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Kmart: Get $100 in Gift Cards with Transferred Prescriptions (Shop Your Way Rewards Members)

9:21 AM MST
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Wow! If you are a Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Member, (sign up here for FREE), you can score $25 in Kmart Gift Cards with the purchase of a transferred prescription, up to 4 for a total of $100 in Gift Cards through 6/1/13! Keep in mind that you must print and present the coupon found here to get this offer. Not too shabby for something you’re already paying for anyway! :)

Fine Print: Gift cards good towards the next purchase of non-pharmacy merchandise. Not valid on prescriptions transferred from another Kmart Pharmacy. Offer not valid in LA on controlled substance prescriptions. Offer not valid in AL, AR, GUAM, NJ (customers less than 60 years of age), NY, MA, MS, OR, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands or on prescriptions paid for in whole or in part by any government programs. Go here for more details.

(Thanks, Miss beSavin!)

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  • Stacey says:

    The coupon has this on it: Offer not valid in AL, AR, GUAM, NJ (customers less than
    60 years of age), does that mean anyone under 60 cant do this deal? or just for those areas?

  • elina says:

    The fine print is important. If u have a disability and get penicillin for free u don’t qualify.

  • Cristian says:

    How do they know if its transferred or just a regular Rx from your doctor?

  • Patricia Kinsman says:

    I received pharmacy coupons in mail in April. 4 coupons worth $25 each for each transferred prep., but my K-Mart pharmacy is refusing coverage because they are saying I have already used all my allowable coupons worth $100. If this is true, why is K-Mart sending more coupons in the mail for me to use?

  • Anita Sullivan says:

    Yes this true I received a gift for every prescription

  • R says:

    I tried to use this. The Michigan pharmacy said no school employees, state workers, federal workers or county employees can use because we have our wages paid by the government. The coupon said no government programs. I guess we are same as welfare programs. I pay 20% of my insurance costs.

  • peter says:

    Pharmacy staff got cards out and logged in the book. When they started processing cards, the computer denied it. Pharmacy manager has no answer. She started saying that may be you have use it somewhere. Then she started blaming on insurance because I whorl for City. Our insurance is employee owned self insurance and it has nothing to do with welfare program. They try to get customers to door.

  • rob says:

    where is there a kmart pharmacy that actually will do this near NY?

  • Rybox says:

    In my area, the Kmart Pharmacist was rude to me, refused to answer my medication questions, and was angry at me for using these coupons. They redeemed them for my transferred prescriptions, but I would never come back to be treated that way, and I think it is important to have a pharmacist that will answer questions, and not discourage questions, and refuse to answer them. Hopefully, they are not all like the one here, but this is my two cents anyway.

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