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CVS: FREE $5 Gift with ANY Easter Candy Purchase + FREE PAAS Kit (Starting 3/17)

10:04 AM MST
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If you’re looking to score inexpensive Easter basket filler items, here are a couple upcoming CVS deals you’ll want to make note of – starting 3/17! First, whenever you purchase ANY Easter candy starting 3/17, you’ll score a FREE gift filled with candy and toys for ages 5 and up – a $5 value (while supplies last)!

Even sweeter, select Easter candy will be on sale as low as $0.66 that will qualify for the FREE gift! Here are a few inexpensive Easter candy ideas for ya…

Cadbury single egg 1.2 oz Buy 1 get 1 Free
*Plus get a FREE Gift valued at $5!

Mars, Russell Stover Single egg, Hershey’s egg, bunny 0.95-1.55 oz, Starburst or LifeSavers jellybeans 2-2.25 oz $0.66
*Plus get a FREE Gift valued at $5!

Palmer or Russell Stover Easter Rabbits 1.25-5.5 oz $0.99
*Plus get a FREE Gift valued at $5!

Gold Emblem jelly beans 7 oz $0.99
*Plus get a FREE Gift valued at $5!

You can also snag FREE PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kits, starting 3/17…

Paas Easter Egg decorating Kit $1.99 = $1.99 Ecb (limit 1)
Pay $1.99
Get back $1.99 Ecb
Final cost FREE!
*You can also use the $1/2 PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kits Coupon found here or the $1.50/3 PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kits Coupon found here

(Thanks, Saving Said Simply!)

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  • brandice says:


  • Amy K says:

    It just says voucher image when I go to the facebook page to get the coupons.

  • Kristen says:

    This is off topic, but if anyone has the $1.00/1 Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush, excluding Plus, Triple Action and Extra Clean, from SS 3/10 (exp 3/30) and would like to trade, please let me know! I really need this coupon and will try to find any coupons you need, to trade this for! Thanks in advance!

  • Mona says:

    Seeing the Magnum Bar coupon reminds to tell everyone that .99c store in Houston has oodles of the Magnum bar packages of three for $1.49. I hope they sell out quickly as I am trying to maintain a diet.

  • Kidsallgone says:

    Another off-topic (sorry, but is there another place I could have posted this?) Anyway, I bought 2 items @$6.50 each last week, along with about 10 other items. My total after coupons and ecbs came to $.89 out-of-pocket :) When the manager did the return, he said that the register would only let him give me $.93. I had no clue how it came up with that amount lol! Anyway, I mentioned that normally when I returned items that I paid pennies for, I was given a gift card for the amount of the item. He said he was sorry, but he could only do what the register let him. I asked if he minded that I called the #800 to see if they could advise him how to do the refund and he said it was fine. Well I got this pretty slack person on the phone who kept putting me on hold to ask her supervisor (next time I’ll know just to ask for a supervisor) and she came back on the phone and said what I had thought: I should get a gift card for what the items cost on my my receipt ($6.50 x 2). I was walking around the store talking on the phone and the manager came by and asked for the items and the receipt and said that even though he didn’t believe it was the right thing to do, he would give me the gift card. He wasn’t rude, he was just saying it. Any ideas on how I should explain it to him if that happens again? (He’s a new and grrreat manager!) Or….was he right that I only should have gotten less than $1.00 back? And what if the register really won’t let him refund me more? Should he just do an over-ride or something and give me the refund like he ended up doing anyway? Is the store losing money? Sorry this is so long (and def not the right place to post this) but it happened yesterday and it’s fresh on my mind and I wanted opinions from other “hipsters” :) :) :) Thanks!

    • Cara says:

      I have had them do the gift card thing whenever I return something that I used a coupon on which I appreciate. Normally you just lose that coupon then and this way you kind of get it back (better really) by having it put on a gift card, and they get you back in the store. And if they were manufacturer’s coupons, the store shouldn’t lose anything as they send those in and get the money back themselves.

      • Kidsallgone says:

        Cara: Yes, I was expecting them to put the amount on a gift card, but not expecting that I would only be getting 93 cents on the 2 items that totaled $13 :( Thanks for the reply! Appreciate it :) :) :)

        • mel says:

          if the manager would have completed the transaction, after he hit ok for the cash refund, the register would prompt him to put the rest on a money card.

          • nin says:

            KAG-I just had something slightly similar happen to me yesterday. I was returning something and the cashier said almost the same thing, “I can give you 96 cents and the rest on the gift card” I just assumed she’d put it all on a gift card, but she specifically gave me back cash in what I had paid in cash and the rest on the gc. Maybe it is something new with returns??? She said something similar to what your cashier said too about the register letting her/prompting her something like that.

