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Target: 50% Off Market Pantry Blast-Off Pops (Cartwheel Savings Offer) = 24 Pops for Only $0.95

3:34 PM MST
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Yay! It appears this great Cartwheel Savings offer is back again! Head on over to the Target Cartwheel Savings offer page to snag a 50% off Market Pantry Blast Off Pops 24 count coupon! Then, head to Target to snag the following deal…

Market Pantry Blast-off Pops 24 ct $1.89
Use the 50% Market Pantry blast-off pops Cartwheel Savings offer (will deduct $0.95)
Final cost $0.95 – that makes each pop just 4¢!

*This is a fantastic deal you’ll definitely want to snag for the 4th of July!

(Thanks and Photo Credit, Saving Green in the Bay!)

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  • Sandy says:

    How does Cartwheel work?

    • Lisa says:

      hey take a look at these questions and answers here: hope it helps you. you don’t have to have a fancy phone. you will need a facebook account, but make a silly/dummy account and only use it for giveaways and such because most facebook deals request access to your friends’ lists and stuff, that’s not really cool to solicite to your friends.

  • Katelyn says:

    Can’t you use the $1 off frozen item too and make this a 5 cent moneymaker??

  • April says:

    So,How do I do this? Do I print it off? This is the first I have seen this.. HELP :) Thank you, April

    • Corina says:

      I do not have a smart phone. I print it and take it to the store to be scanned. You click “redeem in store” from the ‘my cartwheel’ page & the page prints out.

  • Andria says:

    These were $2.34 at my store here in Chattanooga, tn. They were 0.82 after the frozen item Mobile coupon and the 50% off cartwheel.

  • DonnaB says:

    When visiting Target over the weekend, we were told by the manager that they weren’t going to be accepting Cartwheel any longer. They said it was a third party offering and was not approved by Target. Anyone know anything about this?

    • lisadesigner1 says:

      It’s on Target’s website. So…

      lol :)

      • el says:

        I think that manager is full of bull!! He probably just doesn’t want to deal with it. It is even advertised on the target site. I think I’d post a comment on targets fb page about what you were told and if you get a reply show it to the manager!!

    • amy says:

      No way!!! It shows on the bottom of your target receipt how much your cartwheel savings are each trip…so target is going to print third party stuff on their reciepts now? I think not…i would SO be calling customer service about that one……..

    • xw7 says:

      That is so not true and I work for Target. When the program was launched they had info about it on every table in our breakroom and I’m pretty sure it was mentioned in our employee magazine.

  • TG says:

    Quick question off the subject i hadnt printed any coupons from till today and i noticed it didnt print the barcode just some yellow dots on the right hand corner has this happened to anyone or the coupon is not good???

    • Amanda C says:

      That manager is full of it and I would call him out on it if he says it again. Cartwheel is advertised on Targets web page! So it’s definitely not a third party offer.

  • Brooke Doyle says:

    Expired!! :(:(

  • linda says:

    Can someone please explain how Cartwheel works?

    • Corina says:

      From my understanding…you create an account through FB. Then you are able to click on certain items from a variety of categories and add them to your ‘cartwheel’. Then you are able to either pull up your list on your smart phone or print out the page & take it in. Cashier scans it & you save. Savings range from 5% to 50% of certain items. My page states I have saved $26 so far, I’ve earned 6 badges and I can have 20 selected items on my list. The more ‘badges’ you earn opens up more spots on your cartwheel list to add items. HTH

    • Lisa says: go through these questions and answers and hopefully it’ll help you. takes a little bit to get the hang of it. it’s best to log in from a desktop/laptop and search through the offers and add, than scroll and scroll AND scroll on your cell.

  • VISHNU says:

    you can create a login and add upto 11 cartwheel offers , using target cartwheel website, you can either print them or show them on the mobile to get the discount. There is one unified barcode for all coupons. HTH.

  • catherine says:

    my cartwheel now says limit reached on the blast pops item but i didnt purchase it yet, does this mean it will work still or no?

    • Tracy says:

      I just checked mine and it said the same thing even though I haven’t used it. I’m going to Target later today and will try it.

      • catherine says:

        i just came back from target, it worked for me just fine even though it says limit reached. Dont remove this from your cart if it says limit reached you will not be able to re add it. Try to use it, mine took with no problem.

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