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Target: Lots of Clearance Finds + Great Deals on Skintimate, Softsoap, Almay, Sara Lee + More

9:12 PM MST
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Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.07.12 PM

Just a heads up that you may want to head on over to your local Target to not only check for Easter clearance, but lots of other deals and clearance bargains too! Check out what my sidekick, Mary, found at her local Target store in the Austin, Texas area (and these finds are in part thanks to a lot of helpful emails from readers regarding deals they snagged)…

First, make sure to head straight to the Dollar Section when you walk in the store. Mary noticed that all black dot merchandise in the $1 area of her local store is currently on clearance for 70% off, which means these black dot items will ring up at just 0.30! Wow! Snag Sesame Street sippy cups, cute storage items, and lots of other stuff for just $0.30!

Here are more deals for ya:

Almay Intense i-Color Eye Shadow only $4.99
Use the $1/1 Almay intense i-color cosmetics item Target store coupon found here
Plus, use the $5/2 Almay cosmetics products coupon found here
Final cost only $3.98 for 2, just $1.99 each!

Buy 2 Skintimate Shave Gel on a Price Cut for $2.09 each
Use the BOGO Skintimate Coupon found here
Final Cost only $1.05 each!

Softsoap hand soap 7.5 oz on a Price Cut for $0.99
Use the $0.50/2 Softsoap coupon found here
Final cost only $0.74 each!

Palmolive Soft Touch 25 oz on a Price Cut for $1.99
Use the $0.50/1 Palmolive Soft Touch coupon found here
Final cost only $1.49!

Sara Lee Snacks (YUMMY!) regularly priced at $2.99
Use the $1/1 Sara Lee snacks coupon found here
Final cost only $1.99!

Weight Watchers cream cheese $1.99
Use the $1/1 coupon found here
Final cost as low as only $0.99!

Weight Watchers frozen novelty items $4.24
Use the $1/1 Weight Watchers frozen novelty coupon found here
Final cost $3.24! All of the varieties available look so yummy!

La Victoria Taco Sauce $2.04
Use the $1/2 La Victoria Salsa or Taco Sauce Products coupon found here
Final cost $1.54 per bottle!

BOCA Meatless products only $2.99
Use the $1/1 BOCA Meatless coupon found here
Final cost only $1.99!

Also, Easter Candy was reduced to 50% off at her local store! She spotted lots of yummy Snickers Peanut Butter Square Miniatures bags on clearance which makes for a very sweet deal when paired with the coupon available! Check it out…

Buy 1 Snickers Peanut Butter Square Miniatures bags possibly on clearance for $1.59
(make sure to always price check clearance)
Use the $1/1 Snickers Peanut Butter bags coupon found here
Final cost only $0.59!

And all other Easter clearance (besides candy) was an additional 70% off at her local store! As you can see, there was still quite a bit available to snag.

Come back and share the goodies you are able to score at your local Target! :D

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  • Paige Harwell says:

    Ours was all at 70% toIn odeOdessa tx! :) got some cute stuff and a little stack of sesame street books .30 a pc can’t beat that ans make for great gifts! :)

  • Jes says:

    Easter candy as still only 30% at my store, but 1.33 is still a good deal on the peanut butter squares!!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I got some elmo bottles and pacifiers for an up coming baby shower for 30 cents!! :)

  • amanda says:

    I would like to FIND OUT HOW TO JOIN Or sign up for email alerts via facebook or mobile for wesbite. HIP 2 SAVE

    • Crystal H says:

      You can sign up for emails/ texts at the top of the page. You can also like Hip2Save on Facebook to get the deals there. Just make sure you like quite a few of the Hip2Save posts to make sure it shows up in your feed.

  • Brandy says:

    Even though my store was completely picked over I managed to score a pretty good Easter clearance haul on Thursday. I got a couple of Paas kits, color Goldfish crackers, mini kites (only 44 cents!), a pinwheel with an LED (89 cents), a couple bowls, and a sad lonely single divided plate. Oh and a NordicWare whisk!

    I posted a picture on my blog:

    I didn’t purchase them but at my store there was quite a bit of clearanced Disney baby stuff – rattles, lovey dolls, etc. Would make great finds for future baby shower gifting.

  • Melissa says:

    I bought three bags of those candy coated Cadbury mini eggs… Yum! Think I will hide them better from my kids this time! I also bought two super-cute buckets (that didn’t scream ‘EASTER’!) for small toys in my twin preschoolers room along with some cute little toys that each cost around 90 cents for a road trip this summer. I think I did pretty good!

  • Krista says:

    I tasked my mom with picking me up some of the sesame st goodies I originally passed on at my store, but then regretted. She is holding them 1000 miles away until I get there this summer- I refuse to let her pay shipping on clearance items I begged off of her. I had her pick up all of it because I did not want to drag my 2yo back to Target, and I promise to be the kind of Mom who does the same when my lil one is all grown up. I just wanted to say yay for all the moms out there young and not as young!

  • Cari Lazo-Sharpe says:

    I went today, and got 4 dish soaps for 1.50 each, but our target clearance Easter section was empty.. was very disappointed.

  • Theresa says:

    Got 3 nordicware cookie sheets for $8. They were in the regular aisle …..had an Easter recipe printed on the wrapper. :)

  • Diane says:

    Walgreens has all their Easter candy for 75% off.

  • Destinee says:

    Is anyone else finding the weight watchers q’s??

  • Destinee says:

    Was anyone able to find the weight watchers q’s??

  • Callie says:

    Looking for the dollar section Sesame sippy cups for a party. In the souther Cali area…can you post if you have seen them in this area and where, please?:)

    • Shannon says:

      Callie – I saw a ton of Sesame Street stuff at the Target off California Oaks today in Murrieta. :) Lots of Sesame Street board books, the bath tub books, sippy cups, pacifiers, etc. Hope that helps!

      • Callie says:

        Thanks Shannon! I am way South, like 5 minutes from the border, so it is still an hour away:( But I might convince myself if I have to…thank you so much for responding!

        • Destinee says:

          I used to live in Santee and they ALWAYS had leftover clearance stuff (dollar section included). Same with La Mesa! My advice is get there first thing in the morning so all the returns are put away ;)

        • sherri says:

          There should be Targets in so. San Diego and CHula Vista right?

    • Mom says:

      I am in the southwest Michigan area looking for the same things for my grandkids.

  • Tracy says:

    I got the snickers for .59 a bag and the M&M bags for .69 after qs for $1.50/2

  • erica says:

    There is a Target coupon for .75/1 skintimate shave gel…can be stacked with the BOGO mfg coupon…2.09 for one, use 1 BOGO and one .75 mfg coupon=.67/ea!

  • Gail says:

    i got several good deals at my target – mickey/minnie and hello kitty sticker boxes for 89c each (tbh they look more like valentine’s stickers but we’ll use them!), crayola side walk chalk (16ct) for 89c, Lego Winzar and Emma bagged sets for $1.19 (these might be over by the toy section in your target), a teatowel for 89c, two cute storage containers with lids for 59c each, 2 paas sets at 60c each, towmater and darth vader 3 egg sets for 75c each and a felt easter egg banner for $1.19.
    walmart is very slim pickings in comparison to target but i did get some dinosaur head shaped easter eggs at 1/2 off ($2.74)…tossed the bubble gum candy and will save the eggs for next year.

  • Elena says:

    What zip code do you use for the Almay $5/2? I can not find it anywhere!

  • Amy says:

    I was able to get two bags of the snickers today with coupon. $.59. Anyone know when its going to hit 90%?

  • Krista says:

    You guys are lucky! I went the Tuesday after Easter and all that was left were a few home decor items… absolutely NO candy, eggs, basket stuffers, etc. I thought that was crazy for just 2 days later :(

  • M says:

    The Almay eyeshadows at my Target had the sign for $4.99 but rang up $4.74
    It’s only a few cents difference but it helped make for a better deal!

  • C says:

    thanks for the heads up collin. i just went to my target and got a ton of books, sippy cups, socks, and other easter stuff for 30 cents each.

  • jan k says:

    Disney coloring books, cute felt Easter baskets 30 cents, light up wands and pinwheels were 90cents

  • vene says:

    is the $5/2 almay cosmetics coupon gone?I am not able to find it on

  • Brooke says:

    I found some Rapunzel, Cars and other great wall stickers for 70% off. My kiddos are VERY happy :).

  • Jess says:

    Do the black dot dollar items go to 90% off too?

  • rosana says:

    Came out from my target gor the snickers for .59, 2 packs of pencils for .30 but there is a lot of mickey and minnie rattlers I will wait feom 4.99 they 1.50 maybe tomorrow or monday they will be 90% off

  • an says:

    went to target east madison wi area yesterday and scored the 30c sippy cups, etc great deals! there were still tons there fri AM.

  • Ashley57 says:

    Was just in a central Florida Target and scored about 20 total of sippy cups, bottles, and pacifiers. Still a bunch left! So happy to give these to my SIL and sister, who are both expecting.

  • NANCI says:

    does any body know if you can combine promotion and coupon @ target ?
    they have a buy 3 oreida fries $2.99 & get 1 free, but if i use the $2 off target coupon. will it work?

    • Geena J says:

      Of course u can Nanci, as long as u use only one Manufacturer coupon and another Target coupon on the same item , u r fine….in fact it makes better sense to combine ur coupons with a promotion so that u make better savings…!

    • Cari Lazo-Sharpe says:

      Yes you can, When you shop at Target if they have a coupon and the manufacturers issue one too you may use both on an item. For example i purchase the Skintimate shave gel yesterday for 2.08 each, at check out i gave the cashier two 75 cent coupon from target and one BOGO coupon from the manufacturers, i ended up paying 58 cents for two not bad huh?

  • Marissa says:

    i just called my target and they said that tonight is the last night for easter clearance. is that normal to only have 1 day of it? Or should i check tomorrow morning?

  • anja says:

    my target in kansas city does not have the skintimates for $2.09 they were $2.44 very disappointed had the coupons too.Used the bogo and a target coupon .75cents and payed .56 cents each because somehow the bogo coupon scanned $3.00 off that was awesome.

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