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Viewpoints Rewards Program: Write Reviews, Earn Points, & Redeem for $5 Amazon Gift Cards + More

3:13 PM MST
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If you enjoy writing product reviews and would like to be rewarded for your time and effort, then consider signing up for the Viewpoints Rewards Program! Just head on over here and click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner to register for a free Viewpoints account (or login if you’re already a member).

When you write a qualifying review that is at least 700 characters long in an eligible product category, you’ll earn Rewards Points. Every 500 points that you earn can then be redeemed on Viewpoints for gift cards to a variety of retailers such as Note that qualifying reviews are worth 25 Rewards Points each; however, sometimes Viewpoints offers double and triple Rewards Points for qualifying reviews in featured categories.

As you can see in the image above, the point amounts for a review are labeled on the product page of each individual product – you must be logged in to your Viewpoints account to see point labels displayed in eligible categories. Since all of the reviews are screened for quality, point activation may take up to 72 hours.

To check your Points Balance, log in to your account, click on the Your Account menu in the top right, and then select Your Rewards. Click here for more information about the Viewpoints Rewards Program.

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  • Colleen says:

    I’m not a fan of Viewpoints. I spent hours last year writing detailed product reviews for one of their Amazon gift card promotions. I never got my gift card, so I e-mailed them about it. They told me that I was fraudulent and had multiple accounts so none of my reviews were valid.
    I only had one account and my reviews were real, so I have no idea what they were talking about. I was very disappointed to spend all that time and get nothing.

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for the heads up! Gonna skip this one.

    • Samantha says:

      Hey! From you saying this, I remember I never received mine either! They had better deals in the past as well—you could do 20 and get $10 giftcard. (or was it 25?) Doing 25 for just a $5 one is lame and too much work.

    • mochi says:

      I too am very unhappy with viewpoints. At two different amazon Gift card (AGC) promotions in the past, they denied me of my due AGC.

      For the first one, they said that two of my reviews were “too similar ” so they discarded one out (it was for toothpaste and how can one possibly nit-pick mint toothpaste taste, texture, and effectiveness for the same brand). Even though i told them I am being honest in my review, they did not give me the AGC.

      Now here’s the last incident which i angered me. They are very specific on the categories that you write reviews to get the AGC. One category has sub-categories under it if you look at their site. Anyway, I wrote a for that exact category that they mentioned in order to get the AGC, but they did not credit me at the end because supposedly that item I reviewed does not belong in that category even though their website categorizes it as such–and i did click under those categories that i wrote for to be safe…i dont do their horrible ‘search’. (sorry for long run-on sentence). i cant remember exactly what that review was for. The webmaster/editor emailed me back to apologize for not giving the agc even though it was their blunder and didnt specify to a “T”; yet she would not give me my agc. i almost wanted to email back saying how can one be sorry if they wont just give the agc out of consideration. But i didnt. I got so angry, I deleted my reviews for that particular promotion.

      if you dont get your AGC, you must email them. For several of their promotions, they ‘forgot’ about me and gave me my agc except in the situations i described above.

      To be succinct, just be *very* careful with viewpoints. Also i agree that doing 20 700-character reviews for a measly $5 agc is just not worth it.

    • mesche says:

      Colleen – I am sorry to hear that. We have pretty strict quality guidelines for reviews because we’ve had problems in the past with people spamming our system to get the reward. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

  • Nancy says:

    Colleen, do you by chance have a “common” last name that there could be someone with your first and last name on VP? I have nothing but praises for VP. I feel like I wrote some pretty cheesy reviews but got my cards each time.

  • Amy says:

    I did a bunch of reviews too. When I did not receive the gift card I contacted them. I got lots of run around and they finally insisted only certain categories were acceptable. I even sent them a copy of the requirements they had emailed me but nothing. I wasted quite a bit of time on this however, I went back and deleted the reviews. My friends also on VP say they have likewise had problems getting the promised gift cards.

    • mesche says:

      Amy – Thanks for your feedback. Only reviews in certain categories qualify for Rewards points and we are always looking to improve on how we communicate that to our members. Please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions or need anything. Thanks!

  • Migdalia says:

    I think I signed up a few yrs ago but have never done any reviews.Not even sure why I signed up in the first place

  • jessica says:

    I signed up last time when they had the 2 reviews on the appliances for $5, I had no problems at all, sent me the giftcard like a week later, my experience unlike others was super easy and pleasant

  • holly says:

    I used to write reviews for them when they had the deals where you write 5 short reviews and get a $5 gift card. Always got the gift card within days. Will NOT be doing 20 reviews for $5! That’s nuts, but they must get a lot of people that are willing, otherwise they wouldn’t be putting it out there. Too bad they changed it.

