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Staples: Back to School Deals 8/25-8/31

5:31 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Below are the best School Supply deals you can snag at Staples starting tomorrow, August 25th. Note that many items are limited to a certain number per customer. See your local ad for more details.

Easy Rebate Deals

BIC Ultra Round Stic Grip Ballpoint Pens 12/pack $2.49
Use the $1/1 Bic Stationery Product coupon found in the 8/4 SS or here
Or use the $1.50/2 Bic Stationery Products coupon found here (enter sweepstakes)
Pay $1.49
Submit for the $2.49 Easy Rebate (limit 1 rebate)
Final Cost Better Than Free!

Hammermill 8.5″ x 11″ Copy Plus Copy Paper 500 sheets/ream $6.99
Pay $6.99
Submit for the $3.99 Easy Rebate (limit 2 rebates)
Final Cost $3!

Staples Photo Plus 4″ x 6″ Paper, gloss 60/pack $9.99
Pay $9.99
Submit for the $6.99 Easy Rebate (limit 4 rebates)
Final Cost $3!

Staples Pastels 8.5″ x 11″ Colored Paper $8.99
Pay $8.99
Submit for the $5.99 Easy Rebate (limit 4 rebates)
Final Cost $3!


Staples 8.5″ x 11″ Copy Paper, 5-ream case $24.99
Pay $24.99
Submit for the $20 Easy Rebate (limit 2 rebates)
Final Cost $4.99!

Staples Easy Rebates are just that, easy! Go on over here to read more about them. Basically you’ll be able to submit all your info online. You won’t even have to mail anything in– the best part in my opinion! You’ll receive your rebate/rebates within 4-6 weeks after submitting them.

Other Great Deals

Staples Lined 3″ x 5″ White Index Cards, 100/pack $0.01 with $5 purchase
2-Pocket Paper Folder, assorted $0.01 with $5 purchase
Staples #2 Yellow Pencils 8/pack $0.01 with $5 purchase
Staples Cap Erasers, 12/pack $0.01 with $5 purchase

Avery Insertable Dividers, 5 tab $0.25
Staples 8.5″ x 11.75″ Perforated Writing Pad, Wide Ruled $0.50
Westcott 12″ Finger-Grip Ruler $0.50
Staples Stickies ½” Tape Flags 125/pack $0.50

BIC Mechanical Pencils 5/pack $0.50
Use the $1/1 Bic Stationery Product coupon found in the 8/4 SS or here
Or use the $1.50/2 Bic Stationery Products coupon found here (enter sweepstakes)
Final Cost Free!

Crayola Classic Markers 10/pack $0.75
Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens 7/pack $1
Lysol Wipes 35 ct 3 pack $4.99 (just $1.67 per canister)

Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer 8 oz $2
Use the $1/1 Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer  coupon found in the 7/28 SS
Or use the $1/3 Purell Product coupon found in the 7/28 SS
Or use the $1/2 Purell Hand Sanitizer coupon found here
Or use the $3/$10 Purell Hand Sanitizer Products coupon found here
Final Cost $1!

Sharpie Permanent Markers 5/pack $1
Sharpie Accent Tank Highlighters, 5/pack $1

Sharpie Permanent Markers 12/pack $5

Crayola Dry-Erase Crayons, 8/pack $3
Use the $1/1 Crayola Dry Erase Product coupon found here
Or use the $1/2 Crayola Dry Erase Products coupon found here
Final Cost as low as $2!

BIC Eraser Grips 4/pack $1
Use the $1/1 Bic Stationery Product coupon found in the 8/4 SS or here
Or use the $1.50/2 Bic Stationery Products coupon found here (enter sweepstakes)
Final Cost Free!

Scotch Expressions Tape 3/$6
Use 3 $1/1 Scotch Expressions Tape coupon found in the 8/11 SS
Final Cost $3 – $1 each!

Also, if you plan to shop at Staples for all your Back to School supplies, consider purchasing the Back to School Savings Pass for just $10. This pass will save you 15% every day on school supplies in-store all season long including backpacks, notebooks, binders, writing ream paper and more! Note that the pass is valid in-store only and can be used once per day through 9/21/13. Click here for more information.

