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4 New Mead Five Star Coupons = Great Deals On School Supplies at Target

7:18 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Check out all the new Mead Five Star product coupons available…

*$1/2 Mead Five Star Products (Including Student Planning)
*$2/1 Mead Five Star Binder (Including Five Star Flex Hybrid Note binder)
*$2/2 Mead Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper
*$1/2 Mead Five Star Products Including Student Planning – (Another Link!)

Print your coupons now and then head on over to Target where they are offering up some great deals on these school supplies…

Buy 2 Mead Five Star 4-Pocket Portfolios $0.97 each (found in stationary section)
Total = $1.94
Use the $1/2 Mead Five Star School Supplies Target Store coupon found here
Plus, use the 35% Off Mead Five Star 4 Pocket Portfolio Folder Target Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.33)
And, use the $1/2 Five Star products coupon found here or here or in the 8/4 SS
Final cost – 2 FREE folders!

Buy 2 Mead Five Star 1-inch, 3 ring Binder $4 each
Total = $8
Use the $1/2 Mead Five Star School Supplies Target Store coupon found here
Plus, use 2 $2/1 Five Star Binder coupons found here or in the 8/4 SS
Final cost $3 total, $1.50 each!

Buy 2 Mead Five Star 100-Sheet Reinforced Filler Paper $3.49 each
Total = $6.98
Use the $1/2 Mead Five Star School Supplies Target Store coupon found here
Plus, use the $2/2 Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper coupon found here or in 8/4 SS
Final cost $3.98 total – $1.99 each!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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  • Lisa says:

    I just bought tons of 5 star stuff for back to school at Walmart. Do you think if I bring in these coupons they will take them off at customer service or would I need to return and re-buy? Thanks for any help 😊

  • Tanzania says:

    Take your Office Depot ad to Target this week and get the Five Star 1″ Poly 3 Ring Binder for the advertised price of $3. Use the Target coupon $1 off 2 + 2/$2 off coupons= $1 for 2 Binders.

    • Laura says:

      I was told before that you can’t use a different store ad and a target coupon together – not sure if others have the same issue.

      • Torri says:

        Its ymmv. Policy says you can use it, but that the order of operations is target coupon, then price match, then manufacturer coupons making the target coupon worthless. But there are stores that don’t follow that which means you can deduct even more from your price. I love my Target!

  • Rachel says:

    Do u have to use cartwheel on the above deal to get them free ? 2-1-1 is free am I missing something?

  • Kacie says:

    I tried this tonight and the 35% off cartwheel did not come off for the 4 pocket portfolios. Any one else have this problem??

    • Torri says:

      What order did you do your cartwheel and coupons?

      • Kacie says:

        I don’t think it matters what order. I’ve used it first and last (this time I forgot, so it was last), but both times Cartwheel has worked. This time I bought Schick Hydro Razors with the 4 pocket five star portfolios, and the cartwheel worked on the razors, but not the folders.

        • Torri says:

          I was thinking that maybe it didn’t work on the mead because after coupons, they were already free, so there was nothing left to deduct. I could be wrong, just a thought.

          • Kacie says:

            They weren’t free for me. They were 1.49 at my store. I commented below and said that I finally figured it out. :) the 35% off cartwheel says for folders 3.99 and up. I don’t think it originally said that when I loaded it (or maybe we all overlooked it), but it is what it is. Boo. I’m taking the folders back!

            • klara says:

              It didn’t originally say that they just changed. I noted it when I added it on Sunday. they must have realized with coupons that they would lose.

      • Jessica says:

        What order should I use the cartwheels? I had the same problem. Thanks for any advice!

    • 3bettins says:

      the cartwheel specifically says they have to be $3.99 and above.

  • Diana says:

    The “mead” 1 subject notebooks are made by five star! so you can get two of these for free using the $1 off 2 five star target coupon. Saw this on a blog on youtube*** awesome deal!!!! I have already gotten 12 notebooks absolutely free using the five star $1 coupons in the p&g mailers******* and these notebooks have cute prints too***

  • Diana says:

    Also fyi***** there are coupons for free up and up brand crayons when you buy 2 colored pencils/markers…. Colored pencils are 50 cents this week. Buy 4 colored pencils- get 2 packs of crayons free*** plus use the $1 off four up and up school items mobile coupon = $1 for all 6 items!!!! Awesome. Did this today :)

    • Diana says:

      Oh boo. Yes, coupon fraud over some notebooks. Just trying to give deals people. It’s like the herbel essences/clairol deal which i’m sure some of you have done. If you don’t approve, or it’s not for you- move on to the next post. :)

      • Melissa says:

        Don’t you think Collin would have posted if the coupon COULD be used on the .99 notebooks? Its not a deal if you’re using a coupon incorrectly. Honestly, there are soo many legit deals out there, that there’s no reason to cheat the system to get something for free. The coupon says off Any (2) Five Star Products. The cute .99 covered Mead notebooks are not Five Star. What I did last year was wait until the school supplies were clearanced and I was able to get some 5* notebooks cheap/free with the $1/2 coupon!

        • Melissa says:

          oh, the Clairol coupon was poorly worded, and very hotly debated. I myself didn’t use it. This coupon specifically says Five Star. Now if it just said Any 2 Mead products, then heck yeah, I’d be all over the deal like white on rice!

  • MichelleF says:

    Diana, Where did u get the coupon for free up and up Crayons when u purchase colored pencils?

  • Kacie says:

    Ahh I figured out why this doesn’t work for me! The cartwheel says 35% off of 5 Star 4 pocket portfolios $3.99 and up! It won’t work on the folder deal as listed above!

  • Diana says:

    Target website coupon for free crayons, target mobile for $1 off four school items ***

  • crazbum says:

    It’s weird, my target store has the Mead 5 star 4-pocket folders for reg. price.

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