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Target: *HOT* Starbucks Bagged Coffee as Low as Only $0.99 Each (After Gift Cards)

12:30 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all you Starbucks fans out there! :) You’ll most definitely want to head on over to Target where they are offering up a FREE $10 Target Gift Card when you purchase four participating 11 or 12-oz bags of Starbucks coffee! Keep in mind that you will need to look for bags that are actually marked (like the pic above), as there are other bags of Starbucks coffee that are not included in this gift card promo. Also, note that prices may vary depending on your location. Here in Boise the qualifying bags are priced at just $6.99, but I noticed the ad lists a price of $7.49.

So check out the *HOT* deal you can score at Target:

Buy 4 select Starbucks bagged coffees $6.99 each (may vary by region) = FREE $10 Target Gift Card
Total = $27.96
Use 2 $2/2 Starbucks 11oz+ bags coupons found in the 9/8 SS or here
Pay $23.96
Get back a FREE $10 Target gift card
Final cost $13.96 total – just $3.49 per bag!

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, don’t forget about the Starbucks Rewards promo that I mentioned before! Through October 19th, whenever you purchase a specially marked bag of Starbucks coffee at your local store, you’ll earn rewards! Check it out –

*Enter 1 Code from Specially Marked Package = 1 Bonus Star
*Enter 2 Codes from Specially Marked Packages = FREE Tall Brewed Coffee
*Enter 3 Codes from Specially Marked Packages = FREE Food Item
*Enter 4 Codes from Specially Marked Packages = FREE $10 Starbucks Card eGift

SO…. if you can find 4 specially marked bags of Starbucks coffee at Target (that are also participating in the Target gift card promo), you can basically score some seriously inexpensive coffee after you take into account the FREE Target gift card AND FREE $10 Starbucks Card eGift you will get back! As I stated in the scenario above:

You’ll pay $23.96 for 4 bags
Get back a FREE $10 Target gift card
AND get back a FREE $10 Starbucks Card eGift
Final cost only $3.96 for all 4 bags – just $0.99 per bag!

(Thanks, Erica!)

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  • Monica says:

    I was just at Target this morning, and our deal here in central Indiana is $7.49 each, and get a $5 giftcard WYB 3. So check your local ad first!

  • Emj says:

    Mine is the same in Atlanta. Buy 3, get a $5 GC.

  • Rei says:

    I did this deal this morning but the coffee was priced at $7.49 get $10gc wyb 4…funny how the deals are different by region. Make sure to purchase the bags with the gold sticker on it! The caramel and mocha flavored ones are included too :)

  • amyjk says:

    there is a $2/2 coupon on under their grocery store challenge that is mentioned above. can anyone tell me if they saw that the whole bean varieties were included in the giftcard deal?

    • JD says:

      Yes, whole bean is included in the deal. I bought Verona, Veranda, Columbia, and House Blend as whole bean today and got the $10 T gc. There is also French Roast in whole bean and that is about it for whole bean variety compared to ground. 1 bag rang up as $7.49 and the other 3 as $6.99.

  • Michelle says:

    Same here in Collierville, TN……buy 3 @$7.49 get a $5.00 GC. Oh well, at least I’m still getting a bonus & I buy Starbucks coffee anyways, so a nice little perk:o) Ha..get it…perk? :o)

  • JA says:

    don’t forget to take your empty bags to Starby’s for a free 12 oz. coffee!

  • des says:

    i already did the $10 egift card from starbuck’s…can i do it again?

    • marcia says:

      No, I tried to do it twice then realized afterwards that you can only do it once. I think that promotion is over now anyway.

      • Anne says:

        It doesn’t end until mid October. I don’t remember the exact date but it is on their website. I might do it again but register my husband’s card or do a card for my mom.

        • marcia says:

          Oh Anne, maybe I am wrong about that then. Recently I had received an email from Starbucks that said something about a promotion had just ended. I assumed they were referring to the star bag.

          • Anne says:

            After I commented, I saw above that Collin posted the end date as October 19. Starbucks does seem to have a lot of promotions so it is easy to lose track. :)

  • Angie says:

    I haven’t received my credits from doing it the first time? How long does it take to receive?

    • Amanda says:

      It takes 1 week before you receive the emails with the rewards in them.

    • Anne says:

      I had to wait almost 2 weeks. I think it was more popular than they planned.

    • des says:

      it took about a week to get an email on how to claim the egiftcard

    • Carrie says:

      The website said 48 hours so I e-mailed after not receiving the rewards a week later. They then said it would take two weeks so I e-mailed again four weeks after entering the star codes and this time they said I would get my rewards on October 10. If they aren’t there tomorrow they’ll be hearing from me again!

  • heather says:

    so I wonder if anyone else has struggled with this. I have a hard time thinking that the coffee is .99 cents. I have to pay 27 dollars out of pocket. Then I get 10 dollars back with a possible 10 dollar starbucks gift card. In my mind I paid for the coffee and then will get starbucks free and 10 off my next purchase anyone else feel this way. Maybe it just my brain that works this way. :)

    • ihearthip says:

      I know lots see it that way, too! I guess if you are going to spend a certain amt at Target, even through different trips, then that certain amt just got lower by $10.