    • Ashley57 says:

      As long as you aren’t making a habit out of it (ie, buying lots of stuff, using high value coupons, and then returning it to get the cash), I don’t see anything wrong with it. The store will still get reimbursed for the coupons you used. And you said you used ECBs, which are like cash. I returned something once I had used ECBs to get for free, and they gave me money on a GC — I had bought the wrong thing and I couldn’t use it. Also, when I have a question I often use the FB page and get good responses, if you want to post stuff like this there. HTH!

      • Kidsallgone says:

        Hey Ashley! Thanks for the reply! I wasn’t expecting cash back. I paid with a credit card and either wanted it to go back on there or was happy for a gift card. The problem was that the manager kept saying “the register will only let me give you back $.93” I really didn’t know what to do other than call the #800 and ask them (which they really weren’t any help because they weren’t going to tell him how to do it). I guess I need to know how to explain it to him so he understands that I’m not trying to “make money” off of the store or rip them off, etc. That’s a grrreat idea about posting on FB!! Thanks!! I’ll do that next time!

    • gingersnap says:

      this happened to me few weeks ago. The AM told me that she can only give me back >$1 for a $13 item bcoz the register won’t allow her. She knows something is wrong so she call the SM. The SM told her to return the item without the receipt and it will be alright. The SM even told us that to be able to get the actual amount you need to ring it up without a receipt.

  • ginger says:

    Can we do this deal on saturday night, buy easter candy and get the Free gift ?

  • Tia says:

    “while supplies last”…the CVS closest to me didn’t even have the jellybeans for the ECB last week!

  • Alyssa says:

    If you’re looking to get the free $5 gift with Easter candy purchase, my store just got them in yesterday, and we only got about thirty of them. They are very cute though, there are toys and candy inside, it would be great for an Easter basket! :D

    • ginger says:

      how many FREE gift can you get. I mean, i have two kiddos and wanted to get each one.

      • Alyssa says:

        Maybe you could do it if you made a purchase and then your husband did? Just because we’re only supposed to give one per customer. But that should be okay if you and another person make a purchase :D

  • rebecca says:

    Off topic but I noticed the newest $15 P&G rebate off $50 now says that UPC codes are required instead of just filling them in on the sheet. It says to include a graphic if possible. I’m not sure what that means and I have a lot of Pantene included in my $50 so there is no way to remove the UPC from the bottles. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to submit? Do you think they will accept it with just the codes filled in and receipts included? Thanks!

    • Brianna says:

      It could be that some items like certain cover girl products don’t have a long enough UPC. Like last time I wrote it in but also peeled off the sticker and stuck it on.

    • Susan says:

      I called the customer service line about this last week, and the lady chuckled (not mean, or anything)….she knew exactly what I was asking before I even asked it! She said that she doesn’t know why they wrote that on the form this time and to just ignore it and send in the rebate as usual…just write the upc numbers on the form and send in receipt.

  • Grace says:

    Didn’t know where to post this but it does have to do with Easter candy. I have looked everywhere for the Easter eggs that they would always put in Hide and Seek eggs at the local park etc for the masses. They were multi-colored and had a white sugary inside, and they taste terrible! I want some for an Easter display in my home, but figured if I bought those I wouldn’t eat them, like I would anything chocolate or jelly belly etc. Anyone seen these or have they stopped making them?

  • Megan says:

    Do cvs deals actually start on saturdays? Ive read peoples posts that they get the deals Saturdays for the ad that is supposed to start the following day (Sunday).

    • Vishnu says:

      After 4pm on wanly given Saturday, you can do upcoming Sunday deals and extra bucks will print automatically. Be vary and watch that Saturday deals though, the system reset may not print your extra bucks if it is already set for Sunday. I do this a lot, since my closest cvs is 30 mins away, I go once every 2 weeks around 2pm and do both deals same day.

  • Melody says:

    My store said that the free gift was only with a $15.00 candy purchase:(

    • Amelia12 says:

      They were misinformed. the free gift deal is posted in their circular and its for ANY easter purchase. Show them next time.

    • Vishnu says:

      I got the free gifts yesterday. They were no biggie, a lollipop, a mini twix bar, a mini orange jelly candy, a tiny plastic frog,a tiny number game and a tiny roller ball game. It’s just fun for kids, but no real 5$ VALUE in it. You didn’t miss a think.

      On a different note, does anyone have extra pledge BOGO coupons they could share? Willing to trade or pay postage.please email me at

  • Margarita says:

    I can’t find them either Grace. My husband likes them and we looked everywhere. No luck.

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