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JCPenney Winter Clearance: Clothing Only $2?!

2:28 PM MST
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If you have a JCPenney Store nearby, you may want to head on over there this week to check out the possible Winter Clearance Event going on where you can snag items for as little as $2! Check out the email and pictures that I received from reader, Hollie:

I just wanted to give you the heads up that my local JCP store is moving out all the winter items to put out summer stuff. They had huge racks of $2 & $3 items. I got everything in this picture (above) for $60. I even got my son some Nike & Adidas shirts and a jacket. They had toddler dresses, hoodies, wrapping paper, bags with tissue, shirts, and PJ pants. The snow suits were on clearance too. It wasn’t only toddler stuff – it was all kids sizes, juniors, and ladies. I hope your readers get some good deals too!!

Come back to let us know what bargains you score if you decide to head to your local JCPenney!

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  • Lisa Abbott (@csupink26) says:

    What about tennis shoes? Were tennis shoes on sale?

    • hdeberry26 says:

      I didn’t even look at the shoes. My arms were so full that I couldn’t. LOL

    • nica says:

      I just went to jcpenneys and was able to get 2 pairs of nike shoes for $10 each but not all of the nike shoes we’re marked that low. You had to really look. Happy Shopping:)

    • shanshan says:

      My JCP has clearance shoes for adults and kids most of the time. I go to JCP once a month and can usually find cheap shoes for myself and/or my 3 kids. Yesterday I found tons of Totes winter boots at $10 for girls and boys, toddler size up to size 3 (3-4th graders). Also size 4 Sketcher shoes (white with beautiful rainbowy metallic decorations) for only $20 for my 3rd grader daughter.

  • Barb says:

    Good for her. I went there on Friday and they didn’t have much on sale. They had a lot of their Spring collection already on display.

  • Amber Sparks says:

    Walmart is also doing that this week. Snowpants were $5, nice double-layer kids coats were $7, and long sleeve toddler t-shirts and pants were $1.

    • Jenn says:

      My Walmart in San Antonio also had all toddlers winter coats and puffy vests for $5. I found some long sleeve Garanimals shirts for $1 also.

  • Mandy B says:

    Has anyone seen $2 sales in the baby section?

  • estela says:

    I went yesterday also my husband found shirts for a $1 $3 and $5 they also had a lot of dresses for $8 we used the coupons they emailed for 10 off when u spend $25 and got our boys shoes sketchers $10 and new balances $10 good deals

  • Amber R. says:

    I wish my JCP discounted things this deeply I find better deals on their website than at my store. But I got a ton of good deals at my Walmart! Winter gloves .25 and winter coats $3 for my kiddos plus long sleeve tops, sweatpants, and flannel pjs for $1ea. They had shoes too but they werent discounted enough for me to be interested lol!

  • Dana says:

    There is clearance in all department like that. The stores are marking the clearance in all departments down lower this week. They started yesterday and should be done by Wednesday or Thursday. I work in the Williamsburg, VA store and we have marked clearance down in womens, shoes in kids. Great deals to be had throughout the store.

  • Nichole says:

    Went to my local one and the clearance was a big disappointment… too bad.

  • Pat says:

    They have absolutely ruined this store. If it is not broke, don’t fix it! I am spending my money elsewhere now. Guess they do not care that they are losing customers.

    • Jean R says:

      I agree with Erin. They have not ruined their store. They did a new marketing concept and have made basic t-shirts and other clothing rock bottom prices to begin with. Just don’t do many coupons and sales since then. Just great prices.

      • Shayla says:

        I wouldn’t say they “ruined” their store, but for those of us who like to feel like we are saving $, it’s hard to get us in the store to start w/o the coupons/sales. I went in this weekend thanks to the email sent and got a cute Easter dress for my little girl that I had been eyeing for over a month (only reason I saw was when I walked through JCP to get to the mall). Other than that, I never go to JCP to shop, as I do not feel like I am getting a deal. Just a preference for sure, as my sister loves their new concept and I don’t care for it.

        • Erin says:

          But the new concept is saving you money–you’re not shopping there! ;)

        • Denise says:

          Oh they have ruined it all right,
          I only hope it’s not too late to turn it around.