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  • jody says:

    isnt there an ibotta deal on the pens?

  • Burgh says:

    Missed a discount on zebra.

  • VS says:

    Does anyone know approx processing time for rebates?

  • shannon says:

    wow the deals just keep going on and on…..thanks for all the work sharing them w/ us!

  • J says:

    Just when I thought I was done picking up school supplies….this might be the best ad yet!

  • miki says:

    If I get the BIC mechanical pencils for $.50 and use my $1 coupon, do they adjust down the coupon or would they let me get two packs?

    • Terese Nicole says:

      You can get two packs and the overage just is used towards the rest of your cart. You can even use two coupons if you hve them! It’s awesome. But say you had the one coupon get two packs … Both are free. Say you had two coupons got two packs at 50c each applied two $1 coupons there would be $1 overage used on anything else you are buying … It is awesome… Kinda like Walmart does… Hope this helps. If you aren’t buying anything else they probably will lower the coupon but if I were you I would find something to cover the other 50cents lol. Happy shopping!!:)

    • Marie says:

      I always get “overage” with a coupon higher than the product….they haven’t adjusted it down for me.

    • Courtney says:

      My staples won’t use a coupon for me of there is an overage. I can’t find the staples coupon policy to show me what they are doing is wrong.

      • Yolie says:

        I was just going to pose that question. Where is Staples’ coupon policy because I just had an absurd discussion with the manager who claimed she phoned in to corporate and they said they no longer accept coupons like the $1/1 Bic coupon if I am purchasing two $0.50 pencils.

        • sandy says:

          I emailed them a few months back for their policy as I had a problem with my local store. They told me that they do not have a corporate coupon policy and it is up to the store manager as to whether they will accept a mfg. coupon.

          • Terese Nicole says:


            My opinion is that people are having the issue with the line “no cash or credit back” to staples it means literally no money out of their register back, or gift card.. When really I lets say am using the left over 50c towards another item… The policy does not say i am doing anything wrong.. there for I call the store I am heading to.. ask the manager if I can.. he says yes so I do it. Kinda end of the story lol. Sorry to anyone that is upset with that. BUT.. I know that Staples customer service rep said they are working on changing the policy to be strict ……. and I was told by customer service this is the only policy they have for coupons that applies to their on-site and in-store. Hope this helps you. :)

  • Anna says:

    Unfortunately the Scotch expressions coupon is LIMIT 1 coupon PER DAY…..was seriously upset by finding this out this week. OfficeMax had them on sale $1 each….what a joke of a coupon.

  • Min says:

    Now that it’s after midnight I checked my “Coupon Wallet” and found “FREE after rebates” for the copy paper, pastel paper, and photo paper. No limits printed on them, but I assume those are still what Collin has posted. Sweet deal to roll the rest of my July rewards over into cash!!! :-)

    • Amber says:

      The coupons I printed all say “limit 1 per customer”.

      • Min says:

        Yeah, that was a BIG FAT PAIN today! However, the woman who rang me up was totally willing to separate into 4 transactions, which was so nice. I think that every one of these coupons this summer has said something different. It took me a half hour to ring out, but they were really nice about it, thankfully.

  • Andrew says:

    As far as I know, if you use a coupon for the Bic pens and then submit for rebate, you get the rebate amount in what you pay for after coupon.

    As for getting overage, I did not know Staples likes gives away FREE stuff. Back in November (my last time visiting Staples), I saw they had Bic pens on sale for $1. Clerk told me it was actually in the ad as a way to clear out overstock from September. They substituted a similar Bic product for the $1 price. I then had a $1/1 Bic coupon and told me that I could not use it because the item would be FREE.
    Apparently, they did me a favor by substituting another similar item. Nowhere in the ad did it mention, supplies limited.

    Needless to say, I walked out and told them forget it.

