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*HOT* High Value & Rare $2/1 McCormick Gourmet Spice Or Herb Coupon

12:29 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Wow! Here’s a *HOT* and rare spice or herb coupon for ya! Just head back over to to print a high value $2/1 McCormick Gourmet Spice or Herb coupon (under zip code 33033 – if needed). If you spot any sales on these, be sure to let us know!

Can’t find this coupon? Follow these easy steps: (1) Head here and click on the Sign In link in the upper right corner to log into your account at (2) Click on your name in the upper right hand corner to show the drop down menu (3) Click on “Your Profile” (4) Set your zip code to 33033 and click “Submit Changes” (5) Then click back on this link and the coupon should show up already clipped.

(Thanks, The Shoppers Apprentice and V!)

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  • mweyler says:

    cant find it.

  • Aubri says:

    I couldn’t find it either, usually changing my zip on the local tab will do it, but it didn’t work . I had to follow the steps changing my zip in the profile and the it showed up!

  • Asmith says:

    I also had to follow directions exactly to get it to come up. Thanks

  • Stephanie says:

    Alright! I LOVE when these coupons come out. I stock up on cheap poppy seeds and other things that I use a lot and can’t find good deals on!!! :D

  • steph says:

    Finally was able to change zip and get prints. Nice long expiration of 11/3.

    • Lin says:

      how???? I don’t see where U change zip codes. :-(

      • Sandy says:

        When you click on the link above, look towards the top of the page for the word Local. Click on the word local and on the next page, towards the top, you should see your ZIP code. Click on the ZIP code and change it to 33033. Then go back to coupons and skim through the grocery coupons. You should find it.

  • Dawn says:

    Try 32205

  • Tara in TX says:

    Thanks so much for the heads up on this great coupon Collin! I absolutely love the “Mediterranean Spiced Sea Salt” (reminds me of Carrabba’s spice) that I can only find here in certain stores. Going to stock up with this coupon!
    ps. I also had to follow Collin’s (awesome!) instructions and change my zip in my profile. Worked like a charm!

  • Sherri says:

    Can you buy these at Walmart? Can someone give me a price range that these normally are? Thanks!

  • Teresa says:

    Thanks, Collin! Was getting a migraine trying it my way!! LOL!!

  • Vee says:

    For most herbs and spices, the bulk section is the way to go if you can. In the Northwest we have Fred Meyer, WinCo and even some at QFC (Fred and QFC are Kroger stores). You won’t believe the savings!! Trader Joe’s also has some good prices although bulk is usually better. I just keep using my old jars over and over

  • rach says:

    usually when there is a coupon out there this high of an amount, means they are going to be on sale soon.

  • Juanita says:

    I just used one at Kroger. I needed dried oregano. Kroger brand was $2.59 and McCormick was $3.59, so I got it for $1.59!! Yea!!! I think this may have been the cheapest McCormick spice there, BUT it was just what I needed for a recipe for dinner tonight. THANKS!!

  • Lin says:

    since upgraded to new format, I have NOT seen where I can enter alternate zip code! :-(

  • cher says:

    I follwed the instructions. I changed the zip. I even used the new search field. Nothing. I love my spices. Oh well.

    • shandelle says:

      I’ve found a lot of coupon blogs that have what they call “ old school” or something to that effect, integrated into their sites which is much much easier for switching between zips. I avoid the existing if I can help it, since it was built to discourage zip switching. I’m absolutely not trying to steer you away from hip2save at all!! But a local blogger where I live in chicago has the old version available at and if you hover on the print coupons menu, then click, it brings up the old page by page version with a zip box at the top. I’ve found switching zips to find the best coupons works the best in that version.

  • Wendy says:

    Thank you so much for the change your profile tip
    IT WORKED, yea yea, yea
    You are star, I could kiss you
    Makes up for me screwing up my Saving Star deal ( well, almost )

  • Amy Stotts says:
    Area code 33317.

    I tried the others mentioned here and couldn’t find it, but searched until I found this link and the suggested area code.

  • toni says:

    thank you all soooo much for the help in change the zip code in the profile because i was losing my mind trying to find it. i also found the kraft fresh take coupon! thanku

  • Angie says:

    If you are a “my points” member it is still the old format and easy to change, plus you earn points for using coupons at the end of each month. You can use these points to cash in for gift cards. It takes a while to earn enough points for one, but I save them for Christmas. If you want to join I can send you a “refer-a-friend” email, or just join if you think it would work for you.

    • Angie says:

      forgot, to let you know how to contact me if you wanted a “refer-a-friend” email me at a p w e b b 6 @ g m a i l . I know it probably sounds like I’m selling something….sorry, I hope not.

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