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New $5/2 Clairol Product Coupon = Hair Color Only $0.50 at Dollar General

11:05 AM MST
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As you may already know, there is a high-value $5/2 Clairol Product coupon in today’s Procter & Gamble insert found in your local Sunday paper! Consider using this coupon at Dollar General to snag the following deal…

Buy 2 Clairol Hair Color priced at $3
Total = $6
Use the $5/2 Clairol Product coupon found in the 7/7 PG
Final cost $1 total – $0.50 each!

(Thanks and Photo Credit, Addicted 2 Deals!)

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  • Adria says:

    You can also use this coupon pick up 2 free herbal essence shampoo / conditioner at cvs. Coupon just states $5/2 clarion doesn’t specify hair color. Even though the picture on coupon shows hairdye it can be used on any 2 Clairol brand products!!!! Free at CVS!

    • Lisa says:

      I was able to purchase 8 bottles of shampoo or conditioners for free with the coupon. Only had to pay taxes at CVS. I did not have any problems using this coupon. Thank you for the heads up.

    • Kim says:

      Have you tried this yet? Hey they say to read the wording not the picutres .Whats wrong with it and P&G would have put dye only if that was the case Right . :-)

      • trixy says:

        I am so glad there are forums that are not posting about this and having a great discussion on the ethical use of coupons in general. just bc the coupon omits the words ‘hair dye’, does it have to automatically open up a loop hole? How many times have we seen a coupon value decrease or add exclusions bc of misuse? Yes, we are taught to go by the wording, not pictures, but -my- instinct tells me it is not right coupon usage and taking advantage of the co bc the coupon wasn’t specific to only ‘hair dye’ products. I even went to the Clairol website and there are no Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner products listed.

        • Lyn96 says:

          On PnG web site, Clairol is under the umbrella of PnG and Herbal Essence is under the umbrella of Clairol. Clairol is on the main part of the bottle. How hard is this to understand? Nobody is pulling a scam when using the coupon this way.Many coupons are written in this manner. Why then is this one such an issue?

        • axhilli says:

          Here is Clairol response word for word from Facebook to someone’s response about the $5 of 2 Clairol coupon. Your post was not fully honest about their opinion on using the coupon.

          “Clairol Thanks for the additional info. This coupon is good on only Clairol hair color. Totally understand the question as Herbal Essences is Clairol, however Herbal Essences hair care products run their own coupons. With that said, it is ultimately up to the retailer if they will honor it the way you’d like to use it. My best advice is to give it a try. Hope that helps! Happy Weekend! ^Renee”

          • Kim says:

            Thanks for posting there response axhilli . That helped more then opinions :-) love to coupon But don’t
            wont to do anything dishonest :-)

            • axhilli says:

              I agree everyone wants to be the coupon police but Clairol opinion on whether you should use the coupon is the only opinion that matters. I’m sure all the retailers have that posted printed off and will br lawyered up if Clairol decided to try not reimburse them.

    • bunny says:

      Wow Adria….I hadn’t picked up on that before! Guess I hadn’t read the coupon closely enough. Good eagle eyes on your part!

      • trixy says:

        Stop flooding blogs with this misinformation. per the clairol fb page, the coupon is only meant to be used on HAIR DYES.

        • J says:

          Calm down Trixy! People are human and if she was incorrect in posting the information I don’t think it was to be malicious!

        • bunny says:

          The coupon states: “$5 off two Clairol products.” It doesn’t specify hair color only. You have to go by what is stated, not by the picture.

          Collin, would you like to weigh in please? ;-)

          • Kristen says:

            I’m interested in knowing too. I assumed it was just the dyes since that’s what on the picture, but other coupons are more specific. This could be a great one to pair with a Target coupon. It seems like I always have Herbal Essence coupons there.

        • Amber says:

          I wouldn’t call it misinformation. We’ve all been taught to go by the wording of coupons and not the picture. If the manufacturer wanted it to be used on just clairol hair coloring products, they should have specified that.

  • Adria says:

    Haha thanks!

  • Adria says:

    Trixy. Previous versions of P&G clariol expressly stated that its off 2 boxes of hair coloring. This one doesnt.

  • Adria says:

    It just says $5 off two Clairol products. Herbal essence is Clairol says right on top of bottle

  • emj says:

    I just got 2 free Herbal Essences shampoos at CVS using this coupon!

    • sarah says:

      Kewl no beeps? No problems?

      • Adria says:

        Ya I bought 5 papers this morning. I always buy at least 5 when it’s P&G week. Got 10 bottles of herbal essence 10 bottles of Pantene. Used $2/$10 CVS shampoo coupons. Buy 2 herbal essence and 2 Pantene totals $12. The Pantene and Clairol MQs =$10 plus the $2/$10 cvs. 20 free bottles today lol. Dropped off 10 at women’s shelter!

  • Kristen says:

    For some reasons my HyVee had some colors of Clairol Foam hair dye for $3. I happened to have two coupons for $3 off one box of the foam hair dye, so I picked up four total and got them for $1 total since I had this coupon too!

  • Barbie says:

    The coupon does NOT beep at CVS.

  • Mel says:

    The $3 hair color doesn’t come with any conditioner. I still use it for root touch-ups

  • jknaak says:

    The nice n easy is $2.28 each at Winco, so I got 2 FREE!

  • cara says:

    I got herbal essense too. It worked fine. Didnt beep or anything

  • MissyLiz says:

    Just because it doesn’t beep doesn’t make it right…

    • Ronni says:

      P&G is well aware on how to word their coupons, they are no fools. The coupon clearly states 2 Clairol products and according to their FB page they stated to “give it a try”. There is nothing wrong with using it, and those who used it should not be made to feel that they were being dishonest.

