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Kohl’ *HOT* KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer as Low as Only $167.99 Shipped After Kohl’s Cash & Rebate (Reg. $449.99!)

10:35 PM MST
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Wow! Here’s a great deal you can snag on a KitchenAid Artisan 5-quart Stand Mixer over on Kohl’! This highly rated mixer is currently marked down to just $349.99 (reg. $449.99!). Even sweeter, when you add this mixer to your cart, the price drops to $314.99! Plus, through 10/5, you can use the promo code LEAVES to save an additional 15% off which will bring the price down to just $267.74 (plus tax AND $7.50 shipping surcharge). OR better yet, if you are a Kohl’s card holder, you can get an extra 30% off (instead of the 15% off for non-card holders) with the promo code SAVING30 – dropping the price of this mixer to only $220.49! Crazy!

You can also submit for a $20 Kohl’s gift card mail-in rebate offer found here (ends 10/6!) when you purchase at least $199.99 worth of participating KitchenAid products (including this mixer!) OR spend $300+ on participating KitchenAid products and score a $40 gift card.

But wait…it get’s even better! Through October 5th, everyone gets $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent in store, online & at the kiosk on all sale-, regular- and clearance-priced merchandise! Just take your Kohl’s Cash coupon to your nearest Kohl’s Department Store or enter your coupon number and pin at checkout on, starting October 6th-17th.

And check out some of the fun colors you can pick from (+ many more!)…

Your deal should go something like this:

Buy KitchenAid Artisan 5-quart Stand Mixer $349.99 (regularly $449.99!)
Once added to your cart, price drops to $314.99
Enter code LEAVES to save 15% OR code SAVING30 to save 30% (for card holders)
Pay  $267.74 (+ tax) with 15% off code OR $220.49 with 30% off code
Plus, tax AND a $7.50 surcharge for shipping
Submit for the $20 Kohl’s gift card offer via the mail-in rebate found here (ends 10/6!)
Plus, get back $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent
(= $50 Kohl’s Cash for 15% off code or $40 Kohl’s Cash for 30% off code)

Final cost as low as only $167.99 shipped (+ tax) for card holders OR $205.24 for NON-card holders – note that this is the final calculation after taking into account the $7.50 surcharge and the Kohl’s gift card and Kohl’s cash you’ll be getting back. This same mixer is currently selling for $349+ on Amazon with awesome reviews, so this is definitely a fantastic BUY!

If you’re wanting to spend less money on a KitchenAid Mixer, keep in mind that the KitchenAid Classic Plus 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer is only $242.99 when added to your cart… plus, you can follow the steps above to sweeten this price even further!

*Go through to get 3.5% cash back or through Ebates to get 3% cash back!

(Thanks, Jill!)

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  • Tami says:

    Wow what a crazy good deal!!!! :-)

  • Jodi says:

    So excited! Can’t wait for my kitchen aid to arrive! Thanks so much, Hip2Save! :)

  • irene says:

    Oh my! I own one, but the deal is so good, now I want one in a fun color! Just FYI… these things are workhorses that will outlive all of us!

    • mar says:

      FYI – Our broke after 2 years! I think such an expensive mixer should last forever.

      • Em says:

        If you were taking care of it properly and it still broke I hope you called KitchenAid. They have excellent customer service

        • Sara says:

          I have my parents hand-me-down from their wedding when they invested in a new one! 28 years old and it still works great! I love that I have a kitchen appliance older than me!

  • Pat says:

    Good deal if you planned on spending $40 or $50 anyway at Kohls, which I don’t so guess I’ll have to pass!

  • michelle says:

    Does anyone know if I can do this in store?

  • Rebecca Huber says:

    I love my Kitchen Aid mixer and so does my 20 yr old daughter! I can not wait to give her her own for Christmas! She is going to be so happy and excited. I have owned my mixer for over 15 yrs they are awesome! What a great buy.

  • bunny says:

    Love the purple ones–adorable!

  • couponkrazi says:

    Kohl’s cash IS NOT CASH; per say. Its a gift voucher for the dollar amount that CAN ONLY BE USED on the dates specified on the voucher.
    Its pretty much useless otherwise. Has no cash value other than the on dates soecified and it expires and can’t be re-issued

    • AmyE says:

      My Kohls lets me use expired Kohls cash … with the disclaimer that the merchandise purchased with it is NOT able to be returned or exchanged so I just have to make sure that whatever I purchase with my Kohls cash that I plan to keep.

  • Love shopping says:

    I noticed Kitchenaid website has rebates too, one offering a free grinder or glass bowl. Even nicer deal, if it all works out. When does the Kohls sale end?

  • Pharmchick says:

    Wahhhhh I’m not at home and I keep my kohls charge card at home!! I was going to finally bite the bullet for one of these (kneading dough by hand is a killer!) I hope this deal is still active through tomorrow when I get back…

    • k says:

      your kohls charge card might be saved in your account. i know when i checkout its always there by default. just thought i’d throw that out there just in case.

  • Love shopping says:

    I noticed that Kitchenaid website has several rebates, one offering free grinder or glass bowl. If this all works out, it makes for a sweeter deal. I do not live near any Kohls, does anyone know when this Kohls sale ends online? Thanks😄

  • Jen says:

    My kohls lets me use expired kohls cash all the time…with no caveat!

