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*HOT* Oreo Cookies Coupons (Facebook) = Only $1.50 Each at Walgreens

2:50 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all Oreo lovers! Hurry on over to the BI-LO Super Saver Facebook page, “like” them, and click on the Nascar Race Day tab to print the following *HOT* new Oreo manufacturer’s coupons…

*$1/1 package of Oreo Cookies 13.1-15.25 oz (no longer available :( )
*$1.50/2 packages of Oreo Cookies 13.1-15.25 oz
*$1.50 off a Gallon of Milk when you buy 2 packages of Oreo Cookies 13.1-15.25 oz

If you’re wanting to use your coupon(s) now, check out this Walgreens deal (thru 5/4):

Oreos 13.1-15.5 oz or Chips Ahoy 11.75-14 oz 2/$5
Use the $1/1 Oreos coupon found here
Final cost $1.50 each!

These *HOT* coupons won’t last long, so print them while you can!

(Thanks, Krazy Life of Coupons!)

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  • Joy says:

    These say valid at Bi-Lo in small type on bottom right corner

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Hi Joy!

      Although the coupon does state “redeemable at Bi-Lo” in the bottom right corner, it is a regular manufacturer’s coupon that can be used anywhere. Yay! :D

      If the coupon stated “redeemable only at Bi-Lo” then you would only be able to use it at a Bi-Lo store. Hope that helps!

      • Joy says:

        Even though it’s a manufacturer coupon, some stores won’t allow them if they have another store name anywhere on it especially if that store isn’t in your region or if it’s not a competitor. We don’t have Bi-Lo or Winn-Dixie here in NY state so I can see a cashier saying something about the coupon. If it said Walmart or Target, then yeah no problem. Plus, this actually says “Valid at Bi-Lo” not “Redeemable at Bi-Lo.” LOL. I know comparing apples to apples, but you know some stores will fuss so just wanted to let people know before they print.

        • Shayla says:

          Joy, last time these were available (Chips Ahoy and Ritz crackers) I was able to print and redeem at my local grocerier. It was already in their system (no beep) and I live no where near either Winn Dixie or Bi-Lo. YMMV but your stores might be different.

  • shannon says:

    before you print it , it says valid in GA, NC, SC, & TN, 18 years and older

    • Nancy says:

      I think that’s for the contest. I printed the coupon and it didn’t state anywhere on the coupon “valid in such and such state”. So I think it should be okay!

  • Erin W. says:

    You have to allow them access to your public profile to get this? No thanks. After clicking “cancel” several times, a FB message pops up that says they are not following FB policy and to report them with a screenshot. So wierd.

  • anonymous says:

    winn-dixie page also offering same coupons,they are allowing 2 prints per coupon so total 4 prints

  • Sue says:

    Just tried and it stated that the $1.00 Oreo coupon was no longer.

  • rn30032 says:

    the $1/1 is GONE ;(

  • Arianne says:

    $1/1 is gone.

  • Teahleah says:

    Walgreens has Oreo’s on sale this week 2/$5. From what I can tell by a blog I use that’s about the lowest price they’ve had them at since last year. So with the coupon for $1/1 it would be $3 or $1.50 for each package! Going to get some today since they last a while and I’m sure I can find some hungry friends/family that would love them! ;-)

  • Teahleah says:

    And yes fast fingers over here just realized that Collin had mentioned the price in the title :-) but it is by far the lowest price I’ve seen so if you’re waiting around for it to get lower it may not. We just came off of Super Doubles at a store in my area and it won’t be until later in the year that they do another so I will use the coupons now.

  • tracee says:

    can you buy one gallon of milk and 2 pk of oreos and then use the 1.50/2 on 2 packages of oreos and then use the 1.50 off milk when you buy 2pk oreos? thx.

    • Michele says:

      I believe so because the one coupon is on milk, and the other is on the oreo’s they are on different items. I’m sure if it’s not allowed someone will post here soon to let us know.

    • Shayla says:

      just depends on the wording on both manufacturer coupons. Sometimes it flat out states “not applicable with other coupons” or something like that. I have also noted it depends on the retailer too and how it is input into the system.

  • mom says:

    something to do with the oreos…I made them for a 4th grade class and they were a big hit!

    • CW says:

      Thanks for posting that! I’m thinking put mint oreos in the muffin tins stacked (no peanut butter) and pour the brownie batter over too. YUM! Just make sure your child’s classroom has no peanut allergies if you do this… :)

  • dealhousewife says:

    $1/1 oreos coupon is out… :/

  • Michelle Coghlin says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Collin! I have a local BI-LO so I entered the instant win contest through the link you posted and I won a $10 BI-LO gift card! Yay!

  • Elise says:

    the $1 off 1 and the $1.50 off milk still work! (those are the only ones I printed)

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