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My Starbucks Rewards: Now Earn Stars For Purchasing Packaged Coffee in the Grocery Store

7:45 PM MST
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Check out the email I just received from reader, Lisa:

“We’re expanding My Starbucks Rewards™ to the grocery aisle. Look for specially marked bags of packaged coffee in the grocery store and follow the instructions to earn a Star.” I just got an email this evening. This is on the regular ground/beans found in stores, so pretty neat if you buy Starbucks coffee from the grocery stores.

Here are the details:

What exciting news for all you Starbucks addicts! :D

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  • Glenn says:

    Be sure and read the whole e-mail! There was a code for a free star on mine!

  • Emma says:

    I sure wish they would have placed the codes on the inside of the bag instead of on the outside. I worry that it is going to be like when the Huggies codes were on the outside of the packages. People would steal the sticker off the package or write down the code to enter without buying it. I hope this doesn’t happen with the Starbucks codes!

  • nl says:

    Yes Emma, I thought the same thing. Starbucks will realize it after a while but it will take time and they’ll probably change it down the road.

    • My2Cents says:

      I think they already expect people to do that. but coming from a business perspective, sometimes it might be cheaper to just place the code outside then have to develop a new bag with a safe way to stick a sticker inside with the fresh coffee. Starbucks marketing and designing department is huge, and I am sure that this is not a flow, just a cost saving thing.

  • dawn says:

    People will always find ways to cheat the system. Too bad they can’t have ethics.

  • nikkicats2 says:

    I hope they expand it to the k-cups as well since that’s what we buy a lot of.

  • Lory says:

    Just sent hubby to the store & he bought 2 bags & code on either bag of ours :( Yes, I agree… really needs to go on inside like coke codes.

  • Hillary says:

    There was a promo ad by sbux in my SS booklet that advertised this promo for a limited time (June 16- July 14) with a limit of two stars per sbux account.

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