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*HOT* New $6/1 Zyrtec 5-Count Printable Coupon = Free at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS & Rite Aid

8:16 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: This coupon is no longer available, but you can still snag these great deals if you grab today’s newspaper!

WooHoo! In addition to the high value $6/1 Zyrtec 5 count coupon found in today’s 4/28 SmartSource insert, there is also a $6/1 Zyrtec 5-count coupon available to print on! (Darn – no longer available) So hurry on over there to print yours, as I doubt this printable will last long. And, as I mentioned yesterday, this coupon is only for the 5-ct which means you’ll be able to score FREE and even better than FREE deals at your local drugstores and Walmart!

Save $6.00  on any (1) Zyrtec® 5 ct

Check them out….


(Photo Credit: Time 2 Save Workshops)

Zyrtec allergy relief 5 ct $5.27
Use the $6/1 Zyrtec allergy relief coupon found in the 4/28 SS or here (no longer available)
Final cost FREE + $0.73 in overage!


Zyrtec allergy relief 5 ct $6
Use the $6/1 Zyrtec allergy relief coupon found in the 4/28 SS or here (no longer available)
Final cost FREE!


Zyrtec 24-hour tablets 5ct $6
Use the $6/1 Zyrtec Product coupon found in the 4/28 SS or here (no longer available)
Final cost FREE!

Rite Aid

Zyrtec 24-hour tablets 5 ct $6
Use the $6/1 Zyrtec Product coupon found in the 4/28 SS or here (no longer available)
Final cost FREE!

(Thanks, Military Wives Saving!)

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  • CJ says:

    Thanks! I got one at Walgreens this morning. Will try CVS and/or Walgreens again later day.

  • Robin says:

    My Target had the 5 count Zyrtec for $5.37. The coupon scanned for the full $6.00 at checkout so I did get some overage. Just FYI in case you can’t find it at the other stores. :-)

  • Ger says:

    Thanks, got 2 prints!

  • Elizabeth says:

    It’s also free at Kroger……priced at $5.99

  • Rhonda says:

    Zyrtec is $5.02 at my Target. I received a $0.98 overage!

  • Griselda says:

    anyone know how i can print this from my mac. it says my java is not enabled but it is. :|

    • Shelley says:

      I am having the same problem. :(

    • Sandy says:

      When you figure it out let me know! I’ve been trying for over 6 months now – mine print 1 inches by 2 inches… frustrating but thankfully I have 3 other computers.

      • Chris says:

        My Mac would some times print the Java coupons, but the past month, it won’t print at all and I have tried everything. Mac keeps blocking Java, so it is an endless battle. Just google “mac blocks java” for more details.

        • Heather says:

          I have had this issue for months, but I was finally able to resolve it. Here is what I did: First, go to the Safari menu and select Preferences. Click Security and make sure that “Allow Java” is checked next to Internet Plug-ins. This setting has been checked during the problem period. Then, go to Click the Verify Java Version. When I did this, “Inactive Java Plug-in” displayed. I clicked this and a window popped up asking me to allow. Check the box to not ask again and then click Allow. Something happens because then it says that I have the latest version of Java. I then went to I encountered a pop-up that said Smartsource uses a Java applet and do I want to allow. I checked the box not to ask again and clicked Allow. Then, I selected some coupons and they printed! I also tested and they printed as well. I hope this helps others having this problem on a Mac.

  • rose says:

    Thanks! We have been going through Zyrtec like crazy down here in the South. Our carport & deck are Yellow with pollen!

    • Gil says:

      Here in Acworth seems to be clearing up. Even before the rain today-car was actually white instead of fuzzy yellow LOL!
      Got 6 Zyrtec @ CVS & WGS this morning with my deals.

  • renee says:

    No coupon in my smartsource today… :(

  • umav says:

    Thank u very much!

  • Shanna says:

    My son, age 7 suffers from really bad allergies, is this safe for him to take?

    • Shayla says:

      My 4-yr old suffers really bad right now too. Since her daddy takes Zyrtek, the peditrician told me she can have children’s Zyrtek. However, I have not had any luck finding it so I had to go with another one (Allegra). But yes, talk to your doctor first; even a phone call to them would be more direction than taking advice from others =)

      • Shanna says:

        Thanks everyone. I did see on the print out that its safe for ages 6 and up. I have gone thru the different allergy meds suggested by his doc and nothing seems to be working well for him. I will give this a shot and if it fails back to the doc.