    • Anne says:

      I feel the same way. I always consider my out of pocket because if you lose the giftcard or forget to redeem the (+up rewards…happened to me), you are out the money. Nonetheless, I have learned to save my Target giftcards for giftcard promotions to keep my out of pocket lower.

      • Emma says:

        What kind of giftcard promotions are you talking about because I’v been saving them cause I thing maybe Ican use them to buy other gift cards?

    • Erin says:

      I’m the same way. To me, all the rewards earned after purchasing a product are bonuses. They aren’t instant discounts that can be used on that purchase, which means you’ll have to make another purchase to benefit from them. And I personally couldn’t factor in the Starbucks giftcard in my final purchase price because I would never actually buy anything there without the free giftcard.

    • axhilli says:

      I already go to starbucks quite often so this is a GREAT deal in my opinion no matter how you look at it. To get 4 bags of starbucks coffee, $10 target gc, free tall starbucks coffee, free starbucks food item and $10 starbucks gift card for $26 (price I paid) is a GREAT deal.

      • Cindi says:

        Really it’s 4 bags of coffee and 5 tall coffees ( each bag is a free coffee at Starbucks) free food, $10 to each Starbucks and target and I paid $24 after red card discounts and coupons. If this is stuff you would usually purchase anyhow – it’s a $64 value at full price!! And don’t forget the bonus star towards free drinks!!

        • axhilli says:

          Thanks for reminding me I need to make a note to redeem my bags for free coffee as well. I really need to get a redcard I shop at Target to much not to have one. Deal is even better than I thought, thanks for breaking it out the way you did.

    • LC says:

      OOP might be high, but consider the savings in the long run. If you are someone who even occassionally buys coffee at starbucks, there’s an extra 10.00. A 10.00 gift card to me is considered as cash since i shop there so often, and I would have had to purchase coffee bags at one point, so this is a steal deal for me. :)

      Super excited to see my Target was fully stocked!!

    • Katie says:

      I like to save my gift cards and use them when there are other gift card deals. I keep them in my small coupon organizer in my target section. This way I never forget the gift card.

  • ihearthip says:

    wow I usually don’t buy theirs in bags due to the price but this is worth it! Thanks! :)

    • Erin says:

      Funny, I’ve been buying a lot of Starbucks bagged coffee over the last year or so because it seems to be the only (premium) coffee with good deals. I really prefer Dunkin Donuts but you just can’t get deals on it like you can on Starbucks. Wonder if Starbucks is having financial problems or something.

  • Betsy says:

    Also if you bring the empty bag back to a S
    Starbucks they will give you a free cup of coffee, this offer is printed on the bag.

  • Erica Sue says:

    If your ad is buy 3 and get a $5 gift card, then the best deal is to buy 6 so you can effectively use the $2 off 2 coffees. If you buy 6, you will get 2 $5 gift cards

  • Erica Sue says:

    I think he may be trying to stir the pot more than anything. It is horrible to think anyone would steal like that, but worse to think somoeme would even brag about doing such. I truly think he is trying to cause a reaction out of people. Quite sad

    • Anne says:

      I missed his response and it appears to have been deleted. If people try to do this deal, double check for bags with codes on the outside!

    • axhilli says:

      I didn’t know what he said but the codes are on the outside of the bag and I looked to make sure mine didn’t look like they have been peeled back. One I’m not so sure about but the rest look fine. If I don’t get my starbucks card I’ll contact Target and Starbucks because I did buy four bags and didn’t realize people were stealing the codes.

    • Christine says:

      Our Target had A LOT of bags completely missing the codes. So sad people have to steal to try and get a deal:(

  • Cristina says:

    I can’t find $2/2 Starbucks couopon in my ss inserts, was it regional

  • Keri says:

    Are the blonde coffees included in this deal?

  • deb says:

    Another great deal thanks! Bought the 4 bags (luv Starbucks coffee anyway) my tags were intact. Used the $5 Gift card I got from last weeks candy deal plus the 2 $2 coupons to even further lower the cost. And paid with the Red Card earning 5% back as well. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. Oh & the $10 gift card? I used that to purchase 2 plastic totes that were on sale for $4.39 each, which cost me $0.00. And lets not forget I was using my ShopKick App the whole time collecting points! Yes, it was a very good day.
    Thanks again Collin : )

  • Bekah says:

    There’s nothing on the Starbucks website about the Grocery Challenge promo that says you can only do it once. It seems to say the opposite: “From now until Oct 19th, each time you purchase a specially marked bag of Starbucks® coffee in the grocery aisle, you’ll earn a little something extra.” Does anyone know if I’m missing something regarding a limitation? Thanks!