  • Mark says:

    Why hasn’t this company ever been investigated? Just from the comments here already, one could see the questionable business practices of this company.

  • K says:

    I’ve never had problems with VP. I only did the promotions where you had to do only a few surveys to get the $5 gc though… But I always got them!

    I do think 20 surveys for only $5 is ridiculous! Should be more like 5 surveys max, because they take some time to complete. 700 characters can be tough to write for certain products!

    • mesche says:

      K – Thank you for your reviews and for your feedback! We will keep your comments in mind going forward. If you have any questions about Viewpoints Rewards or need anything, please don’t hesitate to email me at Thanks again!

      • Heather says:

        I just want to say that Viewpoints has been great…when I didn’t get a gift card, I contacted them and they ended up sending me an extra $5 for my trouble…very impressive! Every other time I’ve earned it, I’ve received it. They’ve been fair and kind.

  • Emma says:

    If you had reviewed in the past, check your email. Viewpoints just sent me an email promoting me to the second level of their points program. Double points for each review. I’ve never had any issues getting my giftcards.

  • Brittany says:

    I love Viewpoints. I review regularly and I have accumulated $15 in gift cards within the past month.

  • Madeline says:

    I haven’t redeemed my points for a giftcard yet, but will be doing so today. If you use this company be VERY careful how many points per review you’re actually receiving. I did a promotion for 5 reviews for 100 points each (e-commerce reviews) and only received 50 points per review. On the other hand, I’ve emailed them about each review and am only waiting for one more 50 point credit. Their customer service gets back to me quickly. So I wouldn’t recommend doing a bunch of reviews at once; do one or two, write it down which ones you did and how many points you were to receive. When you go into “my account” it doesn’t tell you for which review you have received points (I wish it did).

  • Shanesiobhan says:

    I like When you combine it with swagbucks you gain 20 points per review at swagbucks (450 in points for a $5 amazon gift cards plus what you get through viewpoints. So far I have 50 dollars in amazon gift cards by using this method. Check it out. I find that instead of watching tv at home I can instead make money by reviewing. I love to shop a lot so it is easy for me to review.

  • Kaylan5838 says:

    I have never had any problems with Viewpoints! I absolutely love their site. I have had a few reviews sent back saying they need to be revised, but they published them the day after I fixed my grammar mistakes. I did have one issue where I was given an Amazon gift card that wasn’t valid, but they fixed it the very next day! I don’t understand what all the negative comments are about. From my experience, if you do a legitimate review, they will reward you. And if I ever have a problem, the customer service has been nothing but helpful.

  • Katie says:

    I have so many things to say about the rewards program. I’ve been reviewing products for a long time, and I’ve earned well over $100 in gift cards. It is possible to somehow climb the chain and become a “Vip” and get 2-3x the amount of points listed for each review you publish, but their terms of use doesn’t explain how that works (at least at this point–they are constantly revising things over there). I have contacted customer service several times about various problems, and they usually take at least a couple days to get back to me (when they get back to me at all). Sometimes they resolve my problem, sometimes they don’t. On things that have really bothered me (they gave me 0-50 points for items that were listed for 100 points) I’ve made a stink and usually been compensated, but it took several emails. (They also send around a phone number you can call for service; I tried it once and got a generic voicemail and never got a call back.)

    Here’s my main beef with Viewpoints, though: they have a completely arbitrary and subjective review approval system. I appreciate the idea of review quality control–the minimum length, the spelling/grammar requirements, and the anti-plagiarism policy–but sometimes when I do a bunch of reviews, I’ve had up to 1/3 of my reviews rejected. They send this generic email (“It looks like we can’t post your review”) with a list of possible reasons why. I’ve re-submitted reviews up to 5 times and still had them rejected, even after rewriting the entire thing. They don’t have spelling errors, they’re not plagiarized, and they contain my honest review. The remaining reason for rejection is this: “Make sure the majority of your review provides helpful consumer information on a product or website you personally own or use.”

    Obviously if I spend at least ten minutes writing a detailed review of something, I consider the majority of the information I share to be helpful. Despite multiple submissions of the same review–sometimes with 75% of the content completely rewritten–I still get rejections. It is maddening and arbitrary. They seem to have gotten even more picky lately (I’ve gotten more rejections), and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I’m doing 700+ word reviews for 100 pt products (would they be nearly so picky on a 500 word review that doesn’t qualify for points? I highly doubt it) or because I receive extra points for each review. Because they don’t specify what, exactly, about the review offends them, trying to get it published is like playing a game of “read the review moderator’s mind” and usually failing miserably. This revision guessing game actually compromises the integrity of my review as I take out various pieces of information (which are honest and, I believe, helpful) in an attempt to make my review “acceptable” to Viewpoints. In so strictly moderating reviews, they actually silence the reviewers’ voices and weaken the credibility of their site and their reviews.

