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Victoria’s Secret: FREE Secret Reward Card Through 3/31 = Great Online & In-Store Deals

9:38 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Just a reminder! Victoria’s Secret is offering up FREE Secret Reward Cards with any purchase of $10 or more through March 31st – in-stores AND online! Each card will be worth at least $10… BUT they could be worth $50, $100, or even $500! The secret reward cards will be valid to use 4/1-4/30 in stores (excluding outlets), online, or by phone.

And, check out the email I received from reader, Sophie:

If you get VS emails, I got an email yesterday saying they are having $5 seamless little panties this weekend only (limit 3 per visit), but you have to show the email at checkout. I went in last night and bought 2 for $10 plus received a Secret Rewards card, so essentially free excluding tax. I am hoping to make it in again this weekend to grab some more!

If you shop online, the $10 Secret Reward Card will automatically be added to your $10+ order. Also, make sure to go through for 3% cash back or for 4% cash back! Plus, you can use promo code BRASHIP and FREEPANTY to score FREE shipping and a FREE panty with any bra purchase! So check out the deal you can score…

* First, head here and select 1 PINK Lace Bandeaus priced at $19.50
* Then, head here and select one Hip Hugger Panty priced at $11.50
* Head to checkout and enter the promo codes BRASHIP and FREEPANTY
* Your final cost will be just $19.50 (+ tax) for 1 PINK Lace Bandeau, 1 Panty, and a Secret Reward Cards valued at $10 or more! Sweet! :D

Also, make sure to go through for 3% cash back or for 4% cash back – every little bit helps!

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  • Amy says:

    I got my bandeau deal yesterday in the mail and it had 3 secret reward cards in it, one for each item ordered (including the free underwear.) Is this right or did, for once, I luck out ha?

  • Gianni says:

    If you’re a Pink member you have an offer code for the free Heart speakers.

  • Sara says:

    Can I use the $15 GC I got with my other order on this deal? I really want to try one of these bras!

  • Nicole says:

    Does anyone know when the $10 secret rewards cards expire? Thanks!

  • Rosemary says:

    The Ruched Bralette is also only 19.50 for those of you who prefer straps!

  • Cindy says:

    I also did the bandeau & got an extra secret reward card, I think it was because one of the items was on back order & was shipped separately so one in each bag. YAY

  • Holly Marie says:

    Note: I tried various ways to do the free heart spears code in addition to these two codes (because you can use three) but it wouldn’t allow it.

    • Jo says:

      Did you add the heart speakers to your bag? It is item number 303-718.

    • Holly Marie says:

      Finally got it all to work!
      I got:
      1. Pink Push-Up bra
      2. Cotton Panty
      3. Hiphunger Panty
      4. Heart iPhone Music Player
      5. $10 secret reward
      All for $27.00 shipped (shipping was $5.99). Plus I did it through shop @ home for 3% back. This is great because I actually needed a new bra and now I don’t feel so bad about buying one.

  • Elle says:

    What can you buy with the rewards card on the dates it will be valid? Will there be good sales to use it on or will it be good for only regular prices? If there will be no sales on the valid dates… The deal wouldn’t be as good as it seems.

    If you buy 2 seamless underwear for $10… U receive at least, most likely, a $10 reward. Essentially 2 free underwears.

    Then on the valid dates.. Say the Cheapest underwear you can buy is $10.50? Use rewards card…pay $0.50.

    In total.. You get 3 underwears for $10.50 plus taxes. Or $3.50 each. Isn’t that expensive for an underwear?

    • Mandy says:

      These underwear NEVER fall apart on me….so $3.50 for a pair is a great price becuase they last forever! And it is worth the gamble….once my secret rewards was worth $100!!!

    • Tarri says:

      These panties are normally 12.50-14.50 and at SAS are around 5.99 unless they all go 3.99 or 2.99 (at end of sale) and they are still there or you can get a PA if you are within the time frame of being able to do that. So no they are not expensive if you don’t go to SAS or can’t find them for under 3.50. I guess each person has to decided. :)

      AS in the rewards card valid dates are for April 1-30, which there are no sales planned at that time but there maybe offers for gift w purchase which can sweeten the deal.

  • Marie says:

    Instead of BRASHIP, I used SP1334885 ($10 off + free cotton panty) from last week along with my $15 gift card from last week (2BRAS). I got a bralette and 2 panties for $1.11 shipped (so, 16.11 if you don’t have the $15 gift card) and I got another $10+ secrets rewards card coming. Awesome deal!

    • mackyjane says:

      Great idea! I am doing this as well, except with the ruched bralette, and I’m getting the PINK speakers as well. My total is $1.58 after the $15 gift card from last week (2BRAS). Not too shabby!

