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  View changes → FREE Movie Rental Code for Online Reservation (Still Available)

6:21 PM MST
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Just a reminder that this FREE Movie Code is still available to use!

If you haven’t yet used this free movie code, you can still use it online to score a FREE DVD Rental. Just head on over here, log in/register for a account, select a movie and then enter the promo code F2AMA8TG3 at checkout (code expires 5/8/13) to snag your first night’s DVD rental for free.

Please note that when I posted about this promo code on Saturday, it was working at Redbox Kiosks as well; however, it sounds like it is only working online now.

* On a side note, don’t forget to head over here and play the Redbox Matchup Game for your chance to earn points and free promo codes.

(Thanks for the reminder, Trena!)

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  • Amie says:

    Don’t forget to go through ebates if reserving more than one, 7 percent on it. :)

  • Destinee says:

    And I believe DVDNIGHT is still available (as of Sunday anyway). My husband and I have been using different cards and getting free rentals!

  • llc says:

    I was able to reserve 2 movies under the same card number – just checked out twice. :)

  • Corina says:

    Thanks! The code worked today online…now all I need to do is remember while I am out running errands.

  • Ann Dee says:

    Thanks. Got Wreck It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians for free for the kids. Gonna be a nice quiet trip.

  • Eddie says:

    You know, my kids and I love having video game tournaments and movie nights, so we used to hit up these kiosks all the time. Now we get all our videogames and movies from Blockbuster @Home, by DISH. We get thousands of movies and shows through streaming, 20 movie channels, plus games and DVDs delivered right to our house, and all for just ten bucks a month. I work at DISH, and one of my coworkers we’re both saving close to twenty dollars a month since signing up for Blockbuster @Home and cancelling services like Netflix and Gamefly, and not using the kiosks.

  • Nancy says:

    Still works at the kiosk for me.

  • Lisa Abbott (@csupink26) says:

    Used it tonight still available

  • Sonya says:

    I’ve been trying to use this code online with a new account since last night and it keeps saying the code is invalid:/

  • michelle says:

    No longer available

  • Eddie says:

    Need to update more if your going to post stuff like this, sheesh…

  • Deb says:

    right now the code above (June 15, 2013) doesn’t work online.

    However, DVDONME and BREAKROOM still work at the box itself. You can use both of them once PER CARD used at the box…,. So… if you have a hubby with a debit card and a CC, there’s 4 movies;
    then there’s your debit card and your CC card (unless you both have the same number-we don’t)…there’s 8 movies.

    You didn’t hear it from me….

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