    • Cristal says:

      An ad prints with Q that says good for adults and children over 6. Hth

    • Teri C says:

      Call a pharmacist.

    • mer says:

      ask a doctor. Please don’t take advice about medicine from random strangers on the internet.

  • Teri C says:

    I can’t print from Smartsource on my Mac. I contacted them about a week ago. They said there was a bug that they fixed. However, it isn’t fixed. I have the latest version of Java, lowered the security setting on Java, have Java enabled, allowed popups, etc. I did everything I could think of and nothing worked. :( Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • sheila says:

    It wasted a lot of ink to print this coupon. BTW, do we have to pay sale tax for it?

  • Mary says:

    Do you take Zyrtec at night or in the morning? I’m wondering if it makes you drowsy? Thanks!

  • Ashley57 says:

    Thanks! I picked up 4 at Wags this morning. Probably won’t have to buy Zyrtec this year! Yay!

  • Gil says:

    I’ll use the IP’s @ WM-self ckout only. I get no hassles that way & the overage will go towards fresh fruit!

    • Jessica says:

      You can use coupons at self checkout?!?? Where do they have you put the coupons after you scan them?!?! Omg this could be my greatest discovery yet! Thank you!

      • mel says:

        my wm *just* got back the self ck out lanes (think its 6 registers total) but they are STILL a pia like before. coupons beep for checkers to verify and forget about the coupons with new bar codes, those don’t scan at all! could just be my wm though. I’ll just stick to the regular lanes, I don’t have any problems at all.

  • kelsey says:

    Hey fellow Hip2savers!
    I’m wanting to use this today for my first overage purchase. I’m buying another item so I’m hoping it will just go towards that :) Is doing overage a hassle at walmart like it is at other places when they have to adjust the coupon or is it straightforward? I’m so excited to do this, but want to prepare myself if there will be frustration!

    • mel says:

      Any coupon that is over the amount of the shelf price will beep, but just for the cashier to “verify” the amount. they just push a key and move on to the next coupon.

    • renee says:

      The odd thing is that at Walgreens usually a coupon will beep if it is over, but mine did not today and the overage applied to the other items in my transaction. I get a 15% military discount at Walgreens so they rang up as $5.10 and the printable coupons took off $6. At Walmart I never had trouble with overage nor at Target or Rite Aid.

    • Steph says:

      Good luck with trying to get overage at Walmart. Some eagle-eye checker noticed that it’s an “up-to” coupon (“up to $6,” no money back) and refused to give me the overage. The weird thing, though, is that the coupon also states that they’ll pay the retailer the face value of the coupon, so the makers of Zyrtec are basically saying that they will pay the overage to the stores, but not the customer. As I said, weird!

      • michelle li says:

        I forgot to use them at check out and had to go back to customer service. And yes eagle eye like you said. Lol… lost my overage too.

  • jessica says:

    Does anybody know if they sell these at the commissary and how much they are there?

  • Nohemi says:

    I got 8 coupons(4 printed & 4 from the SS) went to Walmart $5.27 ea bought all 8 together got $3.31 in overage!

  • teetee says:

    mine wont print – the java wonr install. I think it is a problem with the security I have. really stinks. wont let m edownload java to print.

    • renee says:

      I keep getting this problem with java as well. Eventually it will load and I will be able to print for a while until a new update comes along and then I get the problem again. After you hit print, continue to look at the address bar for a red camera to pop up. click it then click to allow ad ins. This will allow you to print the coupon. You have to watch carefully for the camera though or you will miss it. HTH.

  • llc says:

    BEFORE YOU PRINT – it takes an entire sheet. Only put a half a piece of paper to save on wasted ink if your only printing this one coupon.

  • llc says:

    I was at Target last night and couldnt believe these were already gone. I didnt have my coupons yet, but was just checking their price since we only have a week to use and couldnt believce they were wiped out. I hope I am able to redeem mine without a crazy search.

  • Kelly says:

    Couldn’t find this coupon, looks like it’s already gone… :(

  • Tracy says:

    Has the coupon gone? I did not see it any more :(

  • Sandra says:

    I was able to use 12 coupons (4 from the SS and 8 printed from our comps) and we got almost 5.00 back in cash from Walmart! Great deal since so many of us suffer with allergies.

