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Box Tops for Education: Earn Money for Your Child’s School, Get Exclusive Coupons + More

5:03 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

I have mentioned this offer in the past, but wanted to post a reminder as I think this is such a beneficial program! Did you know you can help raise money and make a difference for your child’s school simply by purchasing specially marked items?  Box Tops for Education is a program where you can earn cash for your child’s school by clipping Box Tops “coupons” from hundreds of participating products. Plus, Box Tops for Education now offers easy ways to earn even more cash for your school online (click here or on the blue banner above to find out how)!  Last year, America’s schools earned over $74 million just from Box Tops for Education… how cool is that!? :)

Every time you purchase a specially marked Box Tops for Education products, just clip the “Box Top” found on each product (check out the picture above) and send it to school with your child and your child’s school will be able to redeem each Box Top for 10 cents!

Here are a few benefits of registering with Box Tops for Education:

*Earn eBoxTops for your school when you shop online
*Enter for chances to win thousands of Bonus Box Tops for your school each month!
*Enjoy recipes using Box Tops products
*Track your school’s earnings online
*Save with monthly coupons for your favorite brands (Love this benefit!)

+ More!

**Oh, and if you are interested in signing up to receive the exclusive coupon benefits (and more!) but don’t have a specific school in mind that you’d like to support, please feel free to leave your child’s school name in the comment so others can support your school too!

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  • Megan D says:

    Adams Year Round Elementary in Cary NC would be glad to get them. The ten cent box tops add up quickly and we could really use that cash at our school. thanks for considering!!

  • Mo says:

    McGraw Elementary in Fort Collins Colorado (80526) would be so appreciative of any extra Box Tops for Education funds! We are an older school without air conditioning that won’t be coming any time soon due to budget cuts. The kids get SO hot – even as early as late Spring; we are working our way towards more shade trees and fans for the school. Thanks for considering!

  • Angela says:

    Hello! Garfield Elementary in San Leandro, Ca could use some Box Top support. We are a low income school in need of some updates to our facilities, classrooms and playgrounds. Thanks!

  • Lis says:

    I always hate it when I see people throwing these or any other fund raiser in the recycle bins. I have been known to dumpster dive for 10 cents, and I don’t even have elementary or middle schoolers but do give them to a neighbor who does. It is easy-peasy money for the schools.

  • Emilytwinmom says:

    I homeschool, but we always saved box tops when my oldest was in school so I still do! Once in awhile I post them on my local freecycle, and someone will happily come pick them up :) It’s such a great way to help a school!!!

  • Lauren says:

    Ringgold Primary School in Ringgold, GA would love them! They are trying to get some improvements done to the school.

  • lhinzie says:

    Goldsboro Elementary in Sanford, FL (32771) would love to have the boxtops!

  • Amy says:

    Hamlin Street Elementary PTA in West Hills CA could really use the support! With budget cuts, the PTA has taken on the responsibility of paying teacher’s salaries just to make sure we can keep the programs available to our kids! Thanks for all your help!

  • Kate says:

    Coit Creative Arts Academy in Grand Rapids, MI. Even though the name says “Academy” it’s actually a public school. We are lucky enough to have theme schools in our public school system, and this one has it’s main focus on the arts. Music, dance, fine arts are all part of the children’s everyday curriculum. Being public, it is also a regular neighborhood school, and the surrounding area is low income. The academic achievements of this school are the best in the district, when you compare similar economic areas. However, recent cuts and school closings in the district are putting this school and it’s important mission in jeopardy. Every little bit will help!

  • Kim says:

    Gilbert Elementary in Yakima, WA (98908) would love any extra support as well. We are also a low income school. The PTA has been working hard to try to replace the playground equipment. Any support is greatly appreciated!!

  • janette says:

    Dueitt Middle School is Spring, Texas would love your support. Also a low income Title One school. Everything helps!!

  • marlene says:

    boise copy paper also contain these box tops i tell the girls at work to save these for me and i have save more then 100 yay i think this is great if only every parent would send some to school we would raise alot of money

  • Sandee Webb says:

    Please consider Mae Richardson Elementary School in Central Point Oregon. We belong to a small rural school district and as such we do not receive very much federal funding. Thank you!

  • Amanda says:

    Please support KILMER CENTER (8102 wolftrap rd Vienna va) it is a small specialized school for children with severe disabilities. Their equipment and toys are extremely expensive and the box tops help out a ton! Thank you!

  • Dorothy says:

    We are a small school, so boxtops do not add up very quickly at our school. We would love boxtops to buy more school items that are needed. Please send them in an envelope marked “boxtops” on the bottom corner: PJP2 School, 221 Farmington Avenue, New Britain, CT 06053. Thank you so much for considering our school.

  • Nicole says:

    Clovis Nazarene School in Clovis, NM would love the help. I save all my box tops and have turned in hundreds, but more would be great for our small school in our very small city.

  • Alicia Phoebe says:

    Wildomar Elementary in Wildomar California zip code 92595 … my lil boy loves turning in lots of box tops they are on a lot of different items scott brands kleenex etc.

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