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Walgreens: Cottonelle Fresh Wipes as Low as FREE + Great Deal on Bathroom Tissue

4:50 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! As I mentioned here, when you spend $15 on Cottonelle Fresh wipes or bathroom tissue, you’ll snag 3,000 Balance Rewards Points. Now, this deal just got even sweeter! Through April 19th, you can score a $2 Register Reward for purchasing 2 Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes or Bathroom Tissue. OR, if you purchase 3, you can score a $3 Register Reward! Sweet!

Check it out…

(Photo Credit: Wild for Wags)

Buy 2 Cottonelle Fresh Wipes 42 pk $2
Total = $4
Use 2 $1/1 Cottonelle toilet paper (12 pk or larger) or Fresh Wipes any Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Moist Wipes (42 ct or larger) coupons found here
(Or use the $0.50/1 Cottonelle Fresh wipes coupons found in the 3/17 SS)
Pay $2
Get back a $2 RR
Final cost FREE!

Or, if you are wanting to stock up on wipes and score some Balance Rewards Points…

Buy 8 Cottonelle Fresh Wipes 42 pk $2
Total = $16
Use 4 $1/1 Cottonelle toilet paper (12 pk or larger) or Fresh Wipes any Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Moist Wipes (42 ct or larger) coupon found here (will need 2 computers)
Plus, use 4 $0.50/1 Cottonelle Fresh wipes coupons found in the 3/17 SS
Pay $9.90 total – just $1.24 each
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost $6.90 total – $0.86 each + 3,000 Balance Rewards Points!

Or, you can score this deal on toilet paper….

Buy 3 Cottonelle bathroom tissue 12 roll $5 each
Total = $15
Use 3 $1/1 Cottonelle Bath Tissue coupon found in the 3/17 SS
Pay $12
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost $9 total – just $3 per package + 3,000 Balance Rewards Points!

(Thanks, Ger and Joan!)

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  • daisy says:

    Please, please, please notice: Although the print screen lets you choose the number of copies to print, if you select more than “1” you’ll be wasting your ink. Each coupon has a unique number that’s located below the QR code. If you redeem multiple copies of coupons with that same unique number, the store won’t get paid for those copies. If you think that shopping at Walgreens is a challenge now, just wait until they get hit with returned coupons that they won’t be paid for… :-/

    With that said, as Colin indicates above in her scenarios, you can print two unique coupons per e-mail address.

    • Kathryn K says:

      i agree.
      plus, you can hit the print twice and then it dissables you from printing a 3rd time, like you can print twice, BUT, with this coupon company each print has the same numbers, like 2 coupons out the newspaper coupon sections would have. harder to tell a clerk 2 like coupons are legit with same number. has anyone gotten feedback about this from the company that runs the software?

      • anonymous says:

        To the person named gilly from the last post that was stocking up and printing like 25. Really??

        • Jeanie says:

          Seems a bit excessive to me and IMO these wipes are not the best, but if she’s got 12 different email accounts and 12 computers I guess it’s fair game.

        • Rebe says:

          I guess you are a judge “anonymous”! ;) What a shame you are naming names and dont even use a screen name!

        • molly says:

          Please don’t judge me anonymous, like gilly I printed a bunch (2) per email address all different codes, so far I’ve gotten 12 wipes free and 3 tissues!! My kids love the wipes, I’d get more if they had them in stock.

  • Sandy says:

    I’m confused. I thought the $2 for the 42 count and $3 for the 84 count refills was the sale last week. Are those prices still in effect this week? The photo doesn’t show that price, jus the 3000 points for $15 purchase.

    • Sandy says:

      Also, it doesn’t seem feesible to buy 8 42-count packages and spend $9.90 after coupons just to get 3000 points. Why not just buy them 3 at a time, pay $3 OOP and get back $3.00?

    • Brenda says:

      If you go to and type in cottonelle 42 count the price is 2.00. Check it out.

