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Amazon Mom Members: Huggies Simply Clean Wipes 600 Count Box Only $7.78 Shipped (Awesome Price!)

9:18 AM MST
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Calling all you Amazon Mom members (it’s free to sign up – just go here)! Check out this great deal on Huggies wipes you can score from the comfort of your own home!

Currently, Amazon has these Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free wipes, 600 count box (includes 8 refill packages!) priced at just $8.78 shipped when you choose Subscribe & Save (upper right) with your Amazon Mom Membership (which saves you 20%)! Even better, you can also scroll down to clip a $1/1 coupon, bringing the final cost down to only $7.78 shipped! That makes each 75-ct package of wipes just $0.97 shipped (just 1.3¢ per wipe!)… great price, especally for not having to leave your house!

**Remember, when you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you are under NO obligation whatsoever and can cancel at anytime. To cancel or modify your Subscribe and Save items, just click on “my account” and then “subscriptions” and with the click of a button you can cancel and/or modify anything you want.

(Thanks, Autumn!)

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  • Kristy says:

    That is a great deal ! Just ordered a box!

  • Crystal says:

    the price is showing $10.42 for subscribe and save for me

    • Bridget says:

      It showed that for me until I signed in. After I signed in it dropped to $8.78 and the coupon showed up. Try signing in.

    • paula says:

      Mine showed the $10.42 too but go through all the motions, clip the coupon first, then do your subscribe and save and at the end should show all the discounts which brought mine down to the lower price and then you can hit submit if it is correct:)

  • Jess says:

    coupon is gone, bummer

  • debra says:

    Did this 8/30 and they still haven’t shipped. This is the first time I have done a subscribe and save that didn’t ship immediately.

    • Melissa says:

      The Subscribe & Save orders for you are shipped on a specific day of each month. If you have other S&S orders, Amazon is waiting to ship the 8/30 order with the other S&S orders. You can check your account on Amazon to find the date it will be shipped.

  • Erica says:

    Thanks so much…8.32 for me after tax!

  • jessica says:

    Me too, I’m thinking that I have to have 5 or more baby items subscribed to per month to get the cheaper price.

  • Teri says:

    I have Prime Amazon Mom and my subscribe and save shipments are over 5 items…got this deal :) I love Amazon. I only have a Target and Wal Mart nearby so $79/yr for Prime is worth it for me. Our prices are also higher (Hawaii) so with Amazon coupons and S&S, the deals are great. Plus I save on gas and it frees up my time to be with my toddler, baby, and hubs :)

  • Shana Dey says:

    I just checked my Amazon profile: I am an Amazon Mom member. However, the price shows up at $10.42 (with “%5 Subscribe & Save” discount). Even after coupon, the price is still $9.42.
    Now, from reading the blue “Details” link next to the Subscribe & Save text, I see that you must have 5 or more participating Subscribe & Save memberships arriving at your address per month to qualify for the 20% discount. Can anyone else confirm this, or, is anyone else having this same problem?

    • Emily says:

      Me too. I have Amazon Prime but also am an Amazon Mom member. The price shows up as $10.42 for me and then $9.42 with the coupon. I think that you do have to be subscribed to 5 different things to get the 20% discount. It’s confusing. Maybe it’s because we’ve had Amazon Mom for a long time, and not recently? I became an Amazon Mom member in 2011. I have Prime benefits through a family member who subscribed me under their name. I wonder if any of that has something to do with it.

      • Emily says:

        Actually, just looked on Amazon and it said the following:
        ” If you already have Subscribe & Save delivery on items that qualify for the Amazon Mom discount, you’ll automatically receive the additional 15% discount once you join Amazon Mom as long as you are the primary account holder of a Prime free trial or paid membership. This will bring your total discount to 20%. ”

        I’m not the primary account holder, since someone has signed me under their name to receive the benefits. So perhaps if you’re like me and not paying for Prime but riding off of someone’s account (which is totally legit–if anyone was wondering, you can ride off of someone’s account for free, they just sign you up under their name), then that’s why you’re not getting the 20% off total discount.

    • paula says:

      That is weird Shana, I only have one other subscribe and save for pampers wipes I did yesterday but I still got the lower price of $7.78, I would call them and see why yours is different, that does not make sense to me either. Hope they fix it for you.

  • Christina says:

    It’s showing for me as $10.42 also. Amazon’s prices change by the minute, especially if demand for a product increases, the price increases

    • paula says:

      Christina, is the price showing $10.42 after all the discounts are applied? It is still showing $10.97 but after you clip the coupon and sign up for subscribe and save it will discount it down at the last page where you hit submit payment.

  • Sarah says:

    Still working! Showing $10.97 for me, then goes to $8.78 after the amazon mom 20% off, then goes to $7.78 tool after my $1 coupon was applied :-)

  • T.S. says:

    Got it thanks! :)

  • Haseena says:

    Off topic, but still baby related. I have 3 $5.00 Enfamil checks that I am looking to trade with someone for the $5.00 Similac checks or the $5.00 Bed Bath & Beyond or Buy Buy Baby coupons (not expired). If anyone is interested in trading please send me am email at

  • BRENDA says:

    I used my 5.00 code I recieved from HP when I wasn’t able to order the starbucks g/c. I paid 3.25 :)

  • Christina says:

    It seems like it’s no takin off the amazon mom discount. On the phone with Amazon now

  • Christina says:

    I think you have to be an Amazon Mom AND Amazon prime member to get the additional 20% off

  • Mary says:

    I got a box of these wipes at CvS, they were on clearance at half off. Plus I used a coupon so it was a steal. Size 3 & 5 Luvs were also 50% off.

  • deborah k says:

    i only have prime. no amazon mom and my prize with the coupon is 7.78

  • Carrie Hendricks says:

    Does anyone know if when you do Subscribe & Save, if the price that you subscribe at locks in? Like, is it the same price for every shipment?

  • Jaci says:

    Once you subscribe and save how soon are you able to cancel?

  • deborah k says:

    you can cancel right after first shipment, or now if you don’t want it

  • nancy says:

    This deal is still good! I just subscribed and saved n got the $1 coupon my total was $8.97

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