        • MommySpendsLess says:

          Shayla –

          In the past you weren’t saving more money – you just felt like you were. Like Aeropostale and Kohl’s, JCPenney used to over inflate their “regular” prices so that they could offer a bunch of coupons and sales. For example, shortly after they started with their new marketing department I bought my daughter a swimsuit for $12. That was the every day price. In the past the sticker would have said something like $24, they would have been running a 40% off sale and mailed me a $5/$25 coupon. When it was all said and done I probably would have still probably paid about $12 for the swimsuit. I may have had that warm fuzzy “I got a great deal! / I beat the system!” glow from thinking I got a $24 for $12 but it would’ve been a lot of hassle and at the end of the day I was really getting the same $12 swimsuit.

          I like their new marketing technique. My husband, who won’t mess with sales/coupons and used to buy his work clothes at Walmart or Target now shops almost exclusively at JCPenney. When any company changes strategies, they’re going to gain and lose some customers – no one company can please every potential customer.

          In terms of developing and distributing marketing materials, reprogramming their point of sale system and labor hours for signage, this new technique is probably lowering their overhead costs.

          I’d recommend you give them a chance. Their regular prices are now comparable to the big box discount stores and they’re still occasionally doing promotions – they did the buttons at Christmas, they’ve emailed out a couple of $5 off $5+ online coupons and they just released the $10/$25 coupons too. Plus some people are still finding super great clearance bargains, as Collin has mentioned in a few posts.

    • Kb says:

      Except that hearing they have a clearance sale going on makes me want to actually go to the store. So I’m not sure how they are losing business by discounting items…

    • Kristen says:

      I agree with ya! Don’t like it, but still occasionally shop there. I don’t like those huge books they send out either!

      • Deb says:

        Yeah, their money went into those glitzy magazine ads I get two of every week! No wonder they are in dire business straits. I used to shop there all the time. Now I rarely go. That said, I did see some prom type dresses at my store today for $2!

    • Erin says:

      How exactly have “they” ruined the store? Clearly, people are getting bargains.

      • Asmith says:

        They have removed long term brands that regular customers were used to purchasing and apparently Pat isn’t alone because the company is losing lots of money.

    • Shopper says:

      I don’t know what you’re talking about! They haven’t ruined the store at all, in fact, they’re doing a much better job with it now than before, I think. If you don’t want to shop there, that’s certainly your choice—more for the rest of us! :)

    • Meg says:

      I know their sales are way down, and honestly, I think people aren’t giving it a fair chance. Yes, they got rid of the coupons and sales, but they now have much lower everyday prices, and that great twice monthly clearance. I’ve gotten things Way cheaper there since the changes, and I’ve shopped there more, too.
      I suppose they’ll bring back the old system, and then everyone will love it again but me-lol. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely check it out!

  • mkw says:

    Man. .. I hope there is something left by the time I go on Wed. Also, hoping my JC Penny gift card arrives from They are selling on giftcard sites at about a 26% discount.

  • Erin says:

    Richmond, VA, had these prices (and even some of the exact same items pictured here) about a month or so ago, when JCP sent the mailers with the $10 on any purchase coupons. I went this weekend to try and use a $10/$25 purchase coupon and my second chance button gift card, and there was nothing much left.

  • Corina says:

    I can tell from the picture somebody lives in Cardinal Nation! =)

  • Shayla says:

    Yesterday the sales were still only $3 and up but maybe they did another mark down today. Keeping my fingers crossed, as hopefully once my site to store pickup is ready, I can snag a few deals =)

  • dropofrain says:

    I went to the store last Friday. Could not find anything less than $10-$12. Selection wasn’t that great either. I stopped shopping at JCP after their makeover, it is not appealing to me anymore. I can find better clearance prices at Sears or Macy’s. To bad for them because I was a frequent shopper before.

  • Kay says:

    I went a few weeks ago and got baby boy jackets for $2 each and a few onsies. They were adorable too! You just have to look carefully because they weren’t out on display, they were on a rack with regular priced items…

  • jamie says:

    Which store were you at? I am assuming St. Louis because of the Cards shirt. Just wondering if it is something I want to check out. THanks!

  • Susan says:

    Today in Green Bay, WI, they had racks for $2 ,$4, and $8. Great deals!!!

  • audrea says:

    got LOTS of $2 and $4 juniors/womens at my JCP yesterday AND used a 10 of 25 :) didn’t have much kids…

  • Sally Gardner Matchett says:

    Erin…. what Richmond store did you go to? Regency? VA Ctr Commons? Southside?

  • Debbie says:

    I was in Huntsville Alabama yesterday. I purchased 16 junior girls coats for $18.36 after taxes. They will be great gifts.

  • aim says:

    i was in my jcpenney store yesterday in ohio they had amazzzzzzzzzzzzing clearence every thing was for $2 and $3 got so many cloths for my kids i really luvvvvvvvvv jc penney…:D

    • BMA says:

      Yes please! Which Ohio store??