  • Kathy says:

    Is this the same as the Catalina deal that printed at Bi-Lo grocery store for me? It was for the same amounts but states between 3/25 and 4/21. I am hoping it will work at my other Catalina-printing grocery stores that double coupons, especially if it is one print of the above coupon per computer!

  • Nicole says:

    The wipes at mu walgreens were not marked $2.00 and I don’t see that price in the flyer.. Is this sale everywhere?

  • Shanna says:

    Glad I waited to get this deal!

  • DJ says:

    I just printed the coupons and looked at them closer and it says one coupon per purchase, I’m hoping walgreens doesnt look to closely at them and I can make this work! Anyone tried this deal yet?

    • Nicole says:

      Each item you buy is a purchase, therefore if you are buying three you can use three coupons. If the coupon stated ‘limit one per transaction’ you would then only be able to use one when buying three.

      • Michelle says:

        At my Walgreens there is a cashier that won’t let you. I tried to explain this to her that it does not state a limit on how many like coupons, she would not budge I asked to speak to the manager and he agreed with her. :(

  • robin says:

    i did this
    #1&2 transaction
    tricalm $7-$2 coupon= $5
    x2 =$10 OOP (or use points) earned 2 $7 RR
    #3 transaction
    2 tp $10
    3 wipes $6
    1 grape jelly $2.50
    2 tuna .98 used in-store coupon
    -$5 cottonelle coupons(3 computers)
    -2 $7 RR from #1&2 transaction
    oop .48 get $2 RR, $3 RR, & 3000 pts
    total OOP $10.48 *or .48 Like me because I used 10,000 points
    Have $5 rr’s for later ($2 & $3) Earned 3000 points
    $33.48 in products thats a GREAT DEAL

  • Tomi says:

    Or you can buy 3 wipes and 2 toilet paper. After 5 $1/1 , you pay $11 and get $2&$3 reward and 3000 points making it 60 cents each ;)

    • Ketryna says:

      I bought 3 tp’s and 3 wipes, I used 6 1.00/1 coupons, plus I used a 5.00 off a 20.00 purchase catalina that printed on one of my transactions yesterday. Paid 10.00 and then I received 2x 3.00RR plus the 3000 points. So basically I paid 1.00 total if you count both RR and 3.00 for the points. Are others getting 2x 3.00 Register Rewards?

  • mel. says:

    Even better, I bought 2 toilet papers @ $10 and 3 wipes @$6 = $16 + .14 pencil for filler. I used 5 (unique) $1/1 I PS and a $7 rr, paid $4.14 plus tax. Got back 2 rr’s — $2 & $3 from cottonelle + 3000 balance reward pts!!

  • Rachel says:

    Has anyone else not had the Cottonelle points post to your Reward account? I noticed they weren’t on my receipt when I first purchased 8 of the $2 wipes, and when I just checked my balance online, it said I earned 0 points for that transaction. I emailed CS and told them I’d like them to correct the error…but wanted to see if I was alone in this or not. :(

  • Vianey Moran says:


    • Zowah says:

      The same thing happened to me. I was able to just keep printing w/o the link getting deactivated.

      • mel says:

        IDK! When I clicked “print”, even though it gives you the option to change the qty, I left it at one. Printed it. The box reset, so I hit “print” again, giving me another coupon to print with unique pin #. After the 2nd print, it told me something about ticket closed. So I did 2 more using dh’s email addy and after the 2nd print, the ticket closed came up again. Went to my laptop, and printed 2 more from my other email. and same thing after the 2nd print.
        The unique code will be underneath that square box in the right corner. as an example, mine says abcde, abcce.

  • cely says:

    i couldnt find the anti itch cream and the shelves were cleared for the wipes. bummer.

  • estehla says:

    i never get the points unless i spend 15.00 AFTER coupons not before, why is this???

    • mel says:

      I have read that if you use any sort of Walgreens off your purchase catalina or store coupon (like from the monthly booklet) that it prorates the items. Basically your total for point purposes is based after Wags coupons, but before manuf coupons. That’s why I <3 CVS! No complicated rules to remember, like coupon to item ratio, the need for fillers, etc!