      • Barb says:

        thanks marie. i had 2 $15 gift cards from last week so with my first order I did the bra, panty and speakers for a little over $5 then i did this deal you mentioned with the bra and 2 panties for $1.53. so i was able to get 2 bras, 3 panties and a speaker for my iphone for $7.35 shipped. woot. woot.

    • Ashley says:


    • Cristine says:

      Thanks for the idea on the other code. An extra free panty and $10 off the bra more than made up for the 5.99 shipping charge. I got a regular bra (normally $29) plus 2 panties and with shipping my total was only $25.

    • Mallory S says:

      Wait… I thought you needed a $10 min to receive a secret rewards card?? Ordering a $19.50 bra minus the $10 is only $9.50. am i missing something?

      • Christina says:

        That is the same thing that I am thinking I am doing this deal now and it will NOT work. You will not get the card unless you have total of over $10

    • Nicole says:

      Is that before shipping cost?

      • Mallory S says:

        I did a Web Chat with a representative and she said your merchandise total must be $10 min in order to receive the Secret Card. This does not include shipping or tax!

    • sarah says:

      you CAN use ALL 3 in the same order…SP1334885, bra ship, and freepanty….so 2 free panties, 1 bra with $10 off and FREE shipping WOW!!!!!! i just did it. used my $15 reward so i got a bit higher bra. one of the 29.50 then 10 off it, 2 free panties…used $15 off coupon brought me to under $10 for the secret reward so i added another item which was a clearance 6.99 panty. AND ill get a SECRET rewards card of at least $10 back. so about $3 for it all. maybe less if my card is MORE than $10.

  • Erin says:

    What’s the code for the speakers?

  • Lori says:

    Do we assume its $10 reward? How do we know? If I buy something for say…$15 and it was a $100 will I forfeit the remaining balance or will I be able to use the balance on another purchase? Sorry!!!! Thank you

  • sandra says:

    Can u use multiple rewards card on one purchase

  • Nic says:

    I received an email, but not one about the $5 panties. Too bad.

    Does anyone have ideas for other good deals in store? I have a $15 card to use.

  • Ginger says:

    What’s the code to get the seamless panties for $5? Please and thank you :)

  • mokiecon says:

    According to the email I got, the $5 seamless panties are only available in store.

  • Sheila says:

    I tried adding the speaker to my order but it won’t accept the code. It’s charging me 14.50 for it. I’m trying to purchase 2 PINK Wear Everywhere Push up bra plus the free panty with it. Am I doing something wrong? Please help

  • Dolly says:

    I did the deal you posted last time and got 2 free rewards cards(because they did 2 separate shipments) and a $15 gift card for buying the 2 bandeaus. I then went today and got 3 pair of the seamless panties and used the $15 gift card, paid .90 for tax and got another secret rewards card! I now have a total of 4 to use :)

    • sarah says:

      so your order was only .90 and got a secret rewards card?? did the register prompt for it or the cashier gave you it? im not sure if the register prompts to give the card like say for example target does with a gift card deal.

      • Dolly says:

        I don’t know if the register promted or not, she just said” You will get a Secret Rewards Card, do you know how they work?” I took it and didn’t ask any

    • Mary says:

      I used my bday card and $15 gift card, so from my pocket it was less then $10 and the sales rep told me right away that I can’t get the reward card:(

      • sarah says:

        darn :( im kewl with spending around $10 and getting back $10. i havent been to the store, closest one is hour away…so im loving the free shipping code and free panties

  • Ana says:

    I already have enough panties and bras; I decided to use my $15 reward card on a sequin miniskirt on clearance (originally $98) as a gift for my sister-in-law and ended up paying $12.50 (after shipping and tax – I wish it wasn’t so hight!). Plus, I’ll get the secret reward card with my order. :) But, I have to remember that I paid $27 for my first order (which gave me the secret card and $15 card)!

  • karen says:

    my bandaeu bra was on backorder i received one but didnt get the other i did get one reward card but i never got the vs gift card that was mentioned ..Im hoping it is with my next bra shippment….

    • Christina says:

      You can look up your order online too. I checked to see if mine shipped and it did not. I call customer service and they said that the code for the 10 off bra and free panties was not supposed to work because you are not supposed to use the coupon code with bra
      Multiples. She did send me a $10 ecard for my trouble so I have a feeling alot of people are not going to be getting the card. Congrates to the ones who did though. So look at your orders on line to see if it did ship. It will say.

  • Sarah says:

    I’m a little disappointed. Got my order today and it did not have the secret card or the $15 gift card. I called customer service and they are emailing me the secret reward card but the $15 promo card was “sold out” and that’s why I didn’t receive it. How disappointing! Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

  • Sharon says:

    Awesome was able to get the bra, panties and speakers! Thanks!!