    • Tammy says:

      Aim where’s in Ohio? Because I went to jcp in Polaris mall few weeks ago, their children clearance session were almost empty. I asked the girl works there if there will be more going on sale, she told me no, what they have on the floor is all and weren’t much left bc people clean it out :(

      • Shayla says:

        Right there with you Tammy, that’s my store and it was picked through for little girls. The boys section though was pretty good, but everything was still $4 and $6 (and on up), still not a great deal on shirts that can get comparable at Kohls for half that.

  • Tia says:

    Pembroke Pines, FL had good clearance for kids & juniors. I got $3 toddler jeans, a tote bag (good size to carry on plane), cute sparkly purses, fuzzy socks, tights…you just had to look. I don’t like their new set up because you can’t quickly see where the sales are. The $3 jeans were laid out on a table which is unusual for clearance. They had at least 20 pair because people probably walked right past it. And in juniors, I saw $4 shirts but you have to look for the good ones as they’re mixed in with a bunch of crap.

  • Hannah says:

    I scored 5 pairs of juniors shorts/capris for $2 each I had $10 off $10 coupon making them free !!!

  • Nita says:

    My nearest JCP had about six to eight racks of ladies clearance tops for $2 and $4 each when I went yesterday to use my $10 off $25 coupon. Got some workout wear and several Alfred Dunner sweaters (original retail $54) marked down to $4. JCP used to be my favorite store but lately their new stuff is cheap looking and not as good quality as it used to be. They have discontinued Arizona brand juniors bootcut jeans and most of their St. Johns Bay casual wear. (Not everyone wants skinny jeans.) They seems to be catering to younger folks, who mostly shop elsewhere (Rue 21, Holister, etc.). I only shop at JCP now when I have a really good coupon valid on clearance items.

    • adri says:

      I love arizona but I guess that explains why I couldnt find jeans. I like skinny jeans for going out but boot cut or flare for work.

  • Danni says:

    I actually work at JCP and do a lot of the pricing/signing. Yesterday we marked down even further a lot of of the clearance items and some merchandise that was at regular price. Starting today thru Wednesday we’ll be marking more items down to $1, $3, $5 and $7. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and check out the deals! :)

  • kathleen says:

    Found some hoodie towels and Toys for Two and three bucks. Uniform shirts for three young boys in spring hill Florida

  • s says:

    I really like the new jcp. I like the basics, cleaner look, and lower prices. The clearance is awesome too! ;)

    • Jena says:

      I agree! Enough with the haters comments….JCPenney is better for changing and allowing growth in their stores!

      • Shayla says:

        I wouldn’t call myself a hater, I just don’t feel enticed to go without the sales/coupons. It’s all about preference. I was eyeing a dress for my little girl, just couldn’t bring myself to the $25 everyday price; however, if Kohls sends me 30% off plus Kohls cash, I will spend the $25 on the dress (after the discount) just because I feel like I “got a deal”. My husband laughs at me; guess I’m just wired like that =)

        • MommySpendsLess says:

          I understand what you’re saying – I think everyone who visits here loves the thrill of getting a great deal – but my daughter is going to be a flower girl in June so I’ve been comparing the special occasion dresses at Kohl’s, Macy’s, JCPenney’s, etc.

          For the most part, JCPenney’s $25 “everyday” prices on the 2T-5T fancy dresses are pretty close to Kohl’s current sale prices ($20-$30), especially since I can get free shipping to the store from JCPenney’s and Kohl’s shipping starts at $5.95 (I’ve been waiting for Kohl’s to offer $0.99/item shipping for a while).

          I used the $10/$25 coupon and bought a dress in-store for $15 and ordered another for $18 (after $10/$25 coupon) online (because it’s not available in stores). I’m going to let the bride pick which ones she likes and return the other.

  • Heather says:

    Noticed when I got home on Saturday, their clearance stuff rang up cheaper then the tags. This may be why. Awesome and I had the $10 off $25 to make it better.

  • andrea says:

    I work at the Dayton Ohio store and we have a ton of stuff for $2 and $4.

  • C says:

    i might check out my jcp store tom. i doubt there will be anything that cheap.

  • Joy says:

    I got a 15% off postcard in mail today for jcp.

