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Starbucks Stores: Buy Reusable Cup for Only $1 (Plus, Save 10¢ Every Time You Use It!)

7:57 AM MST
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Just a reminder that you can still take advantage of this offer!

In efforts to reduce cup waste and encourage more people to bring in their own reusable cups, Starbucks recently introduced the new, reusable (and recyclable) Starbucks cup for hot beverages at Starbucks stores nationwide.

Even sweeter, this cup is priced at only $1 AND you’ll receive a 10 cent discount each time you use it in stores… so it pays for itself in just ten uses! What a great & easy way to reduce waste – and you can’t beat the price! :)

On a side note, my hubby and I each purchased one of these cups last month and I have literally been using it on an almost daily basis. And no, I do not go to Starbucks daily; however, I love to use this cup at home as it keeps my coffee nice and warm and it is super easy to clean – I throw it in the top rack of my dishwasher every night and it has not altered the cup at all. Plus, it is so lightweight that you can easily throw it in your purse and/or car so that you have it on hand when Starbucks is calling your name so that you save that 10¢.

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  • GPY says:

    FYI: Only available in the Pacific NW: “these cups are only available in the Pacific Northwest region right now (that’s Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho) but will be more widely available soon”

  • Kate says:

    You can also bring any cup from home for your for hot, cold or blended drink and get the 10¢ discount. I always keep a cup in my car so it’s with me. You just need to know how many ounces your cup holds so that they charge you the right amount. In my experience, they usually guess that your cu is bigger than it is.

    If you register your Starbucks card and get a plain, boring coffee (hot or iced) or iced tea, you get free refills same store, same visit! Check with your Barista to see exactly which beverages qualify.

    • Kathie M says:

      I can buy any drink with my registered card and get free tea or coffee “refills” with my card when I’m in store. Usually I get a fancy drink to start with then “refill” with the plain drink, it’s never been a problem.

      • GPY says:

        Thanks for sharing this! Would be a great idea when I have to catch up on work on the weekend and I need some motivation, I can spend a few hours at Starbucks and get this deal!

        • Kate says:

          I’m at Starbucks regularly with my laptop. It’s a great place to catch up on work! I’v even taken my son and some crayons and he is happy as can be when the Baristas fuss over him.

    • Theresa says:

      I have 3 registered gift cards on my account and went to use one of the offers on my account last week and they told me none of them were registered. She gave me the free drink anyway, but tried emailing Starbucks about the problem and no response. Didn’t know about free refills (also get free coffee grinds for my garden every time I go in there)

  • Wendi S says:

    This would be cute packaging for a starbucks gift card. Put a gift card inside and a bow on top and giftt!

  • iamsam says:

    this cup has a very tight lid so its perfect for kids who are beginning to use a cup! my daughter loves drinking everything out of it!

  • dawn says:

    I wish it came in Venti size. haha

  • Nikki says:

    What size is the cup???

  • rene says:

    The cup can hold a grande drink. I usually order a tall, but when I use this cup I’ve ended up with a grande in there instead. bonus.

  • FabulousJess says:

    How do they ensure that everything is sanitary when using a reusable cup???

  • Kristie says:

    I use it daily too for my morning cup of coffee, I love it!!

  • Erin says:

    I was able to purchase one of these mugs today in Colorado!

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