  • Gwenny says:

    Got 2 bandeaus and 2 panties for $21.65 shipped. Used Freepanty, Braship, and SP1334885 ($10 off bra and free panty). Now to make my birthday complete, hopefully its more than 10 on the gc

    • Ashley says:

      I did the same thing and used the $15 giftcard so total came to $6.35 :) great deal and hopefully since merchandise total was $20 I’ll get a secret rewards card also!!

    • Nita says:

      I used the three codes you mentioned and the $15 gift card I received from last weeks purchase and my total for two bras and two panties was only $6.35! thanks for the tip.. I didn’t realize you could combine these codes or use them more than once.. I’m headed to the VS store tomorrow to use my free panty and $10 off coupon from the recent mailer..

  • alicia says:

    i got one hipster $8.50 panty
    and one $11.50 hipster panty
    and one $ 29.50 cotton coverage bra total 49.50
    then i used SP1334885 for $10.00 off one bra and free panty
    and i used FREEPANTY for another free panty
    and used BRASHIP for free shipping a
    and then i used my 15vs gc from the last deal and ended up paying 4.50

  • sarah says:

    has anybody verified you do get the secret rewards card if your total is less than $10 but you have more than $10 in items before coupons?? i didnt think that worked last year. is this true in store too?

  • pharmchick says:

    hmm… i hope i get the card with my order since my total was 5 and some change… i got the ruched bralette, panty and speakers… if i total this with my order from last week, i paid 22.77 for 3 bralettes, 2 panties and a speaker, plus i have at least 1 reward card from last time.. fingers crossed i get it again now!!

  • jhnicole says:

    oh no i only spent like 6 or 8 dollars today i bought pink hand lotion.I got the free speaker i want the rewards card.Thanks Collin.

  • angela says:

    How do u get the lace bra free

  • Mal S says:

    The Rep I spoke to said your merchandise total must be min $10. After a gift card total doesnt matter bc it is a form of payment.

  • Hilary says:

    Can someone help please, I have the coupon for the free speaker, how do you get it online? I have the offer code and it’s not accepting it. I do have a pink purchase in my cart…

    • Hiro says:

      I think you need offer code and pin number .
      I had to log in pink nation to get offer code and pin number. Don’t forget put speaker in your cart ( #303-718 ). HTH

  • kay says:

    Does anyone know if your total after all the codes comes to less than $10 if you still get the secret reward card? The subtotal before the codes is well over $10 but I keep reading mixed things about whether it counts once you get all the discounts….did anyone successfully get one after doing this? Thanks!

  • mssunshine2 says:

    I just ordered a tankini bathing suit, 2 sports bras on sale 2/$49 saving $10 off one and free panty, free shipping, another free panty and getting 2 secret rewards cards! I can’t wait..a little apprehensive that I bought a bathing suit online, hoping it will fit just right for my vacation in less than a month away! ;) Good luck ladies. I feel like I got some really great deals on my purchases! Total spent: $123.80 woo hoo!!!

  • Christian says:

    I purchased the bandeau top in black yesterday along with a swim item, underwear, and two PINK v-necks. My bandeau top was $5 not $9.50.

  • Jennifer says:

    Does anyone have a speaker pin they’re not going to use? I am a member of Pink nation, but it is only allowing me to print the offer…I don’t understand why I didn’t receive a pin too. :(

    • Bianca says:

      I didn’t get a Pin either! I called about it and she said I should be get one when I log in but I logged in and all it says if “print offer” nothing about redeeming online or getting a pin. The rep wasn’t much help. She just kept repeating that I should be able to get a pin online. I’m just glad to hear I’m not the only one in the same boat!

  • Anabanana says:

    Does anyone know how long it takes them to email secret reward card? I was promised one since they missed out on my order.

    • Lisa says:

      I was supposed to get two reward cards in my package and only received one. When I called customer service they said that they would email me, and I would receive the email in 24-48hrs. It’s been three days and I still haven’t gotten the email. I’ll prob give it another day and then call them again.

  • Selina says:

    Does anyone have a VS rewards card theyre not going to use!? I would love to help you out with that :) TIA!

    • Fred smith says:

      Alright, just trying to help someone save some money, I have a reward card that I’m not going to use, its worth 10$. THe number is 6006496141681069344 and the pin is 7509. First come first

  • victoria says:

    I would like to recives one of your reward card

  • Khare says:

    I bought a pink lotion today and it was 15 dollars but when i got home there was no secret reward on it. Can you still get secret reward even though you purchase a pink product? Should i go to the store? Or call?

  • Fred smith says:

    Alright, just trying to help someone save some money, I have a reward card that I’m not going to use, its worth 10$. THe number is 6006496141681069344 and the pin is 7509. First come first serve – expires tonight

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