  • debbie says:

    You can buy an item with your Kohl’s Cash before the Kohl’s Cash expires. After the Kohl’s cash period is over, you can return the item for store credit, which does not expire. Kohl’s supervisor told me to do this when the item I wanted to purchase with the Kohl’s Cash was out of stock.

  • Heather says:

    It will only take of 15% for me on the mixer even though I’m a cardholder an shave used SAVINGS30

  • Lorna says:

    I used this mixer last weekend in my baking class – awesome appliance!

  • Kelly says:

    this is not about this item but didn’t know where to ask. can someone tell me for saving star.when you have to buy 2 of something does a b1g1 free deal count as one or two?

  • Allison says:

    Can you get the same deal if you purchase at the store?

  • April says:

    Just purchased the Professional 600 model instead. Price lowered to $404.99 when I put it in my cart. Minus 30% brought it to $283.49. Minus the higher $40 rebate with a $300 purchased, made it $243.49. More Kohl’s cash earned ($50) made my grand total (after adding the $7.50 shipping surcharge back in) $200.99! Very nice!!

    • Dawn Jobe says:

      April, hope you read this. I also was able to get the 600 earlier today at the discounted price, but after a little research I learned that Kitchenaid is offereing a free meat grinder or ice maker attachment by mail. Both are valued at 99$. and, its valid for a Kohls purchase! So I think I will be doing the ice cream maker rather than the 40$ gift card from Kohls.

    • momof4spoiled1s says:

      I bought the 600 last year and I wished I hadn’t. The head doesn’t tilt back like the others.

    • Kandy says:

      April, I also purchased the 600 model and am getting ready to fill out the rebate, BUT I wasn’t sure whether to fill out the $40 or $20 rebate based on the total… Do you know for sure if the total is based on the after-tax price of $311.36 rather than the before-tax price of $283.49? This only occurred to me just now and obviously, I would much rather get the $40 rebate, but I don’t want it to get declined based on the before-tax price being less than $300…

  • Holly G. says:

    Got this deal in green apple and added the kitchen aid food chopper Sku#: 93472056 in green apple and the 5qt bowl covers Sku#: 06372205….when you buy 1 kitchen aid you get an extra 10% off the second so my chopper was only 35.99 that plus the lids on sale for $9.99 in combo with the mixer minus the 30%off with my kohls charge equals
    Subtotal: $360.97
    Percent Discount: 79.59%
    Discount Amount: $287.30
    Shipping: $0.00
    Tax: $18.21
    Total: $278.38–woohoo! plus my $50 kohls cash and $20 rebate is like getting all of this for only $208.38 shipped.

  • Kelly says:

    I got this, thank you so much! I also recently signed up for Kohl’s Rewards, where you get $5 for every $100 spent, so that was more than $10 rewards. Unfortunately, I forgot to go through for 3.5% cash back, just a reminder for the rest of you

  • Eva says:

    I just got this as a gift for my brother and sister-in-law for their wedding. I called Customer Service to ask about the rebate since I won’t have the UPC to mail in. They just deducted the $20 off of the total I was charged! They were so nice about it too! Thanks, Collin for sharing this great deal!!

    • momof4spoiled1s says:

      Your lucky they did that for you which saved you alot of hassle. When I did the rebate I sent in the UPC but they insisted it wasn’t the right one. It was straight off the mixer box and not off the mixer cardboard box. Anyway, it became a real hassle. I had to spend more stamp money to send the whole panel which was the original of all of it. I hope my mixer never breaks because I sent them everything I had and I only have a copy now. I ended up moving in the process of waiting for the rebate check so all in all it took about 5 months to finally get it. What a headache.

  • momof4spoiled1s says:

    Also guys, take note that the 20$ rebate is a card that has to be used at Kohl’s and not a check like in the past. Unless they will let you double up and submit the one on their website also. Not sure how the UPC double up would work though.

  • Jill W. says:

    wish I could buy one of these for my kids Christmas gift LOL but I don’t think an 8, 10 or 16 year old boy would think that it was such a good gift ;-)

  • sally says:

    Price not dropping to $314.99 for me what am i doing wrong?

  • Marry says:

    Please HELP I am not seeing how to get it to $314.99!!! I really want to do this deal for my mother’s bday but its not working for me.

  • saveitontheside says:

    The cart drop to $314.99 seems to have expired, unfortunately! Yesterday I added it to my cart and saw the drop, but today when I did so it was no longer there. I was really disappointed because I wanted to get this for my girlfriend for Christmas, but I found a reputable seller on eBay selling them for $289.99:

    No tax or shipping charges, either — just grabbed the ice blue one!

  • Kim says:

    Asked in store if they would match the 314.99 price on the artesian since I was having problems with the website. They did and it printed out a receipt for the 40 dollar gift card since the subtotal was over 299 before the kohls 30% coupon. I want to take advantage of that and the kitchenaid promo for a free grinder on their website but although diff rebate forms they both require original UPCs. Any thoughts on how to make this work or will I just have to pick one?

    • Madi says:

      I called kitchen aid customer service regarding the two rebates both are from kitchen aid and the lady said you can only do one of those :(

  • Beatrice says:

    Thank you so much for this post. Wanted to get a Kitchenaid stand mixer for so long. And was looking out for offers on them.
    I found this site a few days before this post aired and was sad that I had missed out on the previous offers.
    A few days later, found this post. Placed an order on the same day.
    I know this is really late, but I just wanted to thank you.
    I never thought I could justify a 450$ purchase, so was not sure if I would ever buy it.

    A million thank yous again.

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