    Another issue with Viewpoints is it takes 1-3 full days for them to approve your reviews and grant you points. That means that if you power through 10+ reviews in one day, you won’t find out until days later whether they’ve been accepted or not. If half of those get rejected, you’re going to be pretty mad you wasted your time. Also, if they don’t reject your review until after the promotional points period, if you resubmit your review and it’s (miraculously) accepted, you’ll be awarded the fewer number of points.

    Even though getting gift cards for reviews makes me positively giddy (at least, it did in the past before my experience soured), and even though I’ve earned hundreds of dollars from Viewpoints, I can’t fully recommend the site to others because of the frustration, elevated blood pressure, and down-right crankiness it’s brought into my life. I’ve started getting paranoid when submitting reviews, wondering if my profile is “flagged” and if they’re purposely screening my reviews more harshly (which is ridiculous, right? …Right?). Honestly, I’ve been going over to Amazon to write my reviews when I really care about what I’m saying just so I don’t have to deal with being told I’m not good enough.

    Viewpoints either needs to relax a bit on their random review rejections or start sending emails with the offending sections of reviews highlighted. (And please, Viewpoints thread moderator, don’t give me a line about the importance of “quality control.” What you seem to want is reviews that exactly fit your secret subjective formula, not peoples’ honest opinions.)

    I just wanted to share my thoughts with the hope that my experience may be helpful to someone else. “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

    • Kaylan5838 says:

      I agree with you that it would be a little easier if they would send an email stating exactly why a review was rejected, but I have sent an e-mail to customer service a few times explaining that I didn’t understand the reason my review needed to be revised. They always e-mailed me back within 48 hours. A couple of times they said that my review had been flagged because it focused more on the brand rather than the specific product. How long have you been using viewpoints? I have been on the site for about two months, but so far I love it. I do get frustrated when a review is sent back, but they are paying me for the review, so I understand that they just want to make sure it’s perfect. I have been able to earn a lot of Amazon gift cards to buy things for my children, so I’m very thankful for

      • Katie says:

        I’ve been on there a couple years; my activity fluctuates depending on how busy I am and what their current promotions are. I take breaks sometimes due to frustration, but I can’t completely throw in the towel because, like you said, it’s great to be paid for reviews. I don’t even mind them screening reviews, but when I completely rewrite a review 5 times and they’re still rejecting it, I get pretty upset (because it’s not worth my time at that point when I’ve spent over an hour on a review). I have requested assistance in the past with what the problem with a review is, and they haven’t responded (the 48 hours turnaround is especially a problem if the review is rejected after the promotional points period–it makes me not want to write any reviews on the last couple days of the promotion in case they get rejected and I won’t have time to revise them). I think that discussion about a brand IS helpful and relevant information to potential consumers, especially if it only takes up a sentence or two of the review and the rest focuses on the specific product. I’m glad it’s working well for you. I have just grown increasingly frustrated lately because I used to only have a review rejected one out of 20 times, and now it’s 1 or 2 out of 5. I think it’s time for me to take another break :).

        • Kaylan5838 says:

          I usually get about 1 out of 5 of my reviews rejected, but when I revise them they are usually accepted. If I have a review rejected more than twice, then I usually give up on it, but I have only had about 5 reviews rejected twice out of 200. The amount of time I spend writing reviews depends on how busy I am too.

          • Katie says:

            Thanks! It’s good to know I’m not alone, though I must say 1 out of 5 reviews rejected seems really high to me–if both of us have the same problem, it sounds like it’s more of a site expectation issue than an actual review quality issue. I wonder what percentage of reviews they accept the first time around. Like I said before, I feel like my reviews have been censored and aren’t as honest or helpful as they were when I wrote them initially. I find that standard to be ironic in a site that is supposed to represent consumer voices. I will try not to take my rejections so personally in the future, but I do hope they see that their standards are ridiculously subjective (what I judge to be “helpful” could well be completely different than what you judge “helpful”–which is why it’s great to have all sorts of reviews from a wide variety of consumers).

  • Barb says:

    Viewpoints has worked perfectly fine for me and I’ve been using it about a month. I’ve always redeemed my amazon cards perfects fine and I have never had to contact customer service about anything. Occasionally I get a review that’s rejected but it’s no biggie. Not sure why so many other people had bad experiences. I absolutely LOVE viewpoints.

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