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Lean Cuisine: Possible $10 Survey Found on Honestly Good Meals (+ Target Deal Valid Thru 7/27)

9:58 AM MST
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Wow! If you regularly purchase Lean Cuisine products, check out this email and photo I received from Hip2Save reader Ann –

My husband and I were at Target last night and I decided to grab a couple of the Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals to try since they were on price cut for $3.79, I had a $1 mfg IP (not sure if this is still available) and the $1/2 Target store coupon.  My husband noticed as we were pulling the boxes out of the freezer that there was a sticker on each one that said, ‘Tell us what you think of our product and receive a $10 payment’ with a website to go to and passcode to use to access the survey. Well I ate a meal this morning, and completed a brief 10 minute survey about the product, at the end of the survey they asked for my info to send me a $10 check!

Check out this Target Scenario (Thru 7/27):

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Meals 10 oz+ on Price Cut $3.79
Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Meals $3.79
Buy 3 Lean Cuisine entrees starting at $1.99
Total = $13.55
Use the $1/2 Honestly Good frozen entrees Target store coupon found here
Plus, use the $1/3 Frozen Food (Lean Cuisine, Lean Pockets or  Stouffers) Target store coupon found here
Plus, use the $1 off Frozen Food Item $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text FRESH to 827438)
Plus, use the 5% Off Lean Cuisine Frozen Meals Target Cartwheel Savings Offer
Plus, use the 5% Off Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen Meals Target Cartwheel Savings Offer (should deduct $0.53 for both Cartwheel offers)
Plus, use 2 $1/1 Lean Cuisine Honestly Good coupons found here
Or the $1/5 Lean Cuisine Varieties coupon found here (log in)
Pay as low as $8.02
Plus, possibly score FREE $10 check found on specially marked boxes of Honestly Good meals
Final cost better than FREE for all 5 meals (after $10 check)!

*Come back and let us know if you also find these specially marked boxes at your Target!

(Thanks, Ann!)

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  • Emily says:

    In my target toy clearance – leap frog tag reader book sets and geography map were marked down to 9.98 and had a $5 off peelie on them! The book sets are the learn to read sets that have either 6 or 7 books in them. But scan everything because only two book sets were marked and I scanned the others and one rang up 5.98 with a peelie!! So .98 for 7 books!! Now, I just need a good deal on the tag system so I can cross another name off my Christmas shopping list!

  • Marge says:

    I did the lean cuisine survey, answered everything, gave them my e-mail and address and then they told me I didn’t qualify for the survey….definitely makes me uneasy.

  • BarbG says:

    Does anyone have the code for the survey? Thanks!!

  • Summer says:

    This sounds like a pretty big scam to me. I definitely wouldn’t do it. The codes do NOT look professionally made and any legitimate company would put them INSIDE the product. Think, guys!

    • Steph says:

      Oh, jeez. Lean Cuisine probably already had the boxes made up (that kind of thing happen months in advance), introduced the new line, had a less-than-stellar response from the public in terms of sales, and decided to run a survey to find out just why they’re not selling as well as they initially predicted. Those boxes that hadn’t already shipped from their factory got slapped with the survey label. In terms of costs, it probably beats waiting until all the pre-printed boxes are shipped/sold to find out what it is that people don’t like about the new line.

  • Catie says:

    I did a similar survey with an Olay gift set one christmas–I did get the money for it and the survey was very easy.

  • paige says:

    nothing on my lean cuisine honestly good :(

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