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Amazon: Great Deals on Highly Rated Charmin and Cottonelle Toilet Paper

9:17 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Yay! Here are some nice toilet paper deals for all of you who like to shop from the comfort of your own home! Check it out…

First, Amazon has the Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll 18-count packages priced at just $18.49 shipped when you choose Subscribe & Save (on the right)! Even better, you can also scroll down to clip a $0.25/1 coupon, bringing the final cost down to only $18.24 + FREE shipping!

This is a great price, as 18 mega rolls equal 72 single rolls, so you are basically paying $0.25 per single roll. Awesome buy…especially for highly rated, name brand toilet paper shipped to your home! :)

Also, Amazon has the Cottonelle Clean Care with Soft Ripples Bath Tissue Double Rolls, 32 ct. packages priced at just $17.66 shipped when you choose Subscribe & Save (on the right)! Plus, you can scroll down to clip the $2 coupon making your final cost just $15.66!

This is a great price, as 32 mega rolls equal 64 single rolls, so you are basically paying $0.24 per single roll! Another fantastic buy for a highly rated brand!

If you’re interested in these deals, snag them while you can as they never seem to last long!

**Remember, when you sign up for Subscribe and Save you are under NO obligation whatsoever and can cancel at anytime. To cancel or modify your Subscribe and Save items, just click on “my account” and then “subscriptions” and with the click of a button you can cancel and/or modify anything you want.

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  • Denise says:

    Actually, I paid $13.80 for the Cottonelle by using the Subscribe & Save AND the coupon. That is a good deal, thanks!

  • AmyE says:

    Great! Thanks for the heads up on the Charmin Mega Rolls. I subscribed.

  • Bella says:

    what is a good price point for single rolls? I never know what the stock up price is!!
    when you subscribe and save does it lock in the purchase price for the future deliveries?

    • cherry says:

      The subscribe and save price is subject to change at any time, that is what it says on the amazon site. I wondered the same thing too. But once they have shipped your item, you are in the safe zone. You can then cancel your subscription, or cancel your next shipment if the time comes and the price is too high, and perhaps you found a better deal somewhere else.

  • Vishnu says:

    No future price changes will be the effective price on the day your next order is billed. They usually send you an email about price change and shipment details. U can however cancel subscribe and save whenever.

  • Sarah says:

    So I am wondering if you guys keep subscribing and cancelling? How do you keep participating in these offers?

  • Janet says:

    I signed up for the subscribe and save, but the coupon is not showing up. And when I try to click the coupon again it says I have already used it. Will this come off the price when it ships in May?

  • Lucretia K. Whay says:

    I followed your directions Collin but also opened an Amazon charge card today and got an instant $10 gift card scoring all this Cottonelle bath tissue for $5.66!!!!

  • Denise says:

    The coupon worked for me last night – I clicked on it before Subscribe and Save, making the total $13.80.

  • Kristen says:

    I think this is only 751.5 square feet of toilet paper (unless I’m misunderstanding something). So I would personally never pay $18 for that amount. I wouldn’t even pay half that!

    • Sara says:

      How do you figure out the square footage? What is the best price you have found? I love to soak up some of your experience and wisdom! :)

      • Kristen says:

        Sometimes it’s hard to tell when ordering online, but for this deal, it showed the square footage on the picture of the package on Amazon’s page. (If you put your mouse over the picture, it will enlarge.) The Charmin said 18 rolls and 751.5 sq ft. The Cottonelle said 107.2 per package, 8 packages in an order, so 857.6 sq. ft. Some people like to calculate the deal based on the # of rolls, but I always go by square footage since roll size can vary so much. (To find the price per square foot, just divide the price by the square footage. The Charmin is $18.24 / 751.5 = $0.024/square foot. Cottonelle was $15.66 / 857.6 = $0.018/square foot.)
        I think $0.01/square foot (1 penny per square foot) is a good goal for toilet paper. Or an easy way to figure that – find the square footage and move the decimal point two places to the left. So for the Charmin, I think somewhere around $7.51 would be a good price. Cottonelle, around $8.57. Of course if you are very brand-loyal or you family really prefers a “premium” t.p. you may bump that up a bit.
        I regularly get Kirkland brand toilet paper from Costco for $0.0094/square foot (less than 1 penny per square foot), so I don’t order the online deals unless I can do better than that, which is rare. The Kirkland brand is 2-ply, but it’s not super plush, so it may not work for everyone :)

  • Janet says:

    Denise- does it show under your subscribe and save page? That is what I was looking at since it won’t ship until May. When I first clicked on it, it showed up – like yours. And since it won’t let me add it again, it must be there somewhere, I just don’t see it.

  • Janet says:

    Ok, found it. My total shows $15.66. How did you get it for $13.80? Thanks

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