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  View changes → Buy Roundup Extended Control Weed & Grass Killer = FREE Refill ($19.97 Value!)

9:40 AM MST
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If you’re looking to tackle the weeds in your yard, here’s a great offer you can score from! Now through May 13th, you can snag a FREE Roundup Extended Control Weed & Grass Killer Plus WEED PREVENTER II ($19.97 value!) whenever you purchase the Roundup Extended Control Weed and Grass Killer with Wand for $25.97.

Just add the Grass Killer priced at $25.97 to your cart and enter the promo code ROUNDUP at checkout to see the $19.97 discount applied. Plus, be sure to choose in-store pickup to bypass any shipping charges. That means you’ll pay ONLY $25.97 (plus tax) for both items shipped to your local Lowes store – making each item only $12.99! Sounds good to me!

* Go through for 4% cash back or go through for 3% cash back!

(Thanks, Emily!)

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  • Tricia says:

    go monsanto

  • Michelle (@MN3boys) says:

    I despise Monsanto (maker of RoundUp). Please go watch Food, Inc. and you’ll see why. On a personal note, my husband dragged home “ditch straw” (typical male move when I wanted some ‘marsh hay’ which is seedless). That ditch straw has gotten plenty of weed-spray overspray over the years and then germinated in my once almost-no-weed vegetable garden. The weeds are now so prolific over the past 5 years, I pull, I’ve sprayed vinegar on them, used Round-Up, used Weed-B-Gone and assorted other chemicals, even went without a garden one year while we covered it black plastic to try and “bake” the weeds dead. Absolutely NOTHING will kill those ditch weeds. I’m not talking about a few weeds here and there, my garden is filled thick with that ditch weed, it’s horrible! :(

    • Emily says:

      I don’t know how big your garden is, but at this point, I’d probably dig out that soil completely, put a thin layer of sand and a black tarp down, and then add new, fresh top soil to your garden. All those chemicals can’t be good for the veggies you’re trying to grow.

  • Rachel says:

    LOVE roundup, nothing out there works as good as their products. When it comes to yard maintenance, cheaper is not better in this industry. This is a great deal for a fantastic product, thanks!

  • Becky says:

    Thanks Colin! We were looking at Roundup at Lowes last week and passed because of the price. I ordered it today and am glad I waited.

  • Katrina says:

    Please don’t support Monsanto, everyone.

    • Lana says:

      I agree! And be kind to your health and do not expose yourself or your family to these chemicals. If they are deadly to plants they are deadly to you!

    • Kristen says:

      How ridiculous, since you wrote that are we all supposed to listen to you? I happen to own a small nursery, & Monsanto’s products for the lawn and garden industry are the BEST out there. As someone mentioned before, don’t go the cheap route in this industry. These products do their job & do them well.

  • Michelle Poston says:

    Also if you go through ebates first to order from lowe’s you get 3% back on your purchase!

  • Danielle says:

    This is a great deal. It’s the same price in store. I personally won’t use roundup around any of my edibles. But I use it in my decorative beds and around the edges so I don’t have to get out the weed eater when we mow.

  • Erin says:

    I use Vinegar and dish soap it kills whatever it touches and is sooooo cheap. You can find recipes online.

    • steph says:

      Interested in this vinegar and dishsoap idea. Have you tried it on dandelions? Gonna google it now. Thanks for the tip!

      • Emily says:

        Scotts makes a spray called “touch up” and it is specifically for dandilions. That’s what I went to Lowes website this morning to look for. I, personally, don’t mind the dandilions and think it is fun to make wishes but my boyfriend thinks they are the worst. So we’re going to kill them.

  • Kristin says:

    Monsanto is evil. Vinegar and dish soap works great! Spay it on in the hottest part of the day.

  • sporksoma says:

    Don’t support Monsanto, and don’t endanger your health or the health of those you love.

  • Debbie says:

    Vinegar and dishsoap works great, but boiling hot water cooks them wild ones!! Just combine them all and bring to a boil – douse the weeds throughly. Works everytime!!

  • Michelle (@MN3boys) says:

    I should add that yes, RoundUp may work the best, but it’s also made that “ditch weed” (w/RoundUp overspray) immune to it. That’s why I can’t kill off the weeds in my garden. ~ Yes, after several years I have finally convinced my husband what a knucklehead he is and he will be digging out and removing at least 1-foot of contaminated soil. Prior to him dragging home “ditch weed straw” I had an organic garden with hardly any weeds and no need for any sort of chemicals. Monsanto has it out for the small farmer who can’t save seeds from his own harvest anymore, because the wind and insects carry pollen from Monsanto’s specialized (GMO) seeds to other farms… then Monsanto sues that farmer for infringement. My oldest son has Crohn’s Disease, my younger two have food allergies – neither Crohn’s or any type of allergies are in either of our families, I sincerely believe they were triggered by GMO’s and/or the preservatives added to foods. You may THINK you’re saving money or doing a “good” thing by using RoundUp and chemicals, but take a good look and research what you are doing. You are NOT saving money, you are endangering your lives.

  • AC says:

    For those of you reading that have no idea why people are opposed to Round-Up, please watch the documentary Food, Inc. if you can. The company Monsanto has genetically modified many common crops, especially soybeans and corn, so that they can be sprayed directly with strong herbicides and still survive. Their most famous product, is none other than Round-Up. Because of their economic power, they have bought up many of the corn and soybean seed suppliers, controlling over 95% of the seeds worldwide in these two crops. They continue to promote their seeds and crops, which arrive in supermarkets and food processing facilities with Round-Up still on them.
    If you desperately need a bottle to kill one dandelion like in their TV commercials, do what your parents did. Open your hand. Firmly grasp the dandelion. Yank the thing out of the ground. Done. No need to purchase a bottle of toxics. There are a few companies who I would spend a little bit more money to avoid. Monsanto is among the top of that list.

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