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Dollar General: *HOT* Dr. Pepper TEN 2 Liters as Low as Only $0.20 Each

5:54 PM MST
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As I mentioned here, there is a *HOT* Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Dr. Pepper TEN 2 liter bottles coupon available to print! Even sweeter, you can score a fantastic deal on Dr. Pepper TEN 2 liters at Dollar General this week!

Check it out…

Spend $10 on Participating items = Save $3 Instantly at checkout
Buy 10 Dr. Pepper TEN 2 liters on sale 3/$3, just $1 each
Total = $10
Minus the $3 instant savings at checkout = $7
Use 4 Buy 1 get 1 FREE coupons found here
Final cost $3 total – just $0.30 per 2 liter! *HOT* price!

** Or if you are able to print more than 4 coupons (maybe ask a friend or neighbor to print for ya), then use another coupon to score 10 2-liter bottles for only $2 total, just $0.20 each! Wow!!

(Thanks, Nick!)

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  • Teresa says:

    why 4 and not 5?

  • Sandy says:

    Last week this coupon when scanned took off $1.99. My 2 bottles of soda (2/$2) ended up costing me .01 I wasn’t the only one this happened to as per another blog!

  • Andria says:

    You could also use the $1 Hawaiian punch coupon to get the the $10 mark!

  • Kristen says:

    Does dollar general carry the aloha morning brand of Hawaiian punch?! I’d love to get some this week with that spend $10 save $3 along with my $5/$25- I just don’t know if they carry it or not

  • Chels says:

    My DG said its corporate policy that only one like coupon per customer is used. I didn’t have the policy with me so I couldn’t argue but I came home and what the manager told me was no where on the policy. Anyone have a similar situation before? I appreciate the help. I would really like to do this deal!

    • Shayla says:

      I think each DG makes their own policy. Thankfully, mine has been cool as they know me and as long as the coupon doesn’t prohibit and they have plenty of stock, I have been able to use upwards of 8 “like” coupons as long as I satisfied the amount for each coupon. Good luck, as sounds like you need to go to another DG or make nice with the manager =)

      • Chels says:

        Thanks shayla! I contacted corporate and the district manager informed me they are to follow the corporate policy. I haven’t been back to my local DG yet but I’m hoping I can at least use 2 or more like coupons now, with respect to mq fine print. I never clear shelves at DG bc I do understand that they are a small chain. I hope all goes well next time I shop there.

    • Marie says:

      YEP! I HAD THIS HAPPEN TO ME TODAY AND I WAS TRYING TO GET THE DEAL WITH THE HAWIIAN PUNCH WITH THE $5 off of $25 deal with the $3.oo instance credit! Such a intense and stressful 65 minutes of my coupon life! The cashier said they had changed the rules a week ago only one like coupon per transaction.I pulled up the corporate coupon policy on my phone and it hasn’t been updated since 4/10/2012 so after all the calling mangers I got what I came for that deal and my $3.00 off!

  • Kimberly says:

    Anyone Know if the $5 off $25 coupon Saturday will work on the cost before coupons?

    • Shayla says:

      The $5/$25 coupon is precoupon total; however, my experience with BOGO coupons at DG is that they take only the amount after they prorate the $5 coupon (I like to calculate so if you spend exactly $25, you can bank on a 20% off each item). However, sounds like this particular coupon is in their system for $1.99 (max value) so it may give you the full amount (according to another customer up above). Hope that helps!

  • Jill F. says:

    I used this coupon at Target the other day. My Target had them for $1 and I bought two. It auto deducted $1.99, so it cost me 1 cent for 2!

    • Shayla says:

      You got lucky, as I was told the other day that they do not allow overage (ie: Zyterk coupon gave me full $6 off, but they changed it to only price I paid). The cashier is suppose to change the coupon amount and so far I have had only a handful of times when they didn’t.

  • Cora says:

    I used this coupon at CVS on Thursday. CVS had them for $.99 and I bought 8 of them. I only paid 2 cents each after the coupon. AWWW YEAH!!

  • Mag says:

    I got (4) Dr Pepper and (3) Hawaiin punch and paid $2.13 today! Used (2) B1G1’s on the Dr Pepper and (3) $1/1 on the punch but she did have to hit total before she scanned the coupons bc the $3 didn’t come off when she scanned my coupons so she started over.

  • Allison says:

    Lowes Foods was super doubling last week. I got paid to use my BOGO Dr Pepper Ten and BOGO Sundrop coupons! They were on sale $1.89 and my coupons rang for -$1.99 and then doubled!

  • desi says:

    Am I thinking this right? buy 5 punch total is $7 after the instant savings? Then use 5 $1/1 making my total only $2 ?

  • candicimo says:

    Went to two DG’s today because one was out of Dr Pepper 10, but they had different things posted from the ad. The out of stock DG had both deals posted but the one that had Dr Peppers had only the $3 for 3 deal posted. For some reason it didn’t ring up properly though, so I didn’t get $3 for 3. Huge line, didn’t fight it, but the coupon WAS scanning for $1.99 and I got them to take off $3 for the 3OFF10 deal.

  • maflies1 says:

    Anyone know what the ‘Ten’ sodas are sweetened with? Thanking anyone very much for taking the time to look and respond. :-)

  • Ashley says:

    Are the b1g1 dr pepper coupons still available?

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