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Kroger: Double Coupons Replaced With Lower Prices + Better Weekly Specials (GA, AL, & SC)

8:41 AM MST
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Calling all you Georgia, Alabama, & South Carolina Kroger shoppers! Rumor has it that beginning on September 21st, stores in these states will be discontinuing the practice of doubling coupons. In place of double coupons, Kroger has promised lower prices and more aggressive weekly specials.

What are your thoughts about these changes?! Do you think the lower prices and more aggressive weekly specials will make up for the end of double coupons?!

(Thanks, Latressa!)

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  • mary says:

    Kroger stopped doubling coupons here in Arkansas in July. I live the same distance from Kroger and a super Walmart. I would shop at Kroger to get the double coupons up to 60 cents, now I rarely shop there and Walmart matches ads so I’m done. Part of their explanation was that not enough people were taking advantage of the double coupons. How many of you received any kind of survey in your area for them to at least get an idea of what we think? Whoever came up with this idea did not think about the customers at all. Even their new “low” prices here aren’t low enough.

    • Bob says:

      I agree I used coupons all the time. Still do. I see no reduction in prices. Big business will do whatever they want to do and try to make you believe its for your benefit. Bull.

  • Dixie says:

    I live in arkansas as well and wasn’t happy about the stop on double couponing. It was so sudden. No type of warning no good explaination

  • shandelle says:

    I grew up in central Indiana where virtually every store doubled (Kroger, Marsh, Meijer, etc) and now ALL have quit as of this year. Sadly I think coupon doubling will soon be a think of the past for almost the entire country. I moved to Chicago about 7 years ago and NO stores double here except for very once in a blue moon random promotions.. so I’ve learned to accept and deal with that. I did enjoy taking my low cents off doublers home with me Indiana to pick up freebies when I visited.. but Kroger quit end of July and Meijer quit end of August.. Many retailers cite low percentages of people using double coupons, consider also that coupon values are often pretty crappy anymore, requiring you to purchase 2 or 3 items to save even $.40.. couponers know how to work sales and stack things so it’s still worth it, but to the average shopper, couponers may have seemed like a waste of time. Why buy 3 boxes of cereal to save 50 cents when you normally buy only 1 box every few weeks anyway? I’m sure some of that played into retailers believing shoppers weren’t taking advantage of double coupons enough to justify keeping them around. I’ve also had friends argue with me that shows like “Extreme Couponing” have glorified excessive coupon use to the point that some retailers may have finally realized they were giving away too much for free and found it embarrassing that people were taking advantage on too large of a scale.

  • Dee-baby says:

    RE: Georgia Krogers…… I have always preferred Kroger over Walmart because of their coupon doubling. Now I have no reason to go to Kroger, so they have lost a customer. I will just price match at Walmart and keep it moving. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Brian says:

    And they are buying Harris Teeter too. That really sucks.

  • Joan says:

    I agree with most of the posts, why go to Kroger (Dillons in my area) I’ll just price match at Walmart. I did call Dillons locally to give my opinion, not that it will matter. I didn’t even know they had changed in Missouri until at the check out line. They stopped doubling here Aug 21st

  • Maggie says:

    They did this in California a few years ago with the Kroger-owned Ralphs chain. Deals evaporated. Ralphs went from being my must-shop weekly store to a place I visited no more than once a month, if that. The “lower prices” thing works out better for non-coupon shoppers, but coupon-shoppers will be worse off.

  • Tina says:

    What is going to happen with Harris Teeter? Didn’t Krogers buy them?

  • Cheryl says:

    I have a publix just up the road from my Kroger here in Georgia, they are still doubling coupons, and there b1g1 free’s are awesome. We have an Aldi coming in as well.. and a walmart close by. Think Kroger just lost me as a customer..

  • Ken says:

    We as couponers now how to become even more savvy when shopping. It is sad that in the name of increasing the bottom line that Kroger has taken this benefit away in my area. As of now, only Publix, as a grocery store, is doubling coupons in my area. Sadly enough the option to stack coupons is being taken away as more stores go to using digital coupons versus printetd store coupons. No store that has a digital coupon program will allow you to stack.

    As of late I have been taken advantage of stores that provide a BOGO sale going on. I actually made money doing this last week on Welch’s Juices with a $2/1 coupon on a BOGO sale at Publix.

    As couponers, please continue to share any tips/tricks/techniques that you are using to increase your savings. My goal is to have 50% coupon usage each month. Then build higher from there. I am currently floating at 25% this month.

  • kellie says:

    I live in Tupelo, Mississippi and just found out (the hard way) that our Krogers no longer double their coupons. There wasn’t anything written, no signs up anywhere, and even the cashier who checked me out did not tell me about the policy change. All my organizing, planning, and budgetting was all for naught when I saw my totals. I was so upset.

    Lets face it…Kroger is not the cheapest place to shop and I wouldn’t shop there at all if it were not for the double coupon policy. So needless to say, thier changes have thrust me in the arms of their other competitors.

    I am truly disgusted.

  • Adepeju Adefi says:

    I told Kroger I was disappointed in their stopping of doubling coupons and they told me the reason why they stopped is because so few people take advantage of it. So why stop? It’s not a product you have to carry or a device that has to be rendered. I know it’s because they want to increase their bottom line and that’s fine. But Publix still doubles and they, Walmart and Aldi are all a lot closer than Kroger. So I guess I won’t ship there anymore because without the doubling, there’s no incentive to go there because their pricing isn’t low enough to justify the added expense.

  • Debbie says:

    I am very disappointed with Dillons/Krogers to stop doubling coupons. They told me that people didn’t coupon that much and that the new way would save people more money. I personally don’t like Dillons/Krogers selecting what I can save more money on because personally I don’t. I always did the majority of my grocery shopping at Dillons/Krogers along with my prescriptions and got my gas at the Kwik shop. So now I have broadened my lists of where and what I get at other stores instead of sticking with all of it at Dillons/Krogers. I also have been more impressed with how other stores employees are more willing to help you find the product instead of telling you a aisle number. They also will help you out with your grocerys and I do not like using the self check out line at Dillons after 10 pm… If I wanted a job in a grocery store I would get one. This consumer not very happy about all your changes!

  • dstephens says:

    My daughter travel about 120 miles round trip to shop at Kroger we love it but now
    with no doubling someone else will get our business. sorry Kroger you lose

  • Angie B says:

    Yes, I was disappointed to find out this week that my 50 cent coupon was being redeemed at face value. However, I won’t stop shopping Kroger becasue of a few thing: 1. FUEL POINTS! 2. E-coupons! 3. Personalized coupons mailed to me based on my shopping preferences, usually with one or 2 FREE coupons included 4. FREE Friday Downloads – I have gotten some stuff that I enjoyed but weren’t in my budget to actually buy

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