      • MissyLiz says:

        Well, when you and others are crying about how coupon values have diminished and that next rounds of Clairol coupons in general have lower values please keep in mind that you didn’t think you were doing anything wrong.

        By the way, my earlier point really was that whether or not a coupon beeps doesn’t always mean that its being used correctly. Plenty of perfectly good coupons will beep even when used with exactly the right item.

        • Ronni says:

          I see your point, I’ve been using coupons for over 15 years….I’ve seen coupon values go down. I’ve had plenty of good coupons go unused because they will not be accepted for whatever reason. It’s all a game to these big company’s to get us in the store and guess what…it worked.

  • campanita says:

    Maybe I would try to use the coupon if it says on ANY TWO products but all I see is $5 Off TWO Clairol products. I got my coupons on Friday and I was checking them but it never crossed my mind that I can use them for shampoo or conditioner because I always use them for Hair Color. Today when I went to RiteAid the manager asked me what is new (she knows that I’m an avid couponer) and I told her about the Clairol coupon. She asked me if I had used the coupon before and I said that I was not interested but she insisted and told me to grab 2 shampoos and give it a try in case she get customers later that want to use the coupon, but the coupon beep/would not scan. She would have accepted it, if it would scan.

  • Lyn96 says:

    I think this coupon has done what PnG wants it to do. We are all talking about Herbal Essences.How about that for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pub.They knew what they were doing. How long before it is going to be picked up by the AP wire.As for the image on the coupon issue.Most coupons have images of just one item of the prduct line when the coupon is meant for all ie,Kikkoman.

  • Hiro says:

    I just picked up 2 Clairol Hair Color at Dollar General ! $1.07(with tax)

  • edy says:

    My cvs has got real strict with cpns! Even if it says 4 alike cpn, sometimes manager,will only accept one!! And only one cvs card per person, this happen about 2 months ago he said he had a visit from regional manager and loss prevention. He said a lot of customers were misusing cpns. And had a lot of cvs cards & also,kroger won’t accept anymore printed cpns and cpns 3 alike cpns only, so, I won’t be getting no shampoo!! Do need the hair dye! But, everyone decides how to use their cpns. Thanks everyone

    • mrs. savings says:

      It has ALWAYS been one CVS card per HOUSEHOLD unless there are two different FAMILIES living within the same household.

    • axhilli says:

      Its one card per family they are enforcing the rules that people should have been following they aren’t making new ones.

  • Lyn96 says:

    I still say use it. Jill Cataldo say’s it is OK to use and she has been/is a very strong vocal opponent against coupon fraud. She even attends CIC Cons. So if she says it is OK then I’m going with that. Not some person who can not read and just looks at the pictures. I also stand by my previous statement that this is just a ploy(that is working by the way) to bring to light a new product.

    • trixy says:

      So whay she says makes it OK?? I’ve seen plently of questionable matches on her site, so I choose not to read her blog any more. At least Collin admits her mistakes and removes those sort of posts/matches (which she did with this particular coupon in the cvs post) I think the intention of the coupon is right there, no extra words are needed to open a loop hole. Clairol, being their line of hair dyes. Coupons are printed weeks, if not months out. So I highly doubt they left off words just to get talk. Somebody opened that can of worms themselves and it spread like wildfire. P&G said the coupon is for hair dyes, and thats what I’ll use it on. I don’t need a loop hole to get free shampoo.

  • axhilli says:

    Clairol deleted the comment to give it a try and now are saying its only for hair color.

  • edy says:

    Yes! Its has been only and always one cvs card per household! But, there is persons that have 18 cvs cards and since,some choose not to enroll or sign in, they use a lot of them!! I know a few customers that I have, make small talk with one lady uses 18 cvs cards! And she can do all the deals. And some sell @ flea markets! One manager at a different cvs told me that he got In trouble he was peordering- and when they came to his cvs the regional manager he had to enforce the one card per person household. But,he had previously said that he knew what they were doing reselling and that he didn’t care, now his store has plenty! But, regarding the clairol cupon a friend said she had tryed using it in a different cvs and as per manager they will not take this cpn for shampoo, that he had got a email from corporate / then again everyone choose how and where!

  • Migdalia says:

    Used the coupon today.Spoke to the manager and he said he had no problem takin the coupon for the Herbal Essences.Coupon went thru w no beeping.The cashier was amazed at the good deal.They had no idea there was an issue with this particular coupon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Used three of these coupons for HE shampoos & conditioners. I’m always looking for a good deal as I’m stocking up. Coupons didn’t beep and the store clerk verified it said clairol on the HE items so it was a go. IMO, if Clairol didn’t want it used for something other than haircolor, they should’ve specified it on the bloody coupon. Sorry, but they lose on this one for sloppy advertising open to interpretation!

  • Hope says:

    Using the $5/2 coupon, I just purchased an Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner at CVS for free! ($0.35 tax). CVS is having a sale on Herbal Essences $5/2!!!! Happy couponing! (:

  • cingen says:

    I am a front end manager at a grocery store. It was brought to my attention today that we were getting 50 to 60 of these coupons a day in our registers the past few days so we looked into it. They were being used by the same few ladies who were using 4 coupons a time and doing 5 or 6 transactions, thus getting about 40 bottles of shampoo for free! After I read the front of the coupon, it clearly states 4 coupons per customer per DAY! We will now be monitoring our cashiers and told them of the issue. Caught one customer in the act today with a WHOLE buggie of shampoo! Told her she could use 4 a day and she go mad. Really irks me when customers abuse the system this way!

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