  • Ketryna says:

    all my cottenelle coupons went through without any problems. HTH

  • Janette says:

    I got 2-$3 rr plus $3000 points used $2 mc so $4 for 3/12 packs toilet paper! Yay !

  • claudia says:

    In the 2nd deal when you buy 8 Cottonelle wipes, do you receive one or two $3 RR?

  • Julie says:

    BOTH OF MY COUPONS HAD THE SAME qr CODE. Are you really able to get 2 different codes with 1 computer?

    • mel says:

      yes. when it comes up to print, leave the print option at 1. Print the coupon. Then the blue print tab comes up and click print again, leaving the print option at 1. I got 6 unique coupons from 3 email addys (using 2 computers)

      • Julie says:

        I left the print option at 1, and after it printed, I did the same thing with the new print tab, and they are EXACTLY the same.
        This happened with the Huggies coupons too.

        • mel says:

          Hmmm.. on mine, the numbers in the bottom left corner are the same, but the code underneath the square box at the top right corner are all different.

    • claudia says:

      Mel, I got 6 coupons from diferents e-mails on the same computer and my coupons had diferents codes

  • Amy says:

    Question for you all.. I printed two coupons and the codes on the coupons were the same. Does this mean that I can only use one, or are you allowed to use two coupons with the same code?

  • Janette says:

    I used two from the same computer with no problems!

  • Stephanie says:

    I bought four TPs, used a $5/20 & $7RR and then I didn’t get any RR back

  • Melanie says:

    Can someone tell me what website the $1 coupon is on? For some reason the link isn’t working for me. Thanks!

  • Janette says:

    Go to There is a link there.

  • Jessica says:

    Im confused. Where is this advertised? I thought this deal was last week?

  • Carey says:

    I was only able to print one coupon per email address (all on same computer). Tried on second computer, but site said I used maximum allowed.

  • Sarah says:

    It’s been a while since I shopped at Walgreens. Once I discovered how easy CVS makes it to earn and redeem ECB, they have been my preferred drugstore but Cottonelle is the only brand of TP we use, so I have to score this deal.

    My question is – I have 6,000 balance rewards points, so $5 ready to redeem. How do I redeem it? Is it something I print on their website or when I present my card at checkout, will it automatically take off $5 off my purchase? Thanks in advance fellow Hip2Savers :-)

    • mel says:

      Hey Sarah, when you’re ready to redeem the $5, just tell the cashier and you’ll select the reward on the pen pad, then verify with your phone #. But just keep in mind that you won’t get balance rewards if you redeem the points. There’s no rolling BR at Walgreens. So if you planned on using your $5 reward towards the Cottonelle, you won’t get the 3000 pts in return.

  • Meredith says:

    OK is this deal good today as well or was yesterday the last day for this?

  • Rose says:

    Can I use the RRs to purchase the same RR items? Will RR be produced again?

  • Carey says:

    Just purchased 3 packs of TP, received the points but no RR. RR’s must be over for this

  • Heather says:

    I just tried this deal at my local NC walgreens. Big fail. I asked the cashier to price check for me, the wipes were not on sale nor offering back any RR. Bummer!

    Rang up $3.79 each, no sale or points back.

  • Adrienne says:

    I did it yesterday for wipes and tp and worked great. The catalina deal and the wipes on sale deals are not over…I wonder with the tp if you can only get RR on the purple packs. I only bought the purple yesterday and it worked. They have done that in the past that one or the other packs did not have RR..

  • jes says:

    Ok just came back from walgreen.
    Found one cottonelle wipe container on the shelf and asked the employee if they had another one and she checked and brought me one more so i would buy two at the same time. Used two $1mc and got back $2rr…so great.

    The Almay eye makeup is a great deal too: it’s buy one get one 50% off
    5.99 + 2.99 – 2(2sc) -$5/2mc=free
    if your lucky your cashier wouldn’t give you any problems of getting the item free

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