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Walmart: FREE 8-pack of Lance Xtra Fulls Sandwich Crackers Printable Coupon (Still Available)

8:43 AM MST
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This free sample offer is surprisingly still available to score….

Hurry on over here and click on the “Get a Free Sample” link to print a SmartSource coupon valid for a FREE 8-pack of Lance Xtra Fulls Sandwich Crackers at Walmart (Up to a $2.78 value!). Note that since this coupon offer is advertised on the Walmart site, you should not have any issues redeeming it at the register.

(Thanks for the reminder, Freebie Shark!)

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  • Laura says:

    Boo! Smartsource never works on my computer :(

  • Emily says:

    I unfortunately had issues at my local WalMart. The staff stated that it was a fraudulent coupon and took it away, even after my WalMart site explanation. However, I’ve already printed another one and am going to try, try again!

    • Sara says:

      This happened to me too at a CT Walmart. I was so embarrassed, they said it was fraudulent. I was like oh I didn’t know this company provided fraud coupons. I wanted to call corporate, but I’m not a fan of Walmart so now I really have no reason to go back.

    • LaToya says:

      I am getting so frustrated with Walmart not accepting legitimate online printables. If the computer rejects it, you’re out of luck. Even with coupons printed from their own blasted site! Grrr!!

    • guest says:

      Same thing happened to me in FL. I called Corporate and demanded a return call and, to date, to return phone call!

  • BeverlyF says:

    My Walmart didn’t have these crackers. Clifton Park, NY

  • Melissa says:

    I can never get SmartSource or Redplum to print either. The only thing that works is Target and I am tired of uninstalling and reinstalling Java. Thanks anyway! Hope others can print this q!

    • Carolyn says:

      Java is such a pain! I agree. I emailed and asked for help. They sent the exact instructions on how to un-install and install for Java. I don’t update Java much (if at all) and mine now works fine. Do you ever get the little red ‘lego’ piece in your toolbar? If so, click that and then it will allow you to activate. HTH. Good luck!

    • Vic says:

      I had the same problems for a while and missed out on a lot of coupons that way. My problem was, that I needed to have two different java versions installed. I did a self-check at java website and it was telling me something like my OS and something else I need to have two different versions installed and after that I never had another issue!

  • lisamarie818Lisa says:

    My Wal-Mart didn’t have these crackers in Dayton, OH however Kroger did and I had no problem redeeming it there!

    • Tiffany says:

      I am pretty sure these said redeemable ONLY at walmart when I printed and used a long time ago. Which is not suggestive marketing like when it says available at (whatever store) or redeemable at (whatever store) which in those cases it will be reimbursed to the store it was used at. Even though it is a MQ if it says only it means only…there is a large chance that Lance will not reimburse Kroger BC the terms were not followed. Of course it would scan where ever you tried to use it, it was coded for Lance not Walmart, but just BC you can do it doesn’t ran you should. Maybe they are printing without that now, but I am pretty positive it said only at Walmart. Also it is in Kroger’s general policy not to take IP’s for a free item.

      • Tiffany says:

        Seems as if they have pulled this (there used to be a written statement concerning IP’s) and they are overdrafting a new written policy. However my area stores still has it in their print at cs with recent dating.

  • Selena Johnson says:

    I had issues at my walmart also. So, I decided to try and use it at Winn Dixie or Publix. They took it – no problem!! Didn’t even blink an eye.

  • teri says:

    I don’t care if they PAID me to take them out the door…I will pass on Walmart. I had an ordeal using the Bic pen cpn this weekend. Never again ;-)

  • lisamarie818 says:

    I couldn’t find these at Wal-Mart in Centerville, OH, however Kroger had them and I had no problems redeeming this q there!

  • marie says:

    For those of you who cannot print and have a Kroger or maybe an affiliated to them?? they carry these and they were 2/$4 and had $1.50 peelies on the boxes. This was yesterday in Ohio. So I got 2 boxes for $1 which I thought was pretty good.

  • shopngeek says:

    Couldn’t believe this coupon is still available! My Walmart store takes this coupon without any issue.

  • darlene m says:

    It won’t let me print says already printed but i didn’t any suggestions????

  • Asmith says:

    I was able to use w/o any problems at my Walmart and I was very surprised.

