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Rare $1/2 Popsicle Product Coupon (Still Available!)

5:56 PM MST
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I just want to remind you all before this coupon disappears for good that you still have a chance to print it! So, if you haven’t already, head on over to to print this $1/2 Popsicle products coupon (not valid on 6-8 count items) coupon!

If you know of any in-store sales, let us know!

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  • Amber R. says:

    What is the experation date on the coupon? Because these tend to go on sale around memorial day weekend. If the coupon lasts that long it could make for a good deal.

  • Griselda says:

    Just printed the coupon and it expires on May 25th

  • Amy Stotts says:

    My Walmart used to have the 8 ct. for $1.25 and it was cheaper than the 20 ct. Well, now, the 20 ct is cheaper than the 8 ct. so I’ll be using the coupons there. I buy them every week anyways, so I don’t really want to wait for a special. When Krogers puts them on sale, they’re for the 8 ct., so even if they happen to have a sale, the coupon excludes that size.

  • Steph says:

    Is anyone else concerned about what unnatural ingredient they had to put in these things to make them “slow melt?” Sound more like Franken-sicles!

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