  • adri says:

    I have 2 JCP stores near me, with in about 15 minutes away. Never ever are they priced the same. In one I got $1 Nike SHOES!!! Other has real cheap shoes, though none in the size in need for kids. I have also gotten $1-$3 Complete 5 piece outfits.
    Lots of clearance all the time in baby department and juniors. Love their tops n tanks also for $1-$3

  • Kati says:

    We hit JCP yesterday to use the $10 off of $25 coupon and found my husband a pair of designer jeans for $10, $50 dress pants for $3 & $5 and dress socks for $8 to get over the $25 total. Our total was less than $18!

  • edy says:

    I was just telling my daughter that I need clothes for my 24yr who’s a size 0! And she is wheelchair bound and all those bright color jeans and shirts are so pretty on my girls. I have 4 I should say young ladys that wear size 0 and 1. And, the prices on some jeans are like 10dlrs I’m hoping I find some in Houston tX tomorrow!!

  • katy says:

    liz clairbourne purse for $5… totally can’t beat that. bras were $4 for a two pack.. This was a JCPenny in paradise valley , AZ

  • Shi says:

    I couldn’t find any clothes for me but my bf got him a jacket for $5.

  • SJ says:

    Is the $10 off $25 still going on and if so, does anyone have a coupon/code for in-store they won’t be using? My email is Thanks.

  • creolegyrl says:

    I stood patiently and waited while the ladies marked things down to $1.
    Nike, Adidas, Oshkosh and more. I even purchased larger sizes for next winter.
    I am grateful.

  • Karen says:

    So glad I saw this post yesterday…just got back from JCP and got for my kids for next year, 8 shirts, 3 zip up sweatshirts, 2 zip up sweaters, 2 discovery kids play sets–world map and abc spelling set(these were in the girls accessories section)–all for $61 bucks!! Took this to my car and came back in and got 2 sweat pants $4 ea, 1 shirt$2 and 1 Izod sweatshirt(this was $14 on clearance in mens-might take back if my son doesn’t like). Also in mens Izod they had winter vests-like down filled- for $5 from $50- would have gotten but my son won’t wear them.

  • Ashley says:

    I was able to find toddler boys 3-piece suits with pants, vest, shirt and tie for $3 each! I also found the Little Maven by Tori Spelling 2 & 3-piece outfits for $3 each and a junior top and pair of jeans for $2 each.

  • Lati says:

    How are people using $10 off $25 coupon mine expired on the 10th of March?? I did go on Friday and got awesome deals! I wanted some rocket dogs shoes online $24 but sold out when I was going to check out and went to the store and they were for $12 dollars so added a wallet for the hubby and paid $16 with tax..AWESOME deals!

  • Shocked! says:

    Went today totally by accident, had to walk through it to get to the tax preparer. Ended up with 2 MNGO by Mango dresses for $4 each! Gorgeous and 90% off. Had to show my GF at work just to prove it happened. Will def take kid back for school clothes but if it hadn’t been for H2S (and HR Block) I wouldn’t have taken the time…

  • Adrian says:

    I used my coupon last weekend and was able to get myself a new pair of Nike running shoes for only $14.00!!! I also used my text coupon and got my daughter a Betseyville purse, a Nine West laptop case, a new wallet and 2 pairs of running pants for only $22! They had some GREAT mark downs! This was all at the Columbia, MO store.

  • lauren says:

    How did you get the $10/$25 coupon?

  • Alydia says:

    anything in tucson, az?

  • Laurie says:

    Was emailed a 10 off of 50 coupon which the cashier let me use twice. Went to three different JCP yesterday until I hit the jackpot in Boardman Ohio! It was amazing! For 80 dollars I got around 50 pieces of 2T and 3T winter items! Even Osh Kosh jeans for 2 bucks!!! I love JCP. I am just patient for the very final clearance and move quickly from store to store to see who hasn’t been cleaned out yet!! Today I might go back and look for myself!!

  • DeDivahDeals says:

    This is a great post, would you consider reposting to the FB Page – Bloggers4JCPenney – I really want them to succeed and think bloggers would be a big influence.

  • Ashley says:

    Visited the JCP at Fair Oaks Mall located in Fairfax, VA on Friday. I spent $26 on two pairs of jeans, two blouses, and one pair of leggings. I must say that these items were very easy to find, however, customer service was really bad.

    I’m not very picky when it comes to those things, but I was looking for a register for over 5 minutes when I finally gave up an checked out at customer service. The lady was very helpful :) she explained that at this particular store, they use handheld devices for credit/debit payments, and have minimized the amount if registers for more space.

    Anywho, I’m extremely happy with my purchases! Good luck to everyone :)


  • Ida Cunningham says:

    Things that $2.00

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