  • Samantha says:

    It is nice to get a deal as some have noted, however, I don’t agree with the varying ads across the regions especially when I asked a Target Sales Person this evening about it and she told me that they all were the Same across the nation even after I showed her pics. I don’t think that this is right to faithful Target shoppers. Especially when you go into a store expecting one thing and get something else. I guess it means I just need to pay better attention to my specific ad in my area.

  • Jessie says:

    I did the Grocery Challenge promo already and you actually get all 4 levels. So, you’re getting the bonus star, free tall coffee, free food, AND a $10 Gift Card. Awesome promo! My free coffee & food don’t expire until December. And, of course, you can bring your bags in for 4 more free tall coffees!

  • Patti says:

    Here in Boise the ad said $7.49/bag. At the store, they were marked $6.99 a bag. Yay!! I also had a $5 off $30 grocery coupon from a Target mailer that I received (have no idea why) a few weeks ago. So it made it a great deal. I bought some molasses that I needed to get the total purchase just over $30 so I could use the $5 off $30.

    Thanks Collin!

  • Lisa says:

    Using two coupons? I printed two coupons from the link and they have the same numbers everywhere on them. Was I only allowed to print one? I thought they had unique codes on the coupon…….

  • adrienne says:

    Has anyone received their $10 gift card yet? I submitted my codes, but I didn’t realize that you have to OPT IN to the “grocery challenge” first. I saw that after I’d entered them, and now I still show 0 grocery bags purchased. I’ve received a star for each code, but no $10 gift card. I guess I’ll have to contact Starbucks, but I wish I’d known to OPT IN first!

  • mary jo says:

    Anyone know how long it takes for the free drink, free food, and $10 ecard to show up? My 4 stars appeared, but so far, no free stuff in my account or my email…

    • mary jo says:

      Ah – I just went to the home page and opted it. And it said, “You did it! You successfully completed the Grocery Challenge and a $10 eGift is on its way to you. We’ll send you an e-mail within a week with redemption instructions.” Whew!!

      • Jun says:

        I entered my 4stars yesterday, until today I did not get the email yet, but it confirmed that 4stars already entered. Should I wait for another day?

  • stacey says:

    Anyone sure about only doing the Starbucks grocery challenge once?

  • Nancy says:

    I just spoke to customer service at Starbucks and she said it does NO GOOD to enter more than 4 star codes. We only get one $10 ecard with this promo ~ meaning we can’t enter 8 codes to get (2) $10 ecards. Is this everyone else’s understanding?

  • Pharmchick says:

    i ended up paying a little more out of pocket, about 30 since the bags were 7.49 each, but i prefer the blonde roast so its not too bad of a deal. i guess after all is said and done i wouldve paid 1.50 per bag, which is still pretty amaze for starbucks coffee!!

  • Kelly says:

    It was $7.49 a bag and a $5 giftcard when you buy 3 in the St. Louis area. I bought 4 tonight so I could do the rewards deal . I typed in the codes and got the stars but when will I get the other stuff? Cannot find where u sign up? The way I read it looks like. It’s automatic

  • sarah says:

    seriously stars that were in my account are now gone and the ones I added today only 2 are showing up. This is so insane.

  • Grace says:

    Starbucks did not honor the promotion for me, even though I purchased the items before the deadline on Saturday. I am going to see if the store will take the unopened coffee back, then look for a “real” sale on the items, not this one with false pretenses and rules that get added after the promotion is over.

    • Adela says:

      Did anyone get the Starbucks gift ecard???

      • Donna says:

        It is 11/14 and I am still waiting for my ecard. I sent an email to them and their reply was to send me all of the rules for this promo. I submitted the stars by 10-10-13; very disappointed.

      • shannon says:

        I did not receive it by email either but called Starbuck’s and they added it to my STarbuck’s card.

        • Donna says:

          Good to know, thanks so much for your reply Shannon! Do you happen to know which phone # you called?

          • shannon says:

            I just called the number on the back of my card, and they added the bonus star, $10 e card (which showed up immediately), and free food item as well as beverage item. Don’t think I should have had to call but it was worth a short phone call.

            • Donna says:

              Thank you soooo much Shannon! Problem resolved just by calling the number on the back of the card (and your helpful reply ;) ). Thanks for taking the time to MAKE my day. May you have a wonderful holiday season! This was the first time I took part in a Starbucks Promo and it was going to be my last if the problem was not resolved, LOL!

            • shannon says:

              that’s how I felt too Donna. They usually have pretty good customer service and I’m glad they didn’t wait us wait any longer because I like to have problems resolved.

        • Nancy says:

          Yes, I received my gift card. I had it transferred to my regular starbucks card. When I went into the shop to get the free coffee, the barista said it was not on my card. My balance was correct, so they did show the $10 had been added, but not the free coffee or free food item.

  • Amy says:

    I see lots of folks are having the same problem I am. I earned the gift cards several weeks before the promotion ended. They said a week, then they said a week after the promotion ended, and now it’s been two weeks and still no gift card.
    Think it might be time to start hitting their twitter and facebook feeds…..

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