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$5/2 Neutrogena Hair, Hand, Body, Or Men’s Coupon in 2/24 SS = Bar Soaps Only $0.17 at Walmart

5:10 PM MST
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Heads up! As I mentioned in the Sunday Coupon Preview post, you may receive a high value $5/2 Neutrogena Hair, Hand, Body, or Men’s products coupon in your 2/24 SmartSource insert! If you do, you can head to Walmart to score the following deal…

Buy 2 Neutrogena bar soap singles $2.67 each
Use the $5/2 Neutrogena coupon found in the 2/24 SS
Final cost $0.17 per bar soap! Awesome!

* Note that you should be able to score a similar deal at other stores too.

(Thanks and photo credit, The Wally World Woman!)

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  • Kristen says:

    Hope I get this!! Great price!! Thank you!

  • Danielle says:

    I got this in my Friday’s local paper and was able to combine it with 2 printable target neutrogena coupons (on their website this morning) to get 2 conditioners at target today for only $1.50 each (I needed conditioner) If you don’t need shampoo or conditioner, you could stack these to get free neutrogena norwegian hand cream as well! awesome deals!

  • shannon says:

    wow what a deal that will be! I’m surprised they let you buy the bar of soap though. Super!

  • Sasha says:

    I got the Hand Cream @ CVS tonite-this formula has to be some of the thickest hand cream I’ve ever used.

  • Ashley says:

    thats exciting! :) I think I might pick up a couple bottles of their hand cream with it though! I personally really like it! It is very thick but it’s very nice, it works well. It’s about $4 at walmart so about $1.50 each :D

  • le says:

    Does anyone have an extra $5/2 coupon that they would be willing to spare? I can Paypal you the postage. Or if anyone’s interested in trading coupons, I have some $2/1 Heinz Target coupons, or let me know what you’re looking for.

  • Casey says:

    Off topic…is 12.50 a good price for 70 or 72 Tide pods? Can’t remember the count. Thanks

  • Daniel says:

    Can I use these coupons on face products?

  • Nicole says:

    Does anyone know if this coupon can be used on the twin packs of neutrogena face wash?

  • Lisa S. says:

    Heads up…I tried this coupon tonight at Walmart on the facial bar, as photographed here on Hip2save and it beeped. The cashier keyed it in by hand but I have to wonder if it will work on the facial bars because the coupon doesn’t state facial in it from what I can recall. Please, if anyone else tries this on the facial bars let us know if it works and if there were any problems. Thanks!

    • kim says:

      I used it on the facial bars here in OK and there were no beeps at the register. It went through without a hitch! And the facial bars here were only 1.97 ea. So I made around a buck each time I used a coupon! And I used 5! :)

  • Edie says:

    Don’t think this coupon is meant for this product, unfortunately. This is sold as a facial bar, instead of a all over body bar (or whatever you’d call it), and the coupon does not specify it’s for face products.

  • Tracy says:

    The fine print says one per purchase and one per customer. I was planning on buying a few papers, but it sounds like to use it correctly I can only use one coupon each time I shop. Am I understanding it correctly?

  • nicole says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Ritika says:

    We didn’t get it in PA.. :( I was so excited for the hand cream

  • axhilli says:

    I just found out that the reason all the Sunday papers at the dollar store are gone by 11am is because one woman goes around town buying 20 papers at a time then she sells the coupons on ebay. I understand the economy is bad but for one person to go back and forth between the stores we have in town until they buy up all the papers before 11am is ridiculous. I thought it was illegal to buy papers just to resale the coupons.

  • kc says:

    Selling of coupons is illegal.

    • Chris says:

      They can around it because they put a disclaimer on the purchase that you are purchasing the “service” of clipping the coupons… not the coupons themselves. They call themselves… “Clipping services”. Therefore, its not illegal.

  • Nora says:

    Our Dollar Tree has a limit of three papers per customer. The papers also now have to be kept and purchased at the register because someone would take multiple papers, walk around the store and take the inserts out and stash them all in the ONE paper they were actually purchasing…sad. :(

  • Anna says:

    Mine says it excludes the bars?

  • Alison says:

    The first Walmart I went to would not accept the coupon on the facial bars. I went to another store and the cashier didn’t say anything and scanned the soap and then coupons-no problem. The coupon did beep and ask the cashier to verify that it was a $5 off and the cashier confirmed.

  • CouponingRehab says:

    Got 18 bars @ $1.97 each, had overage of $1.06 for every coupon made $9.54 at Walmart today!!!!:-)

    • Nina says:

      I was looking at the coupon and it says 1 per customer..but I’m seeing you must not have had a problem putting them all through. I’ve done it before without realizing but just want to double check

  • Kathy says:

    You can get them for free at Walgreen’s this week as the N products are 25% off. Too bad I realized that AFTER I bought them at Walmart…. :(

    • CouponingRehab says:

      Thanks maybe I’ll go back for price match for the remainder of my coupons!!!:-)

      • Jessika Sanchez says:

        Didn’t you just purchase 18 bars with overage at Walmart? do you typically use this soap? Just wondering what one would do with that many…hmmm??

        • shannon says:

          I always buy if they are a great deal and pass along to individuals in need or local non profits like homeless shelters, kid’s homes or pregnancy centers. they are always in need of toiletries such as this. It’s a great way that I can be generous without spending a lot of money

  • Steph says:

    Cvs has 5 dollar reward if you buy any two neutrogena items.. So 2 hand creams for 60cents after your 5 reward.

  • Angie says:

    I used this coupon today on the $1.97 facial bars. So I got some overage :) No problems using the coupon on them either. Your “face” is on your body. haha :) doesnt exclude them.

  • Nina says:

    I live in an apt building with about 15 apts and our Wicked Local paper comes ever weekend with a Smart Source insert! Not only do I now have 15 (everyone leaves them for trash) neutrogena coupons there is also a $1 off colgate toothpaste that is only 94c at my Walmart making it a money maker so free toothpaste and almost free soap! I think another drop off at the donation bin at work is necessary!!!

  • Sandra says:

    worked without problem… $1.97 each in Souther California :)

  • barbara says:

    Tried buying the facial bars at my Walmart here in NJ. Cashier would not accept the coupon on them.

  • Amanda says:

    I tried to buy them in Jacksonville Fl at my Wal-Mart and was told I could not use this coupon on the facial bars. Im thinking this coupon is not meant to be used for facial products. Neutrogena makes body products so I think the wording is clear on the coupon, but it doesn’t say facial stuff is excluded. So who knows?

    • Tom says:

      If you go to the neutrogena website, you will see, the facial soap bars are listed under bath and body, so you should be able to use them, you should print a copy of the web page where the soaps are listed.

  • Tarri says:

    I used two of these at Target yesterday and it scanned with no problems. I got 4 of the 1.97 soaps. I would have used my last coupon but there was only one more on the shelve and I needed two.

  • xna says:

    does anybody have an extra coupon for these? i want to try these soap for i have trouble with dry skin and a lot of white heads. i have extra dry skin coz i am breastfeeding and i guess because cold weather.

    i can pay for postage or if u want to charge a small fee.


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