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Redbox Instant: FREE 1-Month Trial = 4 FREE Redbox Movie Rentals + Unlimited Streaming

10:39 AM MST
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As I posted back in January, Redbox recently launched their Redbox Instant program where they are still offering up a FREE 1-month trial for new subscribers! With this trial, you’ll be able to score 4 FREE one-day DVD rentals + unlimited access to streaming movies for 30 days (afterwards pay just $8 per month). Keep in mind that you can cancel anytime during the 1-month trial to avoid any charges.

If you decide to extend your Redbox Instant membership after your 1-month trial has ended, you’ll just pay $8 per month. Your monthly membership will continue to include 4 FREE Redbox DVD rentals along with the unlimited streaming that works on any Android phone, iPhone, tablet, or computer – perfect for Summer vacations or road trips! :)

* One month free trial offer for new subscribers only. You can cancel any time during the 1-month trial to avoid charges. If you like our service and don’t cancel during the trial period, your subscription will continue automatically at the then-current monthly subscription rate. Movie rentals and purchases excluded. Available in the US only. Streaming requires a 500 kbps or faster connection and is available on select devices. Additional rental nights beyond the 4 DVD credits a month will be charged at the standard daily rental at the box.

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  • Lynn says:

    Has anyone tried this yet? I’m just wondering if the newer movies can be streamed … but I wouldn’t want to stream a movie on a road trip. Can you imagine the data you’d be using? LOL.

  • Twyla says:

    Can someone tell me about their experience with this and how it compares to Netflix instant streaming? I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    • txhrc4 says:

      I tried Redbox free for one month and it does not compare to Netflix. I wound up not using Redbox at all for that one month because there were more choices on Netflix. But Redbox is just beginning, so it will take some time for them to get more stock then what they have now. Caution though, if you do take the free month, make sure you cancel before the due date. I mistakenly forgot to cancel and they charged me, and they refused to refund the money even though I missed the due date by one day. Their customer service wasn’t too nice in my opinion.

    • daryl richter says:

      i am trying the free month trial, and so far I love it. I am a horror movie freak and redbox has all the cool movies that Netflix don’t offer, like Killjoy, all of the Puppet masters, and a ton of others. Sure, they don’t have as many movies to stream as Netflix, but does a person really need all them movies, no, not in my opinion. Netflix has so many movies that you will never see or want to see in your lifetime. Netflix does have a few more newer releases, I will give them that. In the end, I think its your preference in movies, and think redbox has better ones to chose from

  • Megan W says:

    I have Netflix & the free month of this! We have only used the Redbox Instant for the 4 free movie rentals at the Kiosk! I’m cancelling this once the free month is up. It only has older movies to stream. If you want a new movie they charge you $3.99 PER MOVIE to watch it right then! Hello, the kiosk is only $1 & less than 2 miles from my house! Theres no way I’d pay $4 to watch it when I would already be paying the $8 a month. Netflix is my favorite, no comparision.

    • Robert says:

      Netflix SUX. Their stuff is OLD, outdated, boring choices. I had them for 3 months and never could find anything on there that I hadn’t already seen. Amazon Instant Video for $6.66/month has newer, better choices, and I’ve always been happy with it – plus, they include a lot of new/current stuff – some other premium stuff, you do have to pay a few dollars to stream, but, imo, they are superior to both the others. It’s $79/year, which works out to be about $6.66/month. Plus, you get 2-day free Amazon shipping. Great customer service, always willing to expedite refunds, etc. I don’t work for them, but I wouldn’t mind working for them! Oh, and Amazon Instant lets you watch TV shows one day after they air, any time you want, so I’m not constrained by some “network TV schedule.” Hulu Plus and Vudu also are a good combo, but Vudu charges by the movie, but they have no monthly fee.

  • Cindy says:

    I tried the BETA test version of Redbox Instant and although I love the movies at the actual Redbox kiosks…Netflix wins hands down!! Hardly any movies worth streaming and I was not able to stream to either my Kindle or my NextBook tablets. Couldn’t stream thru the television because we have the wrong equipment. Wasn’t impressed on any level with the Redbox Instant.

  • mckeeversmom says:

    I tried it and hated it. You have to buy a roku box (my tv is a little older) and the movie selection wasn’t any better than Netflix. Just be careful when you want to cancel. You have to CALL Redbox because you can’t just go on-line and cancel through your account. At least that was my experience in late February. Personally, I think Redbox has a lot of room for improvement and I thought it was more of a problem (time-wise) to cancel than the 4 free movies are worth.

  • Ashley57 says:

    I Beta tested redbox instant as a bzzagent, and it was ok, but not better than Amazon Prime. It is nice you get the 4 redbox movies per month, but there wasn’t very much streaming. I cancelled after one month.

  • Renee says:

    If you sign up share you can refer others to earn referral credits.

  • Barb Crispens says:

    I tried out the beta version and had a horrible experience. Move selection was terrible and then when I tried to cancel, there was no phone number to call. Would not recommend it!

  • Tanisha says:

    I tried this for BZZAgent and it was horrible. It’s not like Netflix (or at least it wasn’t a few months ago) where you pay $X and you can stream anything from the library. Redbox Instant is you pay $X but still have to pay to stream certain movies. The credits are nice, but I used a credit to rent a movie (kept it out for more than one day) and it used all my credits up on that one movie. I would stay away from this service until they get the glitches out. I wasn’t happy with the fact that you pay a membership fee but still have to pay to stream certain movies (not a dollar either, some were $3), they are modeling themselves more like Blockbuster’s Blue Ticket program. And we see how that turned out for Blockbuster.

  • xnohemithecouponerx says:

    I tried it & I cancelled it within the hour. All the movies that they have that you can actually watch for free are so OLD! I’m talking about 90s & older…it is good in the fact you can get the 4 rentals for free but the streaming is no comparison to Netflix!

  • KittyC says:

    I just dumped my cable because my promotional rate had expired and it was costing me over $200 a month! To keep even a decent amount of channels, phone and internet was still going to cost me about $120 a month, so I dumped the cable, got an antenna to get 25 free channels, got DSL with AT&T and a Magic Jack for phone. I’ve been able to watch a lot of channels online – like AMC for Mad Men! Yay!

    So this is GREAT to have for a month free. You don’t have to have a Roku. You can watch online or even use a laptop to connect to your TV. You can also use an Xbox or maybe a PS3.

    I just looked at what is available and I saw “This Is 40,” which I had wanted to see at the theatre, so I’m happy. It’s free for a month, so why not give it a shot!


  • chel says:

    Website is not working for me, anyone else having any problems getting the free trial?

  • Bernice says:


    One Night DVD rental codes. Expires 5/3/13.

  • missy hedrick says:

    can i use promo codes to rent movies on redbox instant on my xbox?

  • teresa says:

    I looked at the ones on instant. they are old but goodies. some not so old. netflix has a lot more of the ones that never went to the theatre. so over all i would say its cheap either way u put it. but it all depends on what you are into. i say scan through it and if you can pick 10 movies you might wanna watch within the first 5 pages then i say go for it.

  • Brock says:

    Ok I have a question so if you get red box instant do you have to pay every time you want to stream or watch a new movie like say I wanted to watch star terk in to darkness would I have to pay to watch this movie even if I pay the $8 a month

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