  • Tammy says:

    I was able to use this at my Walmart — they said Corporate had contacted them and made them aware of the coupon — no issues at all

    • Carolyn says:

      Me too! No problems at all. I told the cashier ahead of time that I had this coupon that I printed from their Walmart website. She was so excited that she was going home to print one, too! I love it when I get a great cashier at Walmart. :) Also, I found these in the cracker aisle of my big Walmart right next to all the other Lance individualized packaged crackers, lowest shelf.

  • Lindsay says:

    It me print them again! Even though I printed last time. They are not in the cracker isle they are in the seasonal/candy isle. HTH

  • llc says:

    I used mine at Kroger without issue. I could not find at Walmart.

  • Cora says:

    Mine didn’t reset for me to print again.

  • AJ says:

    I have 2 that I don’t need, if anybody wants it.

    I’ll tell you what I want to trade :)

  • abby says:

    didn’t have them in medina, oh and the expiration date was too soon …

  • Erica says:

    Found them at the Beavercreek, OH location and used self-scan. The coupon scanned fine and I had no problems!

  • Julie says:

    Beware of Java. A computer programmer told us that Java is not good to download with the chance that it will crash your computer. Shortly after installing Java our computer was getting worse. Go figure. Wish I had that information before I installed it!

    • Tiffany says:

      Depends on your computer, ram, etc. I have been a large scale couponer since dial up was still widely used and have never had issues with java except older versions were a bit slower and these were older computers in the first place. Java is used for a lot of applications. That’s kinda like some programmers or IT’s who do not know about with think it is malware BC it will show that way on some protection scans that are available and that they have never heard of it… Can’t always trust what people tell you since sometimes what they say is based solely on opinion ( as with many things). But I can tell you that, I am no rookie and java has never ever caused a crash on any of our many computers including a 13 year old desktop that we just replaced.

    • Linda C. says:

      I know what you mean. I had heard the rumors about Java and installed it anyway. About a month after installing it I began to have trouble and shortly after that – crash – the computer went belly up. My IT guy told me that if at all possible, avoid Java.

      I love coupons and freebies, but I love my computer more! :-)

  • Kaini says:

    Hi! If anyone has any coupons that doesn’t want them or need them, I’ll gladly take them!
    Just let me know and I’ll send my email =)

  • Dawn says:

    Has anyone found these in any NJ stores? I have looked in 3 stores and couldn’t find them anywhere. Thought i’d ask.

  • jamie says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but last week almost all walmarts were given a return authorization on what they had left of these. My store (and the 3 down the road) had well over 200 boxes and they came, boxed them up and we donated them to the food bank.

    • an says:

      can you please share why they were boxed up and taken from the store? maybe it is just me but i am confused…if they aren’t any good (from expiration stand point) then why would they be donated to a food bank. thanks for the info!

  • Chrissy says:

    If the coupon says redeemable ONLY at walmart than that’s where it should be used. Anything else is coupon abuse and it makes all couponers look bad.

    Oh for those with OS having java problems, click on the apple up top and run a software update and you can choose to only update java (vs every other program in your computer). I was able to print after that.

  • Jaime says:

    I don’t know why everyone is being so judgmental about people using these at places other than Walmart. There are many stores that will accept competitor’s coupons (knowing full well that they will not get reimbursed from the company). Stores will eat the cost to get customers through the door, hoping they will buy other stuff too.

    • laura says:

      Agreed! Publix here in FL accepts as a competitor coupon, as they accept Target coupons. This week they are b1g1 free so I will actually get two for maybe .30 cents. I will point out to the cashier that the coupon is only good for 2.78 and I think they are 3.19 at Publix.

  • faith says:

    my walmart didnt have these, but they let me use it on the regular lance crackers!

  • cj says:

    i just printed the coupon and no where on it does it say redeemable only at walmart

  • Jackie says:

    The problem I found out is when you do updates for Java, it causes problems on sites.
    So when you need to update Java, just uninstall the current Java that you have & go to & install the newer version.
    This is what I had to do & now I can print from smart source & redplum sites with no problem.
    Hope this works for you.

  • Marie says:

    I printed the coupon yesterday and I don’t see where it says only redeemable at Walmart. Where can I find this on the coupon?

  • Joanne says:

    There is a $0.50 ibotta for the Lance crackers – worked on the Xtra Fulls variety I found at Kroger! My coupon is a manufacturers coupon and there is no mention of Walmart.

  • axhilli says:

    Can’t print this coupon if you could print for me and I print something you want that would be great please email me axhilli (at)

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