and cheaper then most grocery stores. They are wonderful supplements derived from whole foods, which as many of you know is the best way to get your vitamins other then actually eating all the veggies on a daily basis yourself.

    Also the Eden Foods pumpkin seeds are cheaper then amazon (if you factor in shipping and don’t want to buy a pack of 15).

    It’s taking a while for me do some price comparing as I want to get the best deal possible out of this. But I did get this bag last year and it was AWESOME. Full of all kinds of cool samples…it felt like christmas morning.

    Don’t forget to go through the link Collin Provided FIRST, add stuff to your cart until the free bag appears in it…THEN come back through ebates for your cashback.

    Happy shopping all.

  • Kim says:

    I take advantage of this every time they offer it. The samples they give are GREAT! I have found several products in the samples that I now buy regularly.

  • Terry says:

    The customer service rep I went through was very nice but said the link was fraudulant and I wasn’t able to get the tote…

  • sarah says:

    i cant decide if i want this deal or not, im on the fence, i spotted some dog treats and some cookies but 45 is a bit for me. and my budget…and i tried to check out with the items i picked but i too didnt see the bag in my cart either.

  • Samantha F. says:

    It worked for me! Thanks! I was needing more cloth diaper laundry detergent and got some snacks for the kids while I was at it!

  • Ursula says:

    Used our FSA to get prenatal vitamins and sunscreen for the baby. Super fast shipping and the Kind bag is filled with great samples!!!! Very pleased😸

  • calsun12 says:

    :( I had to wait until I got paid tonight, and it is all sold out. So bummed.

  • johnna says:

    I placed my order with the “KIND” bag in my cart – no problem….paid for the order, then two days later was told the “KIND” bag was back ordered and would shipped separate from my order…so I’m thinking OK, no worries. Received my order (in which the only reason I placed was because of the KIND bag being FREE with my order) – Today I get an email telling me that the rest of my order was cancelled – meaning the KIND bag- I will not be getting it do to reasons out of their control – I am not happy about this at all and think it’s wrong…I feel like it’s the old Bait and Switch!

    • Renee says:

      Same here – just got the cancellation on the bag today. VERY DISAPPOINTED! Likewise, I wouldn’t have ordered without the incentive of the bag of samples. I will try customer service to see if there is any reason for me to do any future business with

  • johnna says:

    I agree Renee – I’m waiting for Customer Service to get back with me – it did not say this bag was available with limited quantities – while supplies last, however you want to word it…not only that – it was available when I placed my order and it was in my cart…please let me know how your call goes…thanks

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