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Family Dollar: 50% Off Sparkle 6 Roll Paper Towels Store Coupon (Today Only) = Only $0.31 per Roll

6:32 AM MST
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Today only, head on over to the Family Dollar site or text DEALS to 28767 to snag an in-store coupon valid for 50% Off Sparkle 6 Roll Paper Towels. Keep in mind that this coupon is valid today 10/14 only and should make for some inexpensive paper towels especially when paired with the $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels coupon found in the 9/29 RP or here

Buy 6 pack of Sparkle Paper Towels $4.75
Use the $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels coupon found in the 9/29 RP or here
Plus, use the 50% Off Sparkle Paper Towels coupon found here (will deduct 50% after the manufacturer’s coupon has been applied)
Final Cost $1.88 – Just  $0.31 per roll!

* You may want to print off a copy of the Family Dollar Coupon policy found here which states that you can use one manufacturer’s coupon and one Family Dollar coupon per item in a transaction!

(Thanks, Kat and Family Dollar Girl!)

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  • Kathryn says:

    When I did the Cottonelle deal last week I believe, I had a $2 off when you buy the TP and wipes and the 50% off family dollar coupons. It seems that when the 50% off coupons are involved here, the computer takes off the manufacturers coupon first, then the % off coupon. So just a heads up to everyone, dont be surprised if your total is 1.87 or .31 per roll (which is still an amazing price in my opinion) :)

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Thanks for the heads-up! Please let us know how it rings up in their system if you check out this deal later today.

      • shelaghc says:

        That’s how it worked for me with the paper towels. I was confused, as the total (with sales tax) came to $2 (still a great deal) and the manager couldn’t be bothered to figure out the discrepancy even after I showed him the sums on my calculator.

        • Nate says:

          they scanned the manufacturer coupon first thats why, I did 2 transaction and 1 came out at 2$, the other at 1.50$ I was confused as well untill I realize why it happened.

    • me says:

      I tried that too. It came up to 4.81, with both the coupon and the code. But I decided to get the toilet paper instead and it was 2.50.

  • asw0627 says:

    Is there a limit of 1 on this deal?

    • Happymama says:

      There is on the text (they give you a one-time code), but I was thinking about printing them as well. We’ll see!

      • Laney says:

        I used the printable store coupon & the text code with 2 manufacturer’s coupons the last time they had this deal to get 2 packages. The register took both manufacturer’s coupons but only one of the store coupons. You will have to do 2 transactions to get multiple packages.

  • Stacy says:

    Limit one item per coupon per visit

  • Nicole says:

    Where do u get these store q’s? I’m unfamiliar. Are the in the store in an ad. Ty

  • Sara says:

    If you use the code from the text message offer I believe you can use the in store coupon as well as the manufacturer coupon. Worth a shot anyways.

  • Terese says:

    Same for me I just did it with 50%code from my iPhone and $1 mfq and it came out to
    1.87 .23tax is $2.10 total
    So bit more a roll but still totally worth it!!

    Thank you everyone for all the hard work you put in to this website in addition to Collin! Wouldn’t be saving with out you!!

  • Delia says:

    This makes for a fantastic school donation item. I did this last time it was offered & the asst manager had no clue how enter the store coupon code or the difference between a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. It was an enormous hassle but I scored 2 6-packs in the end for my son’s school so it was worth it.

  • SymplyUnyq says:

    I printed them out and used my phone codes. he allowed me to use them all

  • maricel says:

    my husband work at Family dollar and ask him about this deal, he said that they will scan first the manufacturers coupon then the % off store coupon, so after the manufacturer its 3.75 the they’ll take the 50% off so comes down to 1.87 + tax and that will be the amount you gonna be… basically we lose .50 cents on this deal if they scan first their store coupon than the mnf. but still its a good deal though…

  • Ariel says:

    they get their $1 back from the manufacture so I don’t understand why they have to do it that way….Its like false advertising. Its 50% off, unless your using a coupon, then your getting it for 45% ( or what ever it would be ) off. Kinda stupid.