    • Terese says:

      Yes I’ve done the bic deals about 3 times now and first I called before I went and the manager said it was ok being they didn’t have a real strict coupon policy stating what to do with coupons; and being when I got there and the manager accepted the coupon and no where does it state you can’t…. There is nothing your doing wrong :) maybe give it another shot?

    • Amber says:

      If you buy enough stuff the cashier probably won’t bother to check and see that you are getting it for Free. We all know some cashiers don’t like us to get stuff for free even if it is legit! As for the rebate, when my Staples takes man. coupons the amount comes off of all of the items. If it’s for $1 and I’ve gotten 10 items .10 will be taken off each item, so my rebate could be minimized by .10, but not always. Sometimes the rebate is just for a set amount. Sometimes it is for the price paid.

    • shannon says:

      I got overage the last time I shopped-the pens were $.50 and I had $1 coupon and they took it w/ no problem.

  • Heather says:

    There is also an unadvertised easy rebate for a $5 Staples gift card when you spend $20 in qualifying P & G products. (Paper products- TP, paper towels, tissues) This offer is good through Aug. 31st.

    • shannon says:

      how do you find out about a deal like this? Does the gift card come in the mail or do you get it at checkout?

      • Heather says:

        Retail Me Not website. Under Staples coupons for online and in-store. (This rebate was for both online and in-store) It lists all of the deals going on right now and expiration. The rebate is submitted as an easy rebate (just like the ream of paper). The rebate will come back in the form of a $5 gift card. HTH!!

  • Melissa says:

    If i buy $6 worth of stuff, and have $3.50 worth of bic coupons that brings my total to $2.50, can I still get the penny items for .01?

  • Amber says:

    Any Ideas? I’m trying to do an order for Office The Sharpies and Expos are Buy2 Get 1 Free. But, when I put three in my cart, I get charged for all three. Any ideas?

    • Amber says:

      Nevermind. It must have been a mistake. I went back a couple hours later and now the deal is not there. I emailed them about it. They must have realized they made a mistake and took it off. It would be nice if they would email me back. I find OfficeMax to be difficult, but for free stuff I’ll deal with them! :)

  • Danielle Kushner says:

    Kaspersky Antivirus 2013, 1 PC: $39.99
    $39.99 – $19.99 instant savings – $20 easy rebate = free
    Final Cost: FREE

    • shannon says:

      is this in the ad this week?
      Also, this is probably a dumb question, but I have virus protection for half a year still on my computer. If I bought the 2013 edition, could I use it in 2014?

  • CJ says:

    Also, check out these deals: Exp:8/31/13

    1)$10 off $100 online or phone orders. Exclusions apply. Online coupon code: 51868
    2)$9.99 Staples 10-ream case of 8.5×11 copy paper after easy rebate and with coupon.
    3)FREE Hammermill ream of 8.5×11 with after rebate and with coupon.
    4)FREE Staples® 8.5″ x 11″ Pastel Colored paper. after easy rebate and with coupon.
    5)FREE Staples® Photo Plus paper. after easy rebate and with coupon.

  • Anna says:

    Surprisingly – last night before midnight I looked up my local upcoming ad and all of these fabulous deals were in it. But now I am looking it up and they are all gone!!!!!!!!!!!! Our ad is sparse and disappointing. This has never happened to me before with Staples. Now I am sad as I delete my shopping list.

  • Amanda says:

    My staples isn’t showing any of these deals in their ad in store or online. I went to the store and there weren’t any penny deals advertised. Can it vary that much by store?

  • Dallas says:

    is anyone else having a hard time finding the scotch expressions coupon? I can’t find it in my 8/11 ss …sad panda

  • Kasey says:

    the $1 bic coupon says out of prints :(

  • Mommo says:

    Does anybody happen to know the rebate offer number for the Bic Pens? The rebate receipt didn’t print, but I can still submit it online if I can input the offer number. Thanks.

  • Tricia says:

    I just left my Staples and none of these deals are in the current ad. I have never had any issues, does anyone know if this is regional??

  • Ann says:

    Just left staples, The manager said the 1 cent deals are from 2 weeks ago. What a waste of gas!!!!!!!!

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