  • Crystal says:

    I just went to print it and it isn’t showing, so it is either gone already or some of yall have a better zip code than me :)

  • axhilli says:

    I wasn’t allowed to keep my overage at Target if I would have thought about it I would have went up the street to Walmart but I’m happy they were free.

    • Michelle says:

      Me too, I should went to WM. The coupon scanned without any problem and took $6 off, then my cashier just had to adjust the price, bummer :(

  • Denise G. says:

    All I found was a coupon for $7 off 70 count or larger.

  • Mallory H. says:

    My CVS coupon machine spit out a $3/$10 allergy so it’s a money maker there. Make sure you have items to cover overage or they won’t honor it.

  • KR says:

    We now only take one newspaper and it has a lot fewer coupon inserts so no free Zyrtec. Tried to get one on-line but every place I checked said they are all gone. Wish some of you who got several had left a few for the rest of us who gone none!

    • Renee says:

      I checked Target, Walmart, Kroger and Discount Drug Mart at noon and all gone! Found some at Walgreens!

    • Maria says:

      Both of the 2 walmart and 2 krogers near us didn’t have any but when I tried at Walgreens they had some. It sucks that I had to go to 4 stores just to get 2 of them. If only my allergies wasn’t bad.

  • llc says:

    I found some discarded at Walmart. Used my paper insert coupons and they went thru. The printed ones would NOT scan so I wasnt able to use at Walmart. The bar code looks horrible on the printout too.

    • DealGirl says:

      Printed ones scanned for me at Wags. However, they always seem to have issues with the coupons saying “exceeds items value,” when it doesn’t. The mgr overrided it for me.

  • sarah says:

    hit me with an email at for a $10 off $15 purchase on living social!!!!!! i have lots to send!

  • Kay says:

    I agree with those who are frustrated with the shelves being cleared of Zyrtec in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes.

    My CVS said that a guy came in with 21 coupons and cleared their shelves. Then he asked when the manager was going to order more and said that he would be back on Thursday for another 30 more!!

    I too, suffer from allergies but that just seems crazy.

    • Luv2Save says:

      How did they even have 21 on the shelf?? That is just way too much. I was at rite aid this morning and there were only 4 on the shelf. I was reading the back of the med when this lady came right in (@12pm) in her pjz and grab the two packs. I just gave her a look because she didn’t care that I was standing there (no excuse me or anything). I guess she knew what she wanted. However, she did ask me if I had a coupon and I said yes.

      BTW I have really bad allergies this year and this coupon seriously helped me out. I went to Walgreens afterwards and they were well stocked. I DID NOT BUY 21 :-P

      Three all together.

      • Dolores says:

        People get extremely greedy whenever deals like this pop up. I honestly don’t think people use the product, I think they see $$$$ and try to resell it to make a profit.

  • brandice says:

    Just an FYI if u are a healthcare prof…nurse MD or the like sign up for Zyrtec prof website and u can order samples every quarter. Three times a year…u do have to give out your nursing or MD license number but its worth it to me as Zyrtec is expensive

  • lbccouponchick says:

    got mines at riteaid :)

  • Em says:

    We’ve been using local honey to combat our allergies! Works great!!

  • DealGirl says:

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that Costco carries their store brand version of Zyrtec with the exact same active ingredient. The costco brand is called Aller-tec and it comes with 365 pills. They’re on sale thru May 5th for only $12.99. This is SOOOO cheap and worth it, if you are a Costco member.

  • michelle li says:

    I didn’t even try walgreens caz I know they will be gone in a matter of hours. I took my coupons to Target and I was lucky. Got 4 of them. Target restock more often. Btw they are $5.29 at Target so if you are geting other items in the same transaction it might give you an overage of 71 cents each to cover them.

  • Steph says:

    Just an FYI, I could not find it at my local Walmart or CVS but did find it at Kroger. It is $5.99. The 3 I got had a expiration of 10/13. So definitely check that. Also, in the clearance section there they had the next size up (12 ct. or 15 ct.) that were clearance stickered @ $6.49 because of the exp. date being 5/13. They also had tons of Allegra and Mucinex clearance because of the exp. dates. So check Kroger or one of the affiliate stores and you might find it there.

  • Lemon says:

    I tried to use my two coupons at my Walmart and the lady had to cashier because the coupon exceeded the price of my item. The manager told her just scan it, but she said she it didn’t scan and wouldn’t accept my coupons. What can I do in this case? Should I just go back and try again with another person or store?

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