    • Jcatz824 says:

      I did the Sparkle towel deal twice – had to make 2 trips in and out of the store which is really stupid since I was allowed to print out 2 – 50% off coupons but only allowed to use 1 per visit. On my 2nd visit, I handed in 1 – 50% off coup. and 1 – $1. off coup. but when I realized (before transaction was finished) that it took off the $1. first and then was only going to take 50% off the remainder. I asked to have it voided and to give me the $1. off coup. back and I’ll use it somewhere else that has a good deal. I’ve always had a bit of a problem from time to time with using coupons at Family Dollar. I don’t think that some of the people working there really care about working there. I asked a mgr. about the price of any item (because there was NO indication of price) and she seemed to be annoyed that I was asking. I also asked where I could find the bags of Tootsie Rolls that were advertised on a flyer they had at the front of the store and she very rudely told me that they DON’T carry Tootsie Rolls!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I think it depends on the cashier. I went at lunch and they scanned the 50 percent off coupon first then the dollar off so I got six rolls for $1.45. Quite a deal either way.

  • JulieC says:

    I just went to my FD and the cashier said i couldnt use both coupons bc the 50% states .. can not be combined with any other offer and I said that doesnt mean coupons, she wouldnt let me do it so I walked out and will now call corporate because im sick and tired of cashiers making up the rules

    • kema says:

      The coupon would be another offer … It’s like online coupons they can’t be combined without another offer (which is another coupon).

      I don’t think you should call corporate for this. It’s annoying when people call corporate for everything … she read the coupon and saw that it said that it cannot be combined with other offers. I doubt corporate is going to take your side, but they probably will state that it cannot be combined with other coupons during the next 50 percent off sale.

      • JulieC says:

        Well first… I dont call corporate for everything. Actually i never have. The point is everyone else is able to use these 2 with no problem. Ive had trouble before with this store making up their own rules and it gets very old. They will stand there and read every little word and interpert the way they want and say nope we cant take it. So once again i miss out on a deal

      • Quiche910 says:

        Actually Kema, if you read the Family Dollar coupon policy, you will see that you are completely wrong. The policy states that you CAN use a manufacturer’s coupon AND a store coupon on one item per transaction. So corporate would absolutely side with JulieC on this issue.

        • Jcatz824 says:

          That is EXACTLY what the Family Dollar coupon policy states – one reg. MFR and one Family Dollar coupon can be used on the same item. I have a copy of their coupon policy (and other stores, as well) with me at all times. My problem with Family Dollar is the fact that they scan MFR coupons off first before they scan the percent off coupons. It should be the other way around. They get the full value back for the MFR coupon + a small handling fee but I don’t get the full benefit of the MFR coupon.

  • Shannon says:

    I was able to get a package after text coupon & paper coupon for $1.70 including sales tax. Happy Monday!

  • lori says:

    the text isn’t quick is it, and am I doing it wrong in small letters?

  • Barbara says:

    Just got them for .98 cents after tax. Used the store 50 percent off the 1.00 off manufacturing and they had a 1.00 off store taped to them and the cashier pulled that off and scanned it

  • Aubrey says:

    Ditto! I got the same deal with 50% c, $1mc & $1 fam.$c-great buy!

  • Fran says:

    Great deal was on sale for $4.75. Got 50%off and used $1.00store coupon and $1.00 manufacturer coupon. Paid .50 for package of 6.

  • Lisa says:

    Would have loved to get this deal, but apparently didn’t get there early enough…all area stores are wiped out from the same group of unethical people walking out and back in.

    • Jcatz824 says:

      My local FD had plenty of stock and I might have been tempted to do the deal more than 2 times but FD website would only allow me to print 2 copies of the spec. 50% off coupon. And, yes, I did have to go in and out of the store to be able to do the deal twice because the coupon stated “one per visit”.

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