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$1/1 Rave Hairspray Coupon (Still Available!) = Possible FREE Rave Hairspray at Kmart

10:53 AM MST
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If you’re are headed to Kmart, here’s a nice freebie you may be able to snag! First, hop on over to to print this $1/1 Rave Hairspray coupon. If you don’t see this coupon, first click here and change your zip code to 62946 then click back on this link. Now check out this Kmart deal you can score…

Rave Hairspray $0.99 (through 5/6)
Use the $1/1 Rave Hairspray coupon found here (use zip 62946)
*Note – this coupon does not print with a Walmart logo and is a manufacturer’s coupon!
Or use the $1/1 Rave Hairspray coupon found on Facebook or in the 3/17 SS
Final cost FREE!

(Thanks and Photo Credit, Coupon Cutting Mom!)

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  • Tilla Ham says:

    omg a blast from the past:) didn’t know they still made this, all i can picture is me and my BFF in 8th grade Jammin our headbangers ball and spraying enough Rave in our hair to be considered an incendiary device. GOOD TIMES!

  • Maggie says:

    I wish we still had Kmarts here, They all closed.

  • Marian says:

    Does dollar store sell these?

  • Rubi says:

    Mine printed with the Walmart logo :(

  • Heather says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much (and thanks for the extra info ab the zip code!

  • cosette says:

    Kmart wouldnt take my q’s cuz they said redeemable at walmart. I relly dont like Kmart or Walmart for that matter :(

    • Kristy says:

      My Kmart wouldn’t take them either. She said they have to say “redeemable at Walmart or any other retailer” Ok how often do we see that?? Like never!! lol After arguing for a few mintues I couldn’t win. Needless to say , I left my entire order there!!

  • tiffggrace says:

    Mine says redeemable at walmart too : ( does that mean I HAVE too redeem it there?

  • saida says:

    I tried using mine at walmart to purchase this product and coupon would not work!! so dissapointed!! i asked why? and he asked the manager and he said “if they dont work then they JUST DONT WORK!!!” SO RUDE!!

  • Kelly says:

    Does Kmart allow for the $.01 overage? It seems like I had troubles before with them allowing a $1 off coupon for a $.99 item.

  • rebecca says:

    i tried this last week at Kmart on this same product, and they wouldn’t accept my coupon either. the checker said she couldn’t make the coupon work and that she always has trouble with coupons. and she said it was either because i had already used the coupon somewhere else (of course i didn’t!) or because i could only use it at Walmart.
    i don’t know what to do when i know more about the coupon policy than the employees, and my transaction is taking forever, and there are people behind me acting like i’m doing something wrong, or the checker suspects i’m somehow trying to defraud the store or get away with something dishonest :(

    on another sort-of related note, at Walgreens, in the clearance section i found a L’oreal Studio-line hairspray marked down to $2.24. in the Walgreens monthly coupon booklet there was a $2-off store coupon for Studio-line hairspray. i was excited, until the checker said the store coupons couldn’t be used on clearance items, because i was “already getting a good price from the store. it’s already marked down to half-price, you can’t get it down to 24 cents by stacking clearance with a store coupon.”
    anybody heard of this “policy” before from Walgreens or elsewhere?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Just got back from Kmart in Greenwood, IN and they would not take this coupon either! I called customer service and got “accidently” hung up on, then did a live chat only to have them tell me after discussing it that I would have to call my local store! Waste of time!! Kmart stinks…

  • mclovee23 says:

    When the coupon first came out, I tried using it at Walmart and it would NOT work. The cashier said she wasn’t allowed to punch it in so I didn’t waste my time trying to use it again.

  • Robyn says:

    I went to Kmart and got my hairspray with no problem. even the cashier said i was getting a great deal!!!!

    • Jane says:

      My Kmart refused to take this coupon as well. She said it was because it said to redeem at Walmart. I showed her it was a manuf. cp but she still refused! I am wondering if it was because of the penny overage, but if Walmart will not take it then that is not the case!
      Waste of ink.

  • mymoneymission says:

    My local Wal-Mart is a pain in the rear-end. Their cash registers have problems with coupons that I clip out of the newspaper and don’t even get me started on the ones that I print from! UGH! It is ridiculous!! I’ve just about decided to do all of my shopping at Aldi’s and kiss Wally World goodbye!!!

  • Stephanie Wills says:

    I have this coupon from the paper a few weeks ago, but I can’t find a Kmart that has them for 0.99!! They are $2.50 at my store

  • Christie says:

    Hi Collin..Where is it listed for .99? I thought if I could print it out walmart may price match and I could still get it for free! :D Kmart here did not have it on sale and was $3.50…Yikes :/

  • amanda says:

    i cant